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Tennis Player Samantha Stosur rumored lesbian. What’s the truth behind it?

Sports lover please pay attention here, cause today we are talking about the professional tennis player. You might be wondering who’s that player? Well, she is non-other than  Samantha Stosur.

We all know that Samantha is an Australian professional tennis player and is a former world No.1 in doubles and former World No.4 in singles. She is the two times winner of WTA Doubles Team Of The Year and became the world no. 1 in doubles with Lisa Raymond in the year 2006.

This was the short description of Samantha’s professional life, for those who don’t know her. And today we will be describing her personal life. Do you remember the news of Samantha being lesbian? No, then let’s find out the find out in detail.

Samantha Stosur Rumored Lesbian

In the year 2012, tennis player Dominika blamed Samantha for being a man. She blamed because she was defeated very badly with the score 6-4, 6-1 by Samantha. She said:

 “how can girl defeat a man”

And this statement became the main source for the media to raise a question about Samantha’s sexuality. But, it is believed that Samantha’s victory was not toleratable by Dominika and to make cloud over her loss she blamed Samantha. Let’s watch this video:

YoutubeSabine Lisicki v Samantha Stosur;

However, she has not confirmed of her being lesbian. The rumor is just created to make her fans and media confused. She is often said to display her muscular arms. Is this news true? Let’s find out.

Samantha Stosur Display her Muscular Arms

There was the question raised against her hot masculine biceps and her muscular body. She made her fans confused by her incredible change in her arms. The unbelievable change only in the arms made her fans more confused and the questioned was raised.

Samantha Stosur

Samantha Stosur’s muscular body, Source: alchetron

But the truth is, she has worked out a lot to make herself fit. She has never reached the quarter final in her home events, so we think that she had done this all work out to reach that level.

She really has been fit in her career and she is doing more to prepare herself in tennis related fitness.

Samantha Stosur

Samantha Stosur fitness exercise, Source:

Back to her personal life, she is rumored to be in a secret relationship with Lisa Raymond. So let’s find out the mystery.

Samantha Stosur and rumored girlfriend Lisa Raymond

Samantha and Lisa have played many doubles games. They also have received the World No. 1 title. As a matter of fact, they are the two times winner of WTA Doubles Team of the year. However, Lisa has opened up of her being lesbian but Samantha hasn’t confirmed yet.

Samantha Stosur and Lisa Raymond

Samantha Stosur and rumored girlfriend Lisa Raymond, Source:

Samantha’s closeness toward Lisa became the reason for their being in a relationship. But their closeness has created a doubt to Samantha being a Lesbian. So, we believe she is a lesbian.

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Jeremy Allen White Dating Girlfriend? Know all about his Girlfriend and Relationship

A well-known television actor,  Jeremy Allen White is best known for his role as Philips ‘Lip’ Gallagher in the Showtime dramedy series Shameless. Besides this, he has appeared in many movies like Beautiful Ohio, The Speed of life, Afterschool and Twelve.

Talking about his dating history, he is in a long relationship with an American actress Emma Greenwell. If you want your relationship to stay longer, use the simple rule ‘Never Lie‘. And believe that this couple had made their relationship stronger by applying the same method in their love life and is in a long term relationship since 2011. So do you wanna know more about their relationship, love affair? To know more stay with us.

Allen White Love at First Sight Emma Greenwell

We have found many actors who have converted their on screen romance into real life romance.  Allen and Emma are among those actors who have taken their relationship soberly.


Allen White with Emma Greenwell

Allen White with girlfriend Emma Greenwell, Source: Pinterest

Allen first meets Emma on the set of Shameless after Greenwell was changed, Jane Leavy as Mandy Milkovich. They worked together in the same set as co-star and after some month they started dating each other in the year 2011.

Allen White with Emma Greenwellduring the shooting of Shameless

American film and television actor with Emma Greenwellduring the shooting of Shameless, Source: Pinterest

The couple is able to make their relationship stronger till the date and it already has been 6 years.

