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Jennifer Katharine Gates Biography

Jennifer Katharine Gates is the daughter of a business tycoon, Bill Gates. She is the heiress of millions of dollars since her birth. World’s curiosity about the lives of rich men’s daughter has led to many speculations about her lifestyle. So, here we follow Jennifer Katharine Gates to answer the world.

Background: Early Years & Education

Born to Bill Gates and Melinda Gates on April 26, 1996, Katharine has two siblings, Rory John Gates, and Phoebe Adele Gates. Her paternal grandparents are Mary Maxwell Gates, and William H. Gates Sr., whereas her maternal grandparents are Raymond Joseph French, Jr., and Elaine Agnes Amerland

Jennifer Katharine Gates Biography| Know more about her Personal Life, Wiki, College, Stanford, Net Worth, House, Job, Height, Married, Husband

The billionaire Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda with their firstborn daughter, Jennifer Katharine Gate, just a few months
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Raised into a wealthy family in in Bellevue, Washington, United States, Katharine great-grandparents are Lillian Elizabeth Rice, William Henry Gates I, Adele Thompson, and James Willard Maxwell.

Jennifer Katherine Gates, the eldest daughter of billionaire parents Bill and Melinda Gates, she is surrounded by substantial wealth, however, surprisingly, she lives a normal life.

Ride Horses

She loves riding horses and has participated in various competitive horse riding in equestrian tournaments all around the world while also studying biology at Stanford University. Her father spent a hefty $1 million to rent a mansion close to the site of the Winter Equestrian Festival in Palm Beach, Florida, so that his beloved daughter can go for her love of horse riding by competing with the 2,800 riders from 30 countries.

Her father, who has an estimated net worth of $78.1 billion, has reportedly bought her tens of millions of dollars’ worth of rental properties and horse estates, but the young Ms. Gates is not the type of girl who lets the money go to her head.

Youtube: Bill Gates’ Daughter, Jennifer Gates | 5 Fast Facts;

Personal Life

As for being the daughter of one of the richest men in the world, her Instagram proves that she is extremely down to Earth. The 5 Feet 7 inches, Jennifer Katharine Gates, is the heiress of millions of dollars since her birth. Though she has achieved celebrity status and had lots of gossip around her, it is a hard rock to extract any information about her private life. The billionaire parents have maintained a low-key to protect their children’s privacy.

As of now, Jennifer Katharine is not yet married and has no official boyfriend till date. Still, she has caught the eye of every guy who crosses her path and wants her to be their beau.

Recently, she reportedly has an affair with a guy named Nayel Nassar, who seems like her boyfriend, and fond of horse riding like her. Her photos on Instagram indicates that Jennifer and Nayal have been dating since few months. However, we cannot confirm their affair as loving partners.

Jennifer Katharine Gates Biography| Know more about her Personal Life, Wiki, College, Stanford, Net Worth, House, Job, Height, Married, Husband

Jennifer Katharine Gates and Nayel Nassar, an Egyptian ShowJumper
Source: Instagram

Net Worth

As an heiress of one of the world’s richest man, Jennifer Katharine Gates net worth is estimated to be around $20 million.

Bill Gates purchased an equestrian estate north of San Diego. The $18 million worth property includes an olive grove, a guest house, and five barns.  Before Bill Gates daughter was given the sprawling estate, it had originally belonged to weight loss trainer Jenny Craig.

Jennifer possesses a beautiful body figure with a matching height of 5 feet 7 inches. Notwithstanding her celebrity identity, Jennifer has grounded Instagram, where she often uploads snaps which generally include her family, friends, and horses.

Limited from Technology

One might think that Gate’s children are happy and relaxed amidst the coolest and latest gadget pile. If so, you are wrong.

The founder of Microsoft founders turned out to have a surprising technological boundary for his children. Bill and his wife Melinda forbid all three of their hearts to own a cell phone until they are 14 years old (although her children argue that all her friends already have a mobile phone).

Grateful for these two 🦃💕

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Not just get there. When their children are old enough to use the phone, Bill and Melinda keep their use strictly, especially forbidding the use of cell phones at the dinner table.

Surprisingly, Gates is not the only technological practitioner who limits the use of technology to his children. In a 2014 article entitled Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Paren, Apple founders reportedly told a New York Times reporter that his children had not used the iPad, and limited the use of other technologies.

According to Influence Central research in 2016, the average age of a child to get their first mobile phone is ten years, down from 12 in 2012. So in this scheme, the Gates children are really less updated in terms of technology.

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Mohamed “Mo Vlogs” Beiraghdary Biography

Mohamed Beiraghdary or as you now call him Mo Vlogs was born on 8 March 1995 in Dubai and later shifted to London to complete his schooling. His parents are Nadereh Samimi aka Naddia, and Esmail Beiraghdary. He has one sister named Parisa aka Lana. In London, Mo joined Queens Murray University for higher education but soon dropped out to focus on his YouTube career. His YouTube journey started in 2011 as a gamer. His gaming channels name was HitspecK0, where played Call of Duty Ghost and RuneScape on it while doing some commentary.

He regularly made face cam videos talking about himself hinting that he always wanted to be a vlogger. Later on December 7, 2014, he uploaded his first video on his now-famous youtube channel named Mo Vlogs. He was obviously cheerful and mesmerizing since the beginning and specifically filmed her sister’s Lamborghini and the luxury lifestyle that is unique to Dubai to bring some initial views.

