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home Gossip American Businesswoman, Paris Hilton's Before and After Plastic Surgery and enhancement implants

American Businesswoman, Paris Hilton's Before and After Plastic Surgery and enhancement implants

Published Tue Dec 12 2017 By Biplov Barakoti
 American Businesswoman, Paris Hilton's Before and After Plastic Surgery  and enhancement implants

Going through plastic surgery is every actresses favorite thing to do in this era.  Sometimes plastic surgery may be the most beautiful thing, but to some, its a curse. Likewise, Paris Hilton has also been rumored to have gone through scissors.


Is she looking beautiful after plastic surgery? Or, did she get any extra side effects? Are her body parts still beautiful? Let’s look at Paris Hilton’s before and after plastic surgery implants.

Paris Hilton's Surgery

American businesswoman, TV personality, model, actress, singer, and socialite Paris Hilton has gone through the scissors in a couple of her body parts. Being such a popular lady obviously, she has a lot of money to afford any plastic surgery.

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Plastic surgery is not a big thing for such stars. After her plastic surgery, she is looking more beautiful than ever. It is seen that her nose and breast has changed beautifully than before.

CAPTION: Paris Hilton
SOURCE: E! Online

Paris Hilton's Nose Surgery

What is something that you have but, you can’t see it with a normal view? Isn't its nose it? It is the first thing any person notices when someone sees you. Normally every woman wants to look beautiful in front of anyone. Likewise, Paris Hilton also wanted to change her thick nose into a thinner one.

CAPTION: Paris Hilton
SOURCE: Celebrity Plastic Surgery, Hair Transplant, Kpop Profi

As we can see from her picture, the shape of her nose has totally changed. Bridge of her nose became thinner and the peak point has dropped to quite a sexy size. Overall, after her nose job, she looks extremely beautiful than before.

Paris Hilton's Breast Surgery

Looking gorgeous in an outfit is what everyone wants. The same applies to actresses. Paris Hilton is also the same. The breast has also its part in glamour. The bigger and rounder the breast, the more glamour she has.

CAPTION: Paris Hilton

The actress bust has definitely become perfect after going through plastic surgery. Before plastic surgery, she had a small breast. And, in any gown she wore, it just looked flat. But, after, undergoing surgery and breast implants, the actress' breast looks more firm and round.

Is Paris Hilton surgery just rumors?

Although there are rumors of her plastic surgery, she says that she has not gone through any plastic surgeon’s scissors. She has always emphasized that all of her body is natural and untouched with Botox.

The actress, in her interview, told that she has never had her skin touched by the doctor’s scissors. She quotes that her skin is so perfect that no doctor wants to change it. She also told the reporters that she always stayed away from the sun in her childhood as her mom guided her to. So she claims that her skin is still so beautiful because of that.

CAPTION: Paris Hilton
SOURCE: Refinery

Whether she has gone through plastic surgery or not, the actress is still pretty sexy. Even if she has gone through some, her fans would not mind anyway, would they?