Allen White with Emma Greenwell

Allen White with girlfriend Emma Greenwell, Source:

We have found many relationships which are broken. There is few relationship which lasts for long and this time it seems that Allen and Emma’s relationship will last for long.

However, there was rumored to be getting married soon. Wanna know? So let’s find out.

Allen White and girlfriend Emma Greenwell Wedding

A couple of months before, boyfriend Allen and girlfriend Emma has been rumored to be getting married but the rumor hasn’t been confirmed by the couple. They look as if they are focusing on their career right now.

Allen White and Emma GreenwellAllen White and Emma Greenwell

Allen White and Emma Greenwell, Source:

Don’t  worry, we know that they will inform to their fans about their wedding as they haven’t hide about their relationship.

Allen White and Girlfriend Emma Greenwell Past Affairs

We know that you are so curious to know about Allen and Emma’s past relationship. But you have to believe that the couple hasn’t dated anyone before they met each other.

Allen is not among those guys who change their relationships as clothes. He loves to be in a long relationship with his loving one ( Emma Greenwell).

Allen and Emma

Allen and Emma, Source: Twitter

Both Allen and Emma are active on the social media site like Instagram, Twitter but they haven’t  talked about their relationship in the social media account.

We wish best of luck for this couple to achieve every success in their life. Hope they will get married soon. Visit our website for more updates.

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American Rapper Gucci Mane Net worth, Know his salary and career.

 The Moon is the first milestone on the road to the star.

And here’s the American rapper Gucci Mane who is the milestone in the world of the rappers. He is able to make place the heart of his millions of fans. His real name is Radric Delantic Davis but his fans and of course, you knew him as Gucci Mane.

The 35-year-old rapper, Gucci has created dozens of albums and songs and is famous across the world and he is also known as Hip-Hops wealthiest artist. So, have you ever imagine about his net worth? No? Then without any delay lets know about his net worth, salary and also a bit about his career.

Gucci Mane’s Net Worth

Gucci’s net worth is estimated to be $15 million dollars which are based on the records of his previous sales and properties. His expensive clothes and accessories like watches, jewelry, rings, branded clothes can identify him that how high profile life he’s spending. Have a look:

Instagram: Gucci Mane flaunting his expensive jewelers;

#ThrowbackThursday #1017CEO

A post shared by Gucci Mane (@laflare1017) on

These were his expensive watches, jewelry, rings, etc. So, do you wanna know about his houses and car. Let’s have a look at his house and car which is also included in his net worth.

Gucci Mane’s Mansion

Gucci has bought a mansion and the mansion reflects his extraordinary life style. He owned the mansion in $9,000,000 million dollars. So, do you wanna look Gucci’s mansion? Have a look at this video.

Youtube: Gucci Mane’s $9000000 Million mansion;

So this is Gucci’s mansion where he is living at present. And do you know that he really loves to collect the cars? No.

Well, he has altogether 6 cars. Here’s the name of those cars.

Cars (Price in Dollars)

  1. Ferrari 458 Italia – $240,000
  2. Lamborghini Gallardo – $200,000
  3. Dodge Charger SRT8 – $67,645
  4. Bentley Mulsanne – $306425
  5. Ferrari 612 – $250,000
  6. Dodge Challenger – $28,090

Have a look at Gucci’s cars.

Youtube: Gucci Mane’s million Dollars cars;

So we talked about his net worth, mansion, cars and also about his expensive accessories. Let’s move into his career to know how he made himself able to earn the huge sum of money. Let’s get into it.

Gucci Mane’s Career

Gucci was born on Feb 12, 1980, in Birmingham, Alabama. During his childhood, he enjoyed writing poems and began rapping at the age of 14.

Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane, Source: Pinterest

During his early life, Like Thug Migos signed Gucci and adopt his method of realizing multiples tapes in every year and do you know that the group holds the position at No.1 in Jan.

Youtube: Gucci Mane’ song;

Gucci’s style is a magnetic flow which delivers hard-hitting bars over the production. He released so many kinds of music at an astonishing rate which you can’t count right now. He is also known as one of the most authoritative guys of 2000s.

And now he has become a big impact in the rap scene and with out any doubt he has an impressive fortune to show for it.