Mo remain consistent and dedicated to his work and slowly gaining popularity and his hard work has now made him celebrity of the Middle East. His fans term by MO as the Yo-Yo squad have taken most YouTube channels to a subscriber count of almost 3.7 million subscribers and his Instagram account to 806k followers.

His videos, such as ‘Racing in my Friends Bugatti!!!’, ‘Rich Kids of the Middle East – The Most Expensive Car Event in the World !!!’, ‘The Luxury Dubai Lifestyle – Billionaire Boys’, ‘Paying CASH for my New Car !!!,’ ‘A Day with Batmobile’ and ‘Girl Driving a Bugatti in Dubai!!!’,  garnered around 6 to 10 million views on YouTube. Interestingly, while his daily vlogs earned him around 20,000 to 30,000 views, the vlogs in which he featured supercars got around 3,00,000 to 6,00,000 views. As of July 2017, Mo has more than 3.7 million subscribers on his channel.

Mo lives with his mother and his sister in their Dubai House. His sisters Lana Ross is a painter. Mo is one of the most loved YouTubers, and his fans often send him some expensive gifts from all around the world to show how much they love him. His channel currently has around 870 million views which make his YouTube earnings close to 700 thousand US dollars. Earning big bucks is not what drives him, he started doing YouTube because he was passionate about it and it made him really happy.

Mo Vlogs has famously landed in YouTube as a Vlogger. Till date, he not revealed his exact net worth. However, some source claims that his net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Mo Vlogs is remarkably enthusiastic about cars; particularly high-end luxury and sports cars. He owns Ferrari 458 and a Ford Mustang.

Here are some of his social networking sites

Youtube: Mo Vl0gs

Instagram : mo_vlogs_

Snapchat id: mohamedoo



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Andrew Luck Biography

Andrew Luck is an American football player for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League (NFL), where he acted as its Quarterback. The Indianapolis Colts chose him with the main pick in the 2012 NFL draft. He was a two-time Heisman finalist at Stanford University.

Early Years

American football quarterback Andrew Luck was born on September 12, 1989, in Washington, D.C. His father, Oliver Luck is the former Houston Oilers quarterback and present executive VP for regulatory affairs at the NCAA. Andrew spent his childhood years in London, England, and later Frankfurt, Germany, where his father was the general manager World League of American Football teams.

After they came back to the United States and settled in Texas, Andrew began playing Pop Warner football, in the defensive end position. He eventually changed to the quarterback, which became his full-time position when he entered Houston’s Stratford High.

He started attracting national attention in his senior year at Stratford, with few scouts ranking him as the 5th best prospect in Texas and one of the nation’s top 50 overall high school players.

His tactical drop-back approach, impressive ability to run, made college scouts gush with his potential, while his numbers improved his allure. In the classroom, Andrew was equally impressive in the classroom as well.

College Career

At the end of 2008, Andre entered Stanford University, where he studied architectural design. Luck admired Stanford’s academics, and it didn’t hurt that the program had a relatively new head coach in ex-NFL quarterback Jim Harbaugh.

Under Harbaugh’s tutelage, Luck surpassed for the Cardinal, rapidly restoring a program that had churned out NFL greats such as quarterbacks John Elway and Jim Plunkett. After one year of redshirting, Luck stepped in as the team’s starting quarterback in 2009.

Soon after, Luck led a vaunted offensive attack, propelling Stanford to three straight bowl games, such as the 2011 Orange Bowl and the 2012 Fiesta Bowl. During his college career, Luck was twice named the Pac-12’s Offensive Player of the Year.

After three seasons, Luck further decided to complete his degree and go back to the Cardinal for his senior season despite the risks. Following the 2011 football year, He received many honors such as Maxwell Trophy (Nation’s Top Player), the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Trophy and the Walter Camp Football Foundation Player of the Year and

In April 2012, the Indianapolis Colts picked Luck with the No.1 pick in the NFL draft. Widely accepted as the successor to Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck signed a four-year deal, which worth $22.1 million with the franchise.

NFL Career

Showing a powerful arm and the balance of a veteran, Luck proved a worthy selection to take over as the team’s franchise quarterback. He managed to grab a rookie single-game record with 433 passing yards in November. His season total of 4,374 yards also made a rookie mark.

Although his passing numbers declined as a sophomore, he was better at avoiding big interceptions. His proudest moment of the season happened in the opening round of the playoffs when he led the Colts back from a 28-point deficiency to beat the Kansas City Chiefs.

As 2014 rolled around, Andrew took further steps in proving that he deserved to be named in the same breath as other legend quarterbacks such as Aaron Rodgers, Manning, and Tom Brady.

Personal Life

Andrew Luck graduated with a B.A degree in architectural design on June 17, 2012. He was honored with the highest standards of athletic performance, leadership and academic achievement called “Al Masters Award.”

Luck is an avid reader and is the very own librarian of The Colt. His favorite book was Henri Charrière’s Papillon, and is a fan of Bernard Cornwell’s historical fiction. Luck puzzles his rivals with remarks that could or could not be trash talk: when he is knocked down, he is in the habit of congratulating his opponent on the hit.

Apart from the gridiron, Luck has appeared on the sixth season of comedy show “Parks and Recreation” as himself alongside teammatesAnthony Castonzo, Reggie Wayne, Adam Vinatieri and Robert Mathis.

Net Worth & Salary

As of July 2017, The Wolverine, Andrew Luck has an estimated $20 million net worth. In 2016, Andrew Luck signed the highest contract in NFL history which worth $140 million dollars. According to the source, Luck’s base salary is $7,000,000 – $12,000,000.

