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home Gossip Crystal Reed and Darren McMullen's Engagement since 2017; When will they Wed? Details!

Crystal Reed and Darren McMullen's Engagement since 2017; When will they Wed? Details!

Published Fri Dec 01 2017 By Jhr Na
 Crystal Reed and  Darren McMullen's Engagement since 2017; When will they Wed? Details!

Crystal Reed and Darren McMullen are engaged!!! Yes, they recently got engaged after three years of getting together in June 2017. They are a very cute couple who literally is our relationship goals. 


We all know what comes after the engagement. The marriage, of course! So when are the couple tying the knot? Have they spoken anything regarding their marriage? How is their relationship going after the engagement? If you want answers to all these questions, stay with us until.

Crystal Reed and Darren McMullen

One of the famous actresses Crystal Reed has been dating a British television presenter Darren McMullen since the start of 2014. Crystal man, hardest working man on TV keeps on taking his girlfriend on vacation. Just after 6 months of dating, Darren took his girlfriend away for a romantic vacation.

Crystal and Darren on a vacation

In the year 2015, the couple enjoyed a party in Canberra. The couple is so cute that even wear matching outfits. In the red carpet, 2016, the couple were flaunting on their matching leather jackets. Don’t you think they are goals?

The couple flaunting on matching jackets

Let’s now move on to the couple getting married news. Darren McMullen recently opened up about the couple’s wedding news. In an interview with New Idea, he revealed,

I would love to say yes, (we’re getting married). I don’t know if that’s going to fly so long in my household anymore. Really, I should probably be looking for a chapel right now.

In the past, however, Darren refused to get married until same-sex marriage was legalized in Australia. Leaving his past behind, he also revealed in the same interview that he also wants to have a lot of kids.

Crystal Reed and Darren McMullen’s secret behind healthy relationship

Behind every healthy relationship, a lot of efforts from both the partners. We have already mentioned various reasons which prove that the couple is in a very happy relationship. Not every couple wear matching outfits on the red carpets, keep on vacationing every now and then. These two are really not like the normal couple. Look at some of their pictures on Instagram.


Bless me father for i have sinned..... a lot ! #Vatican #BigPapa

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Great hitting the slopes with this little #skibunny #dolomites #italy

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Back in the year 2014, Darren told to the world that he gives Crystal a gift every single Thursday. He further said,

I give her a gift every Thursday, just because it’s a Thursday. She says to me, ‘Whats this for?’ and I say, ‘its thurdsay, you know I give a gift every Thursday.

He further said that he keeps on talking to her girl on vacation every now and then. He will be like,

Hey, we’re going to Napper Valley, so pack your bags, were leaving in an hour’ or ‘Hey youre coming to Australia with me tonight.

It really seems like the couple's love for each other will never fade away. Let’s hope that they marry soon, so that well have another topic to write about.