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Wife Hannah Pixie Snowdon cheated her Husband Oliver Sykes, Know the reason and also their divorce.

When you fully trust someone without any doubt, you will get two results: A person for life or A lesson for life and for Oliver Skyes and Hannah Pixie, they did find their trust as a huge lesson.

Bring Me The Horizon band’s lead singer Oliver Skyes is a musician, where as Hannah is a tattoo artist. They got married in 2015 and got divorced after many problems arisen in their relationship. So let’s find out what was the problems that they had faced and also about their marriage relationship. So without any delay, let’s began.

Hannah Pixie Cheated Husband Oliver Skyes, Instagram

Oliver and Hannah got engaged on the day of Christmas on 2013 and after two years of their engagement they decided to live together forever and they tied a knot in 2015 in Tuscany. And they formally became husband and wife.

Hannah and Oliver

Wife Hannah with husband Oliver on wedding day, Source:

Until 2016, the couple was living a happily married life but a news broke out which was about to be the reason for their separation. Do you want to know what the news was?

Well, the news was Hannah, cheating her husband with another man which was posted by Hannah on her Instagram page. Check out Hannah’s Instagram post:

Hannah cheated her husband with this GuyHannah cheated her husband with this GuyHannah cheated her husband with this Guy

Hannah cheated her husband with this Guy, Source: Instagram

What is your opinion? Do you think that Hannah really cheated her husband?

Well, the truth is totally different as you are thinking right now by observing the above post. However, we were also shocked by Hannah’s post but the truth is Hannah’s Instagram account was hacked.

This post played a huge role to end their relationship.  And Oliver was unknown the truth and he tweeted:

Oliver Skyes tweeted

Oliver Skyes tweeted after the  post of Hannah, Source:

The hacker of Hannah Instagram account is still unknown but do you know that the couple became a success to overcome the problem and the matter was solved.

But there was still something which became the reason for their separation. Wanna know the next reason? Then let’s began.

Hannah Charge Oliver for being Abusive

Hannah really was so happy when she got married to her lover, Oliver. She also admits her wedding night as the most insane night of her life.

Oliver Skyes with Hannah Pixie

Oliver Skyes with Hannah Pixie, Source:

After the Instagram matter was solved, they were living a happy married life but their happiness could not last for long.

Hannah Claimed that Oliver slapped her and cheated her. She also informed the media that Oliver was cheating her with the strippers. Let’s watch this video where Hannah Snowdon explains why she cheated on Oliver Sykes from BHTM.

She said:

“I did cheat on my husband and I did end up in a hospital as a result of that. As a result of not being able to handle what I’d done … We had a really bad marriage. He was unfaithful to me throughout entire relationship with strippers and after the first act of unfaithfulness I found out about, I just lost my mind … But luckily enough I’m here now and I’m fine.”

After this incident, the couple is now separated forever. At present, both are dating with different guys.

Oliver is dating girlfriend Alissa Salls. Talking about his previous relationship, he had dated altogether 14 girls. And now he is dating Alissa after Hannah.


Where as talking about Hannah she is dating boyfriend Guy Le Tatooer. If you remember then this the same guy whose photo was posted on the Instagram account of Hannah. And she is dating his at present.

Hannha with Guy Le Tatooer

Hannah with Guy Le Tatooer, Source: Pinterest

Well, both the couple is living happily with their loving one separately. However, they were able to shut down the problems which they were facing during their marriage relationship.

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Katharine Ross married four times, Now married with Husband Sam Elliott. Know More

Multiple marriages are the way to lead the headlines in the community of Hollywood. However, many celebrities have struggled through an unsuccessful marriage in order to find the right person and here’s the celebrity Katharine Ross who is married 4 times in order to get her soul mate.

We also know that there is none another thing better than two romantic celebrity wedding. And here’s the two celebrity Katherine Ross and  Sam Elliot who are happy with their wedding. Do you want to know more about the 72-year-old Sam and 77-year-old Katherine’s love story and further more about her past marriage? So, then let’s began.