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Kurt Angle Biography

Kurt Angle truly is among the best professional wrestlers to ever get in the ring, he’s often underrated when it comes to the all-time greats, but his combination of intensity integrity and intelligence are wise in the upper echelon of professional wrestling with the Olympian finally making his return to WWE.

Early life

Kurt Stephan Angle was born on December 9th, 1968 in Mt. Lebanon Township, Pennsylvania, United States. He grew up with five siblings; well, his father, unfortunately, was killed in a construction accident when Angle was just 16.

Kurt was an athlete from the very beginning, by the age of 7 he was already taking up amateur wrestling. When he was in high school, Kurt earned accolades in both football and wrestling undefeated on the freshman wrestling team and would eventually become the Pennsylvania State Wrestling Champion in 1987.

Amateur wrestling career

After he had graduated from high school, he would attend the Clarion University of Pennsylvania and continued to wrestle. He became a two-time NCAA Division 1 champion national runner-up in 1991 and three-time NCAA division-1 all-American, just to name a few of his accomplishments

He would keep racking up the championship wins, and after graduating from college, he began training for the Olympics. However, just before the 1996 Olympic Trials, Kurt would break his neck pretty bad. Angle didn’t want to give up on his Olympic ambitions though, so, instead of pulling out, he had his doctor pump its neck full of numbing agents because he was competing at the Olympic level he couldn’t take any painkillers so the best he could do was numb his neck to the point he couldn’t feel a thing. With his broken neck and all Kurt would win a gold medal in the 1996 Olympics in the heavyweight division.

Professional wrestling career

After his big win, Kurt was offered a contract by WWF which he turned down. He wouldn’t enter the world of professional wrestling until 1998 when he competed in a battle royal in National Wrestling Alliance. Following that, Kurt Angle signed a multi-year contract with WWF and was sent to power Pro Wrestling to begin training. As many sources have said, Kurt Angle picked up professional wrestling like nobody else with his amateur wrestling background and pure athleticism he became an adept pro wrestler in just a few months.

Kurt trained from October 1998 to March 1999, when he made his first appearance for WWF when he did a segment with Tiger Singh. His first WWF match would be a Darth match against Brian Christopher in April of 1999. He would continue training and work in PPW for most of the year, even winning a championship during that time; until he was finally called up in November of 1999 at Survivor Series, where he defeated Shawn Stasiak

Angle would rack up the wins from the start while donning his American Hero gimmick which was inspired by his Olympic endeavors. However, Angle wasn’t really liked by fans when he first debuts. He was actually booed quite heavily, so, WWF decided to turn him heel instead. Angle would quickly win the European and Intercontinental Championships in February of 2000 but lost them both at Wrestlemania 2000.

Next, he would align with Edge and Christian to form team ECK before feuding with Triple H after a love triangle form between them and Stephanie McMahon but ultimately lost. However, he followed that up with another push which put him up against The Rock and no mercy where he won the WWF Championship. He would retain the title on multiple occasions, against the likes of the Undertaker and Triple H before finally losing it back to The Rock after 126 days

Next, he feuded with Chris Benoit, with the two training wins over one another, before Angle ultimately came out victorious. As part of the invasion angle, Kurt aligned with Stone Cold Steve Austin as part of team WWF; however, Austin returned to his team and hit Kurt with the stunner.

Over the next little while, Angle would win notably when the WCW Championship WCW United States Championship and the WWF Hardcore Championship. He would also feud with Stone Cold over the WWF Championship; helped The Rock defeat Austin out of the Alliance after turning heel and feuded with Edge. During which, he lost a hair-versus-hair match. In October of 2002, Kurt would become the fifth WWE grand slam champion after winning the WWE tag team belts with Chris Benoit. After dropping those titles, Kurt Angle wins his third WWE Championship from the Big Show. This led immediately to his feud with Brock Lesnar, who had won the Royal Rumble and Angle would drop the title to him at WrestleMania 19, which was followed by time off to heal injuries

Speaking of injuries, Kurt has broken his neck four times during his professional wrestling career. He had it surgically repaired twice but simply let it heal the other times. It’s also worth mentioning that throughout his career, Kurt struggled with addiction. Agle says that at one point in his career, he was taking 65 Vicodin pills a day nearly 2,000 a month to deal with pain. For reference, the recommended dosage is just two tablets every six hours

Kurt struggles with drug addiction after he left WWE as well, but after a long hard battle, he finally got clean and still heirs to this day. If you want to know more about his battle with drugs, we recommend listening to him on the stone-cold podcast, where he shows how much this man suffered and endured to keep performing for the fans.

Back to wrestling, when he returned a few months later, Angle would regain the WWE Championship after beating Brock Lesnar and Big Show in a triple threat match. Lesnar would seemingly become an ally to Kurt following this but eventually turned on him with the help of Mr. McMahon. Angle would retain the belt at SummerSlam against Brock but eventually lost it on Smackdown. After that Angle had a feud with Eddie Guerrero. Angle become the number one contender for Eddie’s newly won WWE Championship and competed against him at WrestleMania 20, but lost. He once again broke his neck during that match. So, instead of being written off completely, he would serve as a Smackdown general manager for a few months.

By 2005, Angle came back in the ring, competing and began feuding with Shawn Michaels. He would go on to defeat HBK at WrestleMania 21 in an amazing match the one the PWI match of the year award. After a comical feud with Eugene and a failed attempt at John Cena’s WWE Championship, Kurt would return to SmackDown 2006 to win a battle royal for the World Heavyweight Championship. He controversially retained against the Undertaker and went on to WrestleMania 22 as champion but shockingly dropped the title to Rey Mysterio in a triple threat match also involving Randy Orton

As 2006 went on, Angle would begin appearing less frequently on TV, until he finally requested his release on August 25th. He says that he was simply too hurt to wrestle and needed time off, which wasn’t being given to him. So, WWE agreed and let Angle go after his last match in ECW with Sabu.


