Bill Gates Son, Rory John Gates Dating Anyone or Previously Hooked Up with Any Girl?

September 29, 2018
First published on:April 27, 2018
by roshan

The son of the American Businessman, Bill Gates, Rory John Gates, who was born with a silver spoon, may possibly be living his life lavishly but, what everyone wants to know is his personal romantic life. 


Many people would like to know about the daily activities of Rory Gates, but, what's even more curious is the dating history of the child of one of the richest people in the world. We will be going to reveal the people he has dated. Hence, without further ado, let's jump right in! 

Bill Gates' Son Rory John Gates' Dating Life

The second child of Bill Gates' Rory Johns Gates is not as famed as the other children of the businessman, but he is equally known to the whole world as his siblings. To talk about the current relationship status of Rory, then he might possibly be single. 

[ CAPTION: Bill Gates' son Rory John Gates ][ SOURCE: Medium ]

There is nothing much to talk about his love life as his life is really a mystery. Rory likes to keep his personal life to himself so to dig out any information is near to impossible. 

[ CAPTION: Rory John Gates with mother Melinda Gates ][ SOURCE: Time ]

He might have several relationships to his name but, due to his introverted nature, we have not come to know any of them. There were even some gay rumors about him due to his lack of romantic relationships but, let's not talk about what is not proved!

The possible reason for Rory being single 

There might be a high number of reasons for the love life of Rory John Gates to being in a stop. But, according to our analysis, it seems as if the major reason for his stuck love life is because of Bill Gates. 

[ CAPTION: Full Family Photo of Bill Gates ][ SOURCE: Sin ]

Confused? Well, Bill had an interview on the Today show, where he revealed that he keeps his children from using the new technologies like mobile phones. As per the interview, he said that he had chosen the age of 13 to get his children a phone.

The billionaire likes to keep his children away from the technology so, it might have affected the love life of Rory. 

[ CAPTION: Full Family Photo of Bill Gates ][ SOURCE: Mom ]

Gates' also confirmed that his children, after returning from their schools, always complained that the other kids had a mobile but, they didn't have one. Similarly, he also stated that he didn't keep Facebook and email passwords for his daughter, Jennifer Gates but, he should have an entry to Rory's email accounts. 

Well, the most important thing for today's generation is the use of technology and if such is not used properly, one won't get anywhere. Likewise, Rory John Gates might have had the same story. 

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