Katharine Ross and Sam Elliot’s Love Affair

You might know Sam Elliot. His slender physique, thick mustache and much more have led him to the roles as Cowboy and rancher. He is best-known for playing in the movie: Mask, Gettysburg, Tombstone, The Big Lebowski, Marvel, Hulk and  Ghost Rider.

Sam Elliot in Ghost Rider

Sam Elliot in Ghost Rider, Source: Pinterest

It was during the shooting of the movie The Legacy in 1978 where Katherine first met Sam. He was the lead actor and their romance began during the shooting of their film. The pair dated for a year and finally announced for their marriage in 1984.

Sam and Katharin in the movie The Legacy

Sam and Katharine in the movie The Legacy, Source: Pinterest

After the 33 years of long relationship, the couple is living a happy married life with each other. They are blessed with one child named Cleo Cole Elliott. They already have turned older and there is no any doubt that their love will remain same until the end of their life.

Sam and Katharin together after 33 years of their relation

Sam and Katharine together after 33 years of their relation, Source: Pinterest

The above article was about Katharine’s love and married life with Sam. So with out any delay lets know about her past marriage. Let’s start with her first husband.

Katherin Ross First Husband Joel Fabiani

Joel Fabiani is an American film, television, and theater actor. He is famous for the British cult classic Department S. He is also known as guest Starring in Barnaby Jones, The FBI, The Street of San, Babacek, The Rock Files and much more.

Joel Fabiani

Joel Fabiani, Source:

Katherin and Joel tied a Knot in 1960 and after two years of their marriage, they were separated (1962). They haven’t revealed the reason for their split. Joel was her first husband now it’s time for her second husband.

Katherin Ross Second Husband John Marion

After her separation with Joel, she met John Marion. They fell in love and decide to tie a knot in 1964 but unfortunately, they got separated soon after three years of their marriage.

John Marion

John Marion, Source: Twitter

Katherin Ross Third Husband Conrad L. Hall

Katherin met Conrad L. Hall who is the three times Oscar-winning cinematography, on the set of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and fell for each other and decide to get married in 1969.

 Conrad L. Hall

Conrad L. Hall, Source:

After a certain year of their marriage, they got separated in 1973.

Katherin Ross Fourth Husband Gaetano ‘Tom’ Lisi

Katherin met Gaetano on the set of The Stepford Wives and their romance sparkled and started dating each other.

Gaetano 'Tom' Lisi with Katharine Ross

Gaetano ‘Tom’ Lisi with Katharine Ross, Source: Getty Image

The couple ties a knot in 1975, but as always her marriage with Gaetano was again failed. They got a divorce in 1979.

She had faced four unsuccessful marriage and there is saying that love never fails but people fails in love but she never loses her self-confident.

Sam and Katharin

Sam and Katharine, Source:

And finally, she met Sam Elliott with whom she is in a long marriage relationship and is living a happily married life with each other.

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Jennifer Katharine Gates Biography

Jennifer Katharine Gates is the daughter of a business tycoon, Bill Gates. She is the heiress of millions of dollars since her birth. World’s curiosity about the lives of rich men’s daughter has led to many speculations about her lifestyle. So, here we follow Jennifer Katharine Gates to answer the world.

Background: Early Years & Education

Born to Bill Gates and Melinda Gates on April 26, 1996, Katharine has two siblings, Rory John Gates, and Phoebe Adele Gates. Her paternal grandparents are Mary Maxwell Gates, and William H. Gates Sr., whereas her maternal grandparents are Raymond Joseph French, Jr., and Elaine Agnes Amerland

Jennifer Katharine Gates Biography| Know more about her Personal Life, Wiki, College, Stanford, Net Worth, House, Job, Height, Married, Husband

The billionaire Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda with their firstborn daughter, Jennifer Katharine Gate, just a few months
Source: Pinterest

Raised into a wealthy family in in Bellevue, Washington, United States, Katharine great-grandparents are Lillian Elizabeth Rice, William Henry Gates I, Adele Thompson, and James Willard Maxwell.

Jennifer Katherine Gates, the eldest daughter of billionaire parents Bill and Melinda Gates, she is surrounded by substantial wealth, however, surprisingly, she lives a normal life.