In September of 2006, it was announced that Kurt Angle has signed with TNA and made his debut by confronting Samoa Joe. His first match to take place in November when he defeated Abyss and he went on to end Samoa Joe’s undefeated streak soon after. This was followed by a feud with Christian Cage, which had Angle eventually winning the new TNA World Heavyweight Championship. This was followed by a winner-take-all match with Samoa Joe, landing Angle both tag-team belts and the X Division Championship, making him a triple champion.

After returning from another neck injury, he feuds with AJ Styles, with AJ eventually coming out on top. From there, Kurt would dude with Jeff Jarrett, form the main Event Mafia consisting of former WCW stars and failed to recapture the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from AJ Styles on multiple occasions.

It’s worth noting that from 2007 to 2009, Kurt would also wrestle over in New Japan, where he most notably defeated Brock Lesnar for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. He would retain the title three times, before losing the Schinsky Nakamura in a title unification match.

In 2009, Angle would appear at the Wrestle Kingdom 3 and took part in an eight-man tag match. And would have his final match in Japan against Hiroshi Tata Hoshi and a losing effort for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship

Over the next few years, He continued working as a top star in TNA. He had notable feuds against Mr. Anderson Dixie Carter and Jeff Hardy, winning multiple championships during this time as well. He would bring back the Main Event Mafia in 2012, for a while too, before taking time off to get a handle on his drug problems through rehab.

When he came back, he feuded with Bobby Roode before eventually becoming TNA’s executive director of wrestling operations. He would continue serving in this role until his contract with TNA expired in late 2014. He reportedly reached out to WWE at this time hoping to land even a part-time wrestling contract or a full-time gig in a similar type of management role, but WWE reportedly turned him down on both fronts. Because of that angle decided to stay with TNA, once again returning to in-ring action, Angle would win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship for a record-breaking 6th time from Bobby Lashley and would retain it on multiple occasions against Lashley, Eric Young, Rockstar Spud and Austin Aries, before finally losing to Ethan Carter the 3rd.

Left TNA

Soon after, Kurt announced that he was done with TNA and announced his farewell tour, which included matches against crew Galloway’s, Matt Hardy, Bobby Roode and his final match with Bobby Lashley. Following his departure from Impact Wrestling Kerr would begin working on the independent circuit. He notably competed against then lost to Rey Mysterio, defeated Cody Rhodes and WCPW and defeated Alberto Alphatron in WCPW as well. Most recently, Kurt Angle is officially inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by John Cena, where he gave an awesome speech before being named the General Manager of by Vince McMahon after WrestleMania 33.

Acting career

Angle has shown enthusiasm in seeking an acting career after his retirement from wrestling. He made his first film appearance in 2008, as a racist prison deputy in the short film “Chains.” In 2009, he appeared as a serial killer Brad Mayfield in the movie, “End Game.” On a third-season episode of “Pros vs. Joes,” he teamed-up with Kendall Gill and Jimmy Smith against the Joes. Angle also appeared in “Car Wreck Vanish” episode of Criss Angel Mindfreak. He depicted a non-speaking Russian MMA champion Koba in the 2011 film “Warrior,” and starred in the movie “River of Darkness” as town sheriff Will Logan

On the Right After Wrestling program on Sirius Satellite Radio, Angle revealed he would become a part-time wrestler after his contract expired in 2011 to focus on Angle Foods and his acting career. In the 2013 film Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies, he plays himself as both a human and a zombie.[245] Angle also had a small role in the 2014 cult-film Sharknado 2: The Second One and in the 2014 romantic-comedy film Not Cool. He appeared in the film The Last Witch Hunter.[246] He also made a cameo appearance in the movie Pain and Gain in which he brawls against Dwayne Johnson’s character in a prison fight. Angle appeared on an episode of Duck Dynasty in February 2016.

Personal Life

Angle has been married twice; his first marriage was to Karen Smedley. The two wedded on December 19, 1998, and had two children together, a daughter, Kyra Angle (born December 2, 2002) and a son, Kody Angle (born October 26, 2006). Smedley filed for divorce from Kurt, reportedly in September 2008. Two years later, it was reported that he was engaged to model and actress, Giovanna Yannotti, with whom he has a daughter named Giuliana Marie Angle (born: January 22, 2011). Angle and Yannotti finally wedded on 20 July 2012 and welcomed their second child together, a daughter, Sophia Laine Angle on December 31, 2012. Their third daughter named Nikoletta Sky Angle, was born on 5 November 2016.

Angle is a Christian and a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He is a Republican and supported Marco Rubio in the 2016 Republican Party presidential primaries.

In 2008, Angle was chosen to be featured on the cover for metal band Emmure’s 2nd album “The Respect Issue” where he is pictured on the front and back covers for the record as well as in the inlay. Angle also promoted the album by wearing an Emmure shirt during fights broadcast on Impact!.

In July 2015, Angle was supposed to make an appearance at London Comic Con in England, but his management team tweeted that Angle underwent emergency surgery to remove fluid buildup on his spinal cord after all of his extremities went numb. A week before this emergency, he had surgery to remove a benign tumor from his neck.

Angle is a supporter of Scottish football club Rangers F.C. and has also signed up as a life member of fans group Rangers First.

