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Common Mistakes During Interview

Published Tue Dec 10 2013 By Jhr Na
Common Mistakes During Interview

“An interview is a formal meeting at which somebody is asked questions to see if they are suitable for a particular job, or for a course of study at a college, university, etc”. (Source: Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary). A formal discussion between a hirer and an applicant or candidate, where lots of information are exchanged with the intention of establishing the applicant’s suitability for a position being applied for during interview.During interview, people make lots of mistake knowingly or unknowingly. It’s a human nature to commit mistakes which may either conclude with a positive result or negative one. People must give due care not to perpetrate mistake. Among a lot of mistakes made by an interviewee some of the most common mistakes during interview can be listed as:

  1. Not being punctual: As we all know that, “The first impression is the last impression”. So, the first impression must be always given a priority in order to impress interviewer. Arriving late not only reflect the poor time management quality but also a disrespect toward the entity, the position being applied for, and as well toward an interviewer. This mistake makes a bad impression before arriving at the interview. Punctuality must be maintained.
  2. Improper dressing:  Impression toward interviewer can be made by dressing in an appropriate way according to the need may be according to the position being applied for. It’s imperative to look professional and polished. Interviewee’s attire may vary based on the position being applied for like it can be a casual clothing for Non-Professional Jobs, with formal clothing reflecting a better personality for Professional Jobs, etc. Dressing must be proper which may help to enhance the personality of the interviewee.
  3. Lack of knowledge regarding the entity and the position being applied for:     It must be the first concern before the interview about the environment of the entity, the general knowledge regarding the entity, the position being applied for, etc. during interview. Interviewer may ask “what you know about this entity and the concerned position you applied for?” This will be one of the easiest question to answer if and only if you have made a research regarding few important matters before interview. This can be made possible by viewing the websites of the entity and going through the “About Us”, also interviewee can check LinkedIn page or Facebook page, if they have one.
  4. Badmouthing past employers: No interviewee should make a mistake of badmouthing their ex-boss or co-workers. The mistake of badmouthing committed may result to think an interviewer that you might speak in the same way about his/her entity if you leave on terms that aren’t positive in future. Sometimes there may come a situation where interviewer may know your past employers which will create a negative impact of an interviewee. An interviewer always want their interviewee to work well with their co-workers and have a quality to handle & resolve the conflicts in a mature and effective way, rather than badmouthing their co-workers or talking about other person’s incompetence.
  5. Talking pointlessly: Nervousness is common response toward the interview. When interviewee tries to overcome his nervous state which may lead him to talk pointlessly. So, should keep their succinct, to-the-point, focused. Thus, during interview don’t ramble your answer.
  6. OverconfidenceBeing overconfidence during interview may result in bad impression, misconception regarding the ability, doubt about qualifications and other related information provided in resume, etc upon the interviewer about the interviewee. So, one should not over express their confidence level however, being confident is also important during interview.

  Hence, these are some common mistakes which usually been committed during interview. So, interviewee must give due care toward these possible common mistakes in order to make their interview effective.