Ride Horses

She loves riding horses and has participated in various competitive horse riding in equestrian tournaments all around the world while also studying biology at Stanford University. Her father spent a hefty $1 million to rent a mansion close to the site of the Winter Equestrian Festival in Palm Beach, Florida, so that his beloved daughter can go for her love of horse riding by competing with the 2,800 riders from 30 countries.

Her father, who has an estimated net worth of $78.1 billion, has reportedly bought her tens of millions of dollars’ worth of rental properties and horse estates, but the young Ms. Gates is not the type of girl who lets the money go to her head.

Youtube: Bill Gates’ Daughter, Jennifer Gates | 5 Fast Facts;

Personal Life

As for being the daughter of one of the richest men in the world, her Instagram proves that she is extremely down to Earth. The 5 Feet 7 inches, Jennifer Katharine Gates, is the heiress of millions of dollars since her birth. Though she has achieved celebrity status and had lots of gossip around her, it is a hard rock to extract any information about her private life. The billionaire parents have maintained a low-key to protect their children’s privacy.

As of now, Jennifer Katharine is not yet married and has no official boyfriend till date. Still, she has caught the eye of every guy who crosses her path and wants her to be their beau.

Recently, she reportedly has an affair with a guy named Nayel Nassar, who seems like her boyfriend, and fond of horse riding like her. Her photos on Instagram indicates that Jennifer and Nayal have been dating since few months. However, we cannot confirm their affair as loving partners.

Jennifer Katharine Gates Biography| Know more about her Personal Life, Wiki, College, Stanford, Net Worth, House, Job, Height, Married, Husband

Jennifer Katharine Gates and Nayel Nassar, an Egyptian ShowJumper
Source: Instagram

Net Worth

As an heiress of one of the world’s richest man, Jennifer Katharine Gates net worth is estimated to be around $20 million.

Bill Gates purchased an equestrian estate north of San Diego. The $18 million worth property includes an olive grove, a guest house, and five barns.  Before Bill Gates daughter was given the sprawling estate, it had originally belonged to weight loss trainer Jenny Craig.

Jennifer possesses a beautiful body figure with a matching height of 5 feet 7 inches. Notwithstanding her celebrity identity, Jennifer has grounded Instagram, where she often uploads snaps which generally include her family, friends, and horses.

Limited from Technology

One might think that Gate’s children are happy and relaxed amidst the coolest and latest gadget pile. If so, you are wrong.

The founder of Microsoft founders turned out to have a surprising technological boundary for his children. Bill and his wife Melinda forbid all three of their hearts to own a cell phone until they are 14 years old (although her children argue that all her friends already have a mobile phone).

Grateful for these two 🦃💕

A post shared by Jennifer Katharine Gates (@jenniferkgates) on

Not just get there. When their children are old enough to use the phone, Bill and Melinda keep their use strictly, especially forbidding the use of cell phones at the dinner table.

Surprisingly, Gates is not the only technological practitioner who limits the use of technology to his children. In a 2014 article entitled Steve Jobs Was a Low-Tech Paren, Apple founders reportedly told a New York Times reporter that his children had not used the iPad, and limited the use of other technologies.

According to Influence Central research in 2016, the average age of a child to get their first mobile phone is ten years, down from 12 in 2012. So in this scheme, the Gates children are really less updated in terms of technology.

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Carice Van Houten Biography

Carice Van Houten is a popular actress and singer. She is known for her roles as the red priestess Melisandre on the renowned HBO fantasy television Series, Game of Thrones. Similarly, she is one of the leading characters of the Dutch war film, Black Book.

Actress, Carice is a married woman and is a mother of a son.

Carice Early Life and Education

Carice Anouk van Houten was born on September 5, 1976, in Leiderdorp, Netherlands. She is a daughter of writer father, Theodore Van Houten, and television personality mother, Margje Stasse. In the same way, she grew older with her sister named Jelka van Houten who is also an actress. Carice holds a Dutch nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

Game of Thrones actress, Carice van Houten during her early age.