Net Worth

As of 2017, Kurt Angle has an estimated net worth of $20 million. Kurt Angle owns a mansion in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania and also in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
The United States, where he currently lives with his family.

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Braun Strowman Biography

Adam Joseph Scherr is an American professional wrestler and former strongman currently signed to WWE, where he performs under the ring name Braun Strowman on the Raw brand.

Early Career

Scherr was 6′ 5″ when he graduated high school at the age of 17 and weighed 315. He initially started his career in Strongman Corporation and had won the ASC Professional by winning the NAS US Amateur National Championships on November 5, 2011. He was first introduced to strongmen by a couple of strongmen when he was working as a security guard at a nightclub in North Carolina.

As 2012, rolled around, Scherr kept on competing in various competitions and also won Arnold Amateur Strongman Championships on 4 March 2012, which was held at Arnold Sports Festival. He participated in the SCL-North Championship, ranked in 5th place and has also appeared in the Giants Live Poland event, finishing in 7th place overall.

In 2010, he won the Monsters of the Midland Strongman Competition and eventually won the Summer Fest Strongest Man in 2011.

Wrestling Career

Grabbing every opportunity he has, Scherr announced his deal with WWE on May 12, 2013. Later he was assigned to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, under the ring name Braun Stowman. He made his debut in wrestling at an NXT live event in Jacksonville, Florida on 19 December 2014, and won the first match against Chad Gable. On June 2, 2015, Stowman appeared at the Main Event taping in a dark match, where he defeated an unknown wrestler. Scherr also appeared as one of Adam Rose’s Rosebuds in his Exotic Express gimmick.

In mid-2015, Stowman made a huge name for himself after he appeared as the new member of The Wyatt Family on the episode of Raw. He made his debut by attacking Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. Since then he has appeared in a various match such as Night of Champions, 2016 Royal Rumble, WWE World Heavyweight Championship, WrestleMania 32 with The Wyatt Family and on the single event as well.

During the 2016 WWE draft, The Wyatt Family were separated, where Strowman was drafted to Raw and his teammate, Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan to SmackDown. Having to fight alone, the unbeatable never loses faith and went on to defeat James Ellsworth and several other local wrestlers on his first appearance as a single wrestler.

He also appeared in the 2017 Royal Rumble, where he helped retain Kevin Owens title against Roman Reigns. Later that night, Strowman would wrestle in the Royal Rumble match at number seven, eliminating Big Cass, Mojo Rawley, Kalisto, Big Show, Mark Henry, Tye Dillinger James Ellsworth before being removed by Baron Corbin.

Later, Strowman challenge Reigns to a rematch on March 6 episode of Raw. But The Undertaker show up instead of Reigns. A week later, after WWE Hall of Famer, Shawn Michaels warned Strowman’s rival Roman Reigns of the power that the Undertaker possessed, Strowman would ruthlessly beat Reigns while he was leaving the ring. This led to a fight on the March 20 episode of Raw which went to a draw after The Undertaker appeared and attacked both men. On the final Raw before WrestleMania 33, Strowman announced his participation in the 2017 Andre the Giant memorial battle royal but failed to win the match despite eliminating half a dozen opponents. On the April 3 episode of Raw, Strowman challenged Universal Champion Brock Lesnar to a future championship match.

Personal Life

The towering frame and intimidating aura, the monstrous Braun Strowman has not disclosed much of his personal life. There is no clue of him dating and as far as we know, fearsome is not yet married. However, some tabloids said that he is in a relationship the daughter of Rick Flair, WWE Diva Charlotte Flair. The two were often seen together in public places, so people relate them as boyfriend and girlfriend. But the two hasn’t said anything about it, so without their announcement, it is hard to say anything.

Net Worth

As of 2017, Braun Strowman has an estimated net worth of $1 million dollars; it is the data after Royal Rumble 2017. Apparently, the favorite wrestler after his participation on WWE Royal Rumble 2017, the primary source of his income is obviously WWE. Recently, we found out that he earns $350 Thousand dollars per year from his fights and matches in WWE. In addition to that, he also earns from advertisement and endorsements like KFC Vudu. Unofficially, he is also one of the fashionable WWE stars.

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Paige Spiranac Biography

Paige Spiranac is an American Professional golfer, fitness model, and social media star who parlayed her extensive online following into a controversial invitation to the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters in 2015. Subsequent to receiving a sponsor’s exemption to play in the tournament, she finished 101st out of 107 players.

Early Life

Paige Spiranac was born to Dan and Annette Spiranac on March 26, 1993. She and her sister, Lexie Spiranac, born and spend their childhood in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, United States.

Paige Spiranac Biography  Know more about her Personal Life, Engaged, Married, Fiance, Net Worth, Golf, Ranking,  Age, lpga, Wiki, Height, Body

Paige Spiranac as a kid
Source: Instagram

Growing in up Scottsdale, Arizona, Spiranac studied on the Mesa Distance Learning Program, a program initially established for those students in Arizona who could not attend a local high school. After high school, she entered the University of Arizona.

Paige, who was a former competitive gymnast spent time at the Karolyi Ranch in Huntsville, Texas, where the U.S. team used to train. Her mother was a professional ballet dancer while her father, Dan played free safety on the University of Pittsburgh’s national championship team in 1976.

College & Career

She began playing golf as a child and qualified for the Junior PGA Championship on four occasions and was a three-time U.S. Girls’ Junior Amateur participant. Also, Paige competed as a member of the Junior America’s Cup and the Colorado Junior All-Star teams.

