NASCAR's Correspondent Shannon Spake's Husband Jerry McSorley in 2008 and has twin sons

September 26, 2018
First published on:December 18, 2017
by aseem

NASCAR's Correspondent Shannon Spake and Jerry McSorley are one of the cutest couples who is enjoying their marital relationship for a long time now. A healthy marriage requires two people who choose to love each other. Their married life is strong, and it is said that the couple is blessed with twin son.


So, without any delay, let’s get insight into the personal life of this magical couple and find out all the information regarding their married life and twin sons.

Shannon Spake and Jerry McSorley

Shannon Spake and Jerry McSorley got married on 14th April 2008, in the luxuriant Adare Manor. After being together for a long time, the pair decided to take their relationship to the next level and got married. The couple tied the knot in Augustinian Priority of Ireland.

[ CAPTION: Shannon Spake and Jerry McSorley ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

There is not much information about Spake’s husband, but it is said that he is the CEO of the company, Eye Tax Inc, that specializes in the wireless camera operation. Previously he used to work for another company called Red Clay Developments. Moreover, Jerry McSorley is involved in his current profession for nine long years.

Shannon Spake and Jerry McSorley twin sons

After two years of their blissful marriage, the couple experienced a pleasant moment. Well, Shannon was pregnant with twins. She gave birth to her lovely twin boys, (Brady and Liam) on 1st January 2010.

Despite their respective busy schedules, both Shannon Spake and Jerry McSorley are trying their best to take of their children as responsible parents, and we can often found then spending good timed with their children.

[ CAPTION: Shannon Spake and Jerry McSorley with their children ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

As both of them are quite active on social media and often shares every moment of their life, it seems like Shannon Spake and Jerry is living happily married life with a commitment to share sorrows and happiness.

Recently Shannon Spake and her husband Jerry McSorley were spotted in the first official school field trip of their sons. We can see the picture below which features a happy mom spending quality time with her sons proudly.

[ CAPTION: Shannon Spake and Jerry McSorley with their children ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

In an interview with skirts and cuffs, Shannon Spake said my husband is AMAZING!  And when she was asked how her sons changed her life, she gushed about her child:

First of all, my life is nothing like it used to be. I don't even remember the Shannon that was then. I've learned a lot more patience. I've gained a lot more perspective on the big picture. I think it makes me enjoy my job even more because I realize the big picture is my children and my family and I have this great job. I don't obsess about certain things anymore because I know what the big picture is, and that’s my kids.

[ CAPTION: Shannon Spake and Jerry McSorley      ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Despite having busy schedules, she handles her professional life together and her personal life properly. She has such a caring husband and lovely sons, a delighted family.

As the couple is in a relationship for a long period of time they must be sharing a strong bond. Till date, no any information regarding their personal life is heard which would lead to their separation. 

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