Paige Spiranac majored communications at The Diego University from 2011 to 2015; where she was the captain of the women’s golf team as well as a member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. She played various golf events throughout her university years, and even the golf team win the Mountain West Conference Golf Championship.

Spiranac, who had shown a great devotion and dedication towards sport made a name for herself when her college golf team’s trick shots video turned viral and amassed over 1.5 million views on YouTube.

In 2015, Sportsgrid named her “The Hottest Female Athlete.” Her Instagram followers immensely increased over the year since she graduated from University, which now stands at over 1.1 million followers (as of July 2017)


In 2015, she received some criticism at the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters event in her professional debut. Stating that she was only selected due to her social/internet popularity. She only made 101st in a 107-player field. Paige expressed after the event that she was going to re-evaluate her golf career.

In December 2016, she took part in The 11th Dubai Ladies Masters on the Majlis Course at the Emirates Golf Club. At a press conference, she broke down and uncovered her experience of cyber bullying after her poor performance in the same tournament, the previous year.

Personal Life

A sexy, athletic, smart, nerd has an impeccable body shape and size which resembles an hourglass. Comparatively, her bosoms, midsections, and hips are 36-23.5-35. Paige Spiranac is not yet married and possibly single. However, some source states she is engaged to Tinoco in December 2016 over a trip to Dubai. Her fiancée Tinoco confirmed via Instagram video, where Spiranac was happily announcing her engagement news and showing her gorgeous ring.

Despite their engagement, the two has not planned to get married soon. In accordance to her official website, she is more of an online influencer who’s on a mission to show the world how much fun golf can be.

Net Worth

Spiranac’s net worth is estimated to be $6 million and is as always active in the game and travels the world playing competitive golf as well as collaborating with companies such as Descente, Callaway, Golf Digest, and Topgolf.

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Robert Costa Biography

Robert Costa is an American journalist, know as the national political reporter for The Washington Post. He also serves as a regular political analyst for MSNBC and NBC News since 2015. Recently, Costa was named the moderator for Washington Week on PBS.

Early Years

Robert Costa was born on October 14, 1985 in Richmond, Virginia, U.S. He is an Italian/Portugues descent. He grew up in Lower Makefield Township, Bucks County, Pennsylvania and attended Pennsbury High School and graduated in June 2004. During his time at Pennsbury, Sports Illustrated writer Michael Bamberger profiled Costa in his book, “Wonderland: A Year in the Life of an American High School.” Costa, a junior class president, who coordinating the senior prom, was one of Bamberger’s favorite subjects.

Robert, a strong leader, gained much recognition in his high school years after he managed to bring the incredible rock musicians such as Maroon 5, John Mayer, and Eve 6 to perform at the school event. During his school days, he also reported for “The Bucks County Courier Times,” where he mostly interview musicians bands and review concerts in the Philadelphia area, making $50 per article. He also covered professional and local sports for the student television station, PHS-TV.

Straight out of high school, Costa had a shot to work for the House of Representative seat holder, Mike Fitzpatrick. He has done everything from driving Fitzpatrick around town, to writing speech for Fitzpatrick’s campaign. He later recalled, saying “It was a thrill to be 18 years old and getting to talk strategies for a U.S. House campaign.“ 

Robert Costa attended the University of Norte Dame from 2004 to 2008. He graduated with a Bachelors of Arts degree in American Studies. Soon after, he joined University of Cambridge and received Master of Philosophy and politics in 2008.


Soon after graduation, Costa gave an intern at PBS’s Charlie Rose, in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom and ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos. On campus, he hosted and produced an interview program for ND-TV called Office Hours. He has been named the member of the board of trustees at Notre Dame since 2014.

Costa started his full-time job as a reporter at National Review, an American semi-monthly magazine focusing on political, social, and cultural affairs. After two years of hard work, he was promoted to a higher position of Washington editor for National Review.

Costa, the reporter who was publicly praised for his coverage of the 2013 United States federal government shutdown, also contributed for CNBC, frequently appearing on “The Kudlow Report,” and for MSNBC during his time National Review.

The golden boy of the government shutdown left National Review and went on to join The Washington Post in November 2013. Costa officially joined the paper in January 2014. His responsibilities further expand after he was named a political analyst for both NBC and MSNBC on December 10, 2015.

In March 2016, Politico’s “Trump whisperer,” Costa interviewed the 45th President of the United States alongside his mentor Bob Woodward, an investigative journalist and non-fiction author. President Trump was accompanied by his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, press secretary Hope Hicks and son Donald Trump Jr.

Known for his extensive and reliable sourcing within national political circles, Costa guest-hosted the PBS’s Charlie Rose in March 2017.

On 20 April 2017, Washington Post political reporter Robert Costa has been named the new moderator of Washington Week. Costa will supervise the weekly roundtable forum and will expand Washington Week’s digital footprint by filing periodic social media reports during the week.

Personal Life

Unlike his successful career and achievements being profiled, Costa’s personal life has always been a mystery to the press. Needless to say, he is an extreme work oriented person who has managed to keep his private life a low-key. Costa has not made any progress in dating or having a girlfriend nor an affair.

However, some wiki sites state that he is already a married man and has a wife and children back home. No further information has been given forth. Recently, he was spotted attending a gay relative’s wedding, yet Costa’s sexual orientation is straight.

According to his public profiles, there is no record of his past relationship nor dating. Robert Costa is one of those journalists who prefers keeps his mouth shut regarding his personal stuff.

Net Worth

The journalist is at the highest peak of his career and considering his incredible career; he might have million dollars of net worth. However, there is no reliable sources to give the exact amount. Many sources, termed him as one of the highest paid reporters of all time.


ABC’s David Muir Won CINE Golden Eagle Award for His Report on Heroin

ABC World News Tonight anchor, David Muir‘s coverage of a heroin epidemic for the program 20/20 won him the prestigious 60th CINE Golden Eagle Award on April 29, 2017, Saturday. Muir’s reporting, “Heroin: Breaking Point in America” was placed in the category of News Program/Continuing Coverage, where he exposed a lack of treatment options for heroin abuse individuals.

David Muir Cine Award

Goldston’s Full Note
Source: TVNewser

ABC News president, James Goldston announced the win, stating “The program was overwhelmingly well received by lawmakers, advocates educators, and viewers.” The reporting, which started airing on March 11, 2016, crosses all boundaries and has few treatment options as well. The 20/20 show has 38 seasons and has 28 episode.

Journalist Muir’s coverage won against two other finalists, Ronan Farrow‘s report for NBC News titled “America’s Chernobyl,” and ABC: Nightline’s report named “Daughters for Sale,” by Gloria Riviera, Jackie Jesko, and Sally Hawkins.

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Anna Paquin Biography

Anna Paquin is a well-known Academy Award-winning actress, who has appeared in such movies as “X-Men,” “The Piano” and the TV series “True Blood.” Paquin, a Canadian-born New Zealand actress, belongs to a mixed ethnicity of French-Canadian, Irish, Dutch, English.

Early Years

Anna Paquin, an accomplished actress, was born on 24 July 1982 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Her parents, Mary Paquin, and Brian Paquin were both teachers, who moved to New Zealand when Anna was just a child. She has two siblings, a sister Katya, and a brother, Andrew.

From 1994–1995, Paquin attended Hutt Intermediate School in New Zealand and later enrolled at Wellington Girls’ College. She has completed her high school diploma in Los Angeles, at Windward School and graduated in June 2000. She also studied at Columbia University but remained absence after one year to continue her acting career.

At the age of 9, Paquin decided to audition for a role in Jane Campion-directed new movie, just for fun. Not knowing this would change her whole career, she went for an open casting call, without any prior acting

Early Career

Knocking out numbers of other young girls, Paquin won the role of Flora McGrath in the historical drama “The Piano,” (1993) where she earned high reviews from critics and fans. In the film, she played the daughter of a mute woman, (played by Holly Hunter), which won her the Academy Award (Oscars) at the tender age of 11.

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Young and Speechless Anna Paquin Accepting the Prestigious Oscar Award in 1993

Film Career

After her Oscar award winning film, Paquin took a break from acting and chose to focus on her life, rather than her profession. After declining number of film offers, Paquin made a return to acting in 1996, first playing the title character in the Charlotte Brontë classic, “Jane Eyre.” That same year, she starred in the movie “Fly Away Home,” playing a girl who adopts a flock of orphaned birds.

In 2000, she portrayed Rogue in the box-office comic book character in “X-Men” alongside Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, and Halle Berry. Paquin reprised her role in other sequels, “X2″(2003), “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” and “X-Men: The Last Stand” (2006).

Anna Paquin and Hugh Jackman, a scene from X-Men

Small-Screen Stardom

Between 2006 and 2007, Paquin starred in her production company Paquin Films’ Blue State, where she also served as an executive producer.

In 2007, Paquin received her first nomination for Emmy Award for her portrayal of a school teacher in HBO’s made-for-TV film “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.” The same year, she played Laurie in the horror film “Trick ‘r Treat,” which was released in 2009.

Paquin played as a waitress Sookie Stackhouse in the HBO supernatural drama series “True Blood;” for which she received the 2009 Golden Globe Award for her work on the show.

Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse in “True Blood”

In 2009, Paquin played the role of Irena Sendler,  in “The Courageous Heart of Irena Sendler,” a CBS TV film biopic based on Anna Mieszkowska’s book “Mother of the Children of the Holocaust: The Irena Sendler Story.” The filming took place in Latvia and was a Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation for the network.

In 2010, Paquin played the role of Lila Hayes in a romantic comedy, “The Romantics” alongside Josh Duhamel (Tom McDevon) and Katie Holmes (Laura Rosen). In 2011, she also played a cameo role in “Scream 4,” alongside Kristen Bell.

She has done voice over for Kristin on an episode of “Phineas and Ferb.” Paquin voiced Ramsey in Disney Pixar’s film “The Good Dinosaur.” She appeared in the 2016 miniseries, “Roots,” playing Nancy Holt, the wife of a Confederate soldier.

Personal Life

On 5 August 2009, Paquin revealed that she is engaged to her co-star of “True Blood,” Stephen Moyer. They began dating since shooting the show pilot in 2007. The duo married at a private residence in Malibu, California on 21 August 2010.

Paquin and Moyer have been blessed with a son, Charlie Moyer, and a daughter, Poppy Moyer, who are intimate twins born in September 2012. Through her marriage to Moyer, Paquin became a step-mom to Billy (born in 2000), and Lilac (born in 2002). Currently, The family lives in Venice, Los Angeles, California, US.

Anna Paquin Biography | Know more about her Personal Life, Ethnicity, Net Worth, Husband, Twins, Children, Oscar, Movies, The Piano, Height, True Blood, Age

The Fashion Sync Duo, Paquin and Moyer strolling outside with their twins children, Charlie, and Poppy
Source: DailyMail/Bauer Griffin

Paquin gives a courageous support to a number of movements which battle for the equality of LGBT and has starred in a campaign video tribute to the victims of the 2016 Orlando gay nightclub shooting. Exhorting people with other sexual preferences like her to come out of their shell. Besides this, helping out poor youngsters is a job near to Anna’s heart, and has donated to charities like “Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.”

Net Worth

Anna Paquin, who earned $275,000 from a single episode of “True Blood” has an estimated net worth of $14 million dollars. She made her fortune with The X-Men Series & True Blood and other endorsements.

The actress’s desire to live in the luxurious mansion was fulfilled five years back when she bought a house in Malibu, California worth 1.6 million USD. The lady finds high-end cars irresistible and loves to embark on long drives with her husband in her Audi A5 Cabriolet.

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Blair O’Neal Biography

Blair O’Neal is an American professional Golfer, Cobra-PUMA staff member, as well as a fashion Model. She is the 2010 winner of Golf Channels’ “Big Break: The Dominican Republic” and the first runner up of the 2009 “Big Break: Prince Edward Island. O’Neal is also a television host (Golf Channel Host) and has been featured in print ads, magazine covers, websites, catalogs and commercial advertisements.

Background: Rise to Mainstream

Blair Alana O’Neal was born on May 14, 1981, to father, Robert O’Neal, and mother, Londa Cunninghamin. She has three siblings; two brothers, Tyler O’Neal and Bryce O’Neal and a sister, Brooke O’Neal.

Blair was born in Macomb, Illinois, the United States yet shortly thereafter her family moved to Arizona and spent most of her childhood here. At 11 years old, Blair’s father put her and her brother in a local junior golf clinic, and ever since Blair has developed the love of playing golf and rarely put down the clubs. Nearly most of Blair’s childhood afternoons and early mornings were spent on the practicing at Dobson Ranch Golf Club in Mesa, Arizona.

By the age of 13, Blair started playing for the American Junior Golf Association (AJGA). She found much success in her junior golf career including, a selection to AJGA Cannon Cup Team; a selection on the U.S. Junior Ryder Cup Team in Valderrama, Spain; a medalist at the AJGA Ping Phoenix Junior Championship and runner-up in the Woman’s Western Tournament.

Blair O'Neal Biography | Get to Know her Personal Life, Dating, Height, Age, Boyfriend, Married, Hot, LPGA, Wiki, Net Worth, House, Husband

Blair O’Neal and Rickie Fowler in 2013
Source: Instagram

Entering high school (Tempe’s Corona del Sol High School), Blair had effectively developed herself as one of the best junior golfers in Arizona and eventually went ahead to win the Women’s 5A Arizona State Golf Champion. She graduated high school in 1999, where she was a member of the National Honor Society with a 3.5 grade-point-average coached by Karen Thelander.

Despite a number of University offer letters, Blair made her youth dream a reality and acknowledged a full scholarship to Arizona State University. During her time at the Univerity, she never missed or being sat out of a single competition and competed all 4 years on the women’s Sun Devil golf. And when doing so, she was honored with two NCAA women’s long-drive champion. Besides, O’Neal majored in Communications and has a minor in Sociology.

Big Break: Prince Edward Island & Dominican Republic

In 2009, O’Neal competed in the 11th season of Golf Channel’s Big Break: Prince Edward Island, where six women and six men went after a terrific prize of $100,000 in cash. The game was hosted by Stina Sternberg and Charlie Rymer. In the finale, the match-up was between Blair O’Neal and Derek Gillespie, and O’Neal ended up being the first runner-up; Gillespie won by a three-stroke margin (-1 to +2)

In 2010, O’Neal again participated on the Big Break in the Dominican Republic, where she was the winner of the competition. The final three women, Sara, Christina, and Blair made a birdie in an elimination hole. Blair became first by 57 MVP points with 12 points ahead of the runner-up. Blair O’Neal won $50,000 and other prizes such as a LPGA exemption.

Beyond Golf

However, O’Neal’s professional successful career was short-lived, after she called off three years prior to her appearance on the show. She transitioned to pursue a modeling career, where she made most lists of the hottest female athletes for nearly a decade.

Sports Illustrated named O’Neal as “One of the Hottest 50 Athletes of All-Time”; one of “The 18 Most Beautiful Women in Golf” by Golf Magazine; one of the “Top 10: Fit Golfers” by Golf Channel; one of the “Hottest Golfers” by Golf Digest.

Blair O’Neal has additionally appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition magazine with Cobra-Puma three successive years from 2011, until 2013. In 2012, O’Neal launched her first full season on the LPGA Symetra Tour.

Personal Life: Affairs & Net Worth

In 2015, Blair was once rumored of dating the famous Canadian singer Justin Bieber, yet none of them talked about it. According to the source,  Bieber was introduced to O’Neal, at a charity golf outing on the west coast and the two hit it off.

She currently resides in her house in Scottsdale, Arizona. Some wiki sites claim that she has a husband named Jeff Keiser, who caddied for her at the Big Break Invitational. Keiser is an Assistant Athletics Director for Creative Services at the University of Minnesota. In whatever way, the information seems to false as no concrete evidence has been provided so far. Going through her social profiles, there is no sign of Blair getting married.

A few years back, Blair was reportedly having an affair with a Golfer Bubba Watson, however, she denied the relationship about the two. As of now, O’Neal is not yet married and possibly single as well. There is no news related to her private life, such as boyfriend, dating, relationship nor husband, till date.

Considered as one of the hottest golfer ever of the Big Break, Blair O’Neal has a roughly estimated net worth $1 million dollars as of 2017. She has been sponsored by Cobra Puma along with other golfers such as Rickie Fowler.