Being passionate in acting since her early age. Firstly, Carice attended the St. Bonifatius college where she worked with a leading Belgian author, Hugo Claus. She then completed her education from there and joined the Maastricht Academy of Dramatic Arts in order to develop her acting professions.

Carice displayed on the screen in the year of 1997, in the movie named 3 Ronden as a role of Emily. However, she came to highlight after appearing in the movie, Suzy Q. Simultaneously, she also made a television series debut.

As of now, the gorgeous and talented actress has played a different role in many movies and television series along with several television personalities. Some of them are listed below


  • Storm in Mijn hoofed- 2001
  • Undercover Kitty- 2001
  • Father’s Affair- 2003
  • Bonkers- 2005
  • A Thousand Kisses- 2006
  • The Happy Housewife- Lea
  • Race- 2016 and so on

Television Series

  • Het Labyrinth- 1997
  • Goede daden bij daglicht: Op weg- 2000
  • Gewoon Hans- 2009
  • Human Planet- 2011
  • The Simpsons- 2015

Carice appeared in the Game of Thrones in season 2 as a character of a red priestess in 2012. Likewise, in the same year, she also made her second album debut, See You on the Ice on Youtube written by American singer and songwriter, Howe Gelb. 

Instagram: Game of Thrones actress, Carice red priestess’s sketch;

Nice one @juliuscyrus !

A post shared by Carice van Houten (@leavecaricealone) on

Since then she has been working on it along with television personalities such as Peter Dinklage, Natalie Dormer, Lena Headey, Nathalie Emmanuel, Kit Harington, Liam Cunningham, Iain Glen, Rory McCann, Hannah Murray, Maisie Willams, Isaac Hempstead Wright and so on.

Correspondingly, Carice has also won several tiles till the date for her incredible acting skills. Some of them are:


  • 8 Golden Calf Award
  • 6 Rembrandt Award
  • Carrousel international du film de Rimouski- 2002
  • International Children’s Film Festival- 2002
  • Tribeca Film Festival- 2012

At present, she is busy working on the series, GOT and besides that, she has not appeared in other series or movies.

Carice Personal Life

Better known by the Red Priestess, Carice is a married woman. She got married to a handsome man named, Guy Pearce in the year of 2015. The Husband and wife have a son named, Monte Pearce who was born in late 2016.

Husband and wife, Guy and Carice with her son named, Monte Pearce.

Husband and wife, Guy and Carice with her son named, Monte Pearce.

The news came to highlight after her husband, Guy Pearce announced it on his twitter account.

Twitter: Carice’s husband tweets about the brith of thier son;

At present, the duo is living a happy life. Besides their relationship, they have not bruited to any love affairs and till the date, the there has not been serious conflict between them which would lead to their divorce.

Carice Net Worth

Gorgeous and hard working, Carice has accumulated a huge amount of money from his singing and acting career. She earns more money mostly from her acting profession.

As of now, she has played in several movies and television series as well as won several awards which have helped her to boost her net worth. As of 2017, her net worth is estimated at around $5 million.

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Sidney Crosby girlfriend Kathryn Lautner. See their affair and relationship

If you are the lover hockey then you might know ‘The Next One’. Yes, you are correct, we are talking none other than a Canadian professional hockey player Sidney Patrick Crosby. He is the caption of the Pittsburgh Penguins of NLH. You all are quite clear about his professional life but do you know his personal life? No?

Well, he is dating bridal model Kathryn Lautner. They are living a romantic relationship without any controversies. So today let’s get information about their relationships and also about Kathryn. Let’s get things under way.

Sidney Crosby and Kathryn Lautner Relationship

Talking about the relationship of Sidney and Kathryn they both have been secretive about their affair till now. But, today we are here to acknowledge about the couple. Besides, we can assume that they have been in a relationship for 9 years now.

Sidney Crosby and Kathryn Lautner

Sidney Crosby and Kathryn Lautner, Source:

During the year 2010 to 2011, there were some controversies in their relationship which create the dispute between them. But sometimes two people have to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together. And believe that they built their relationship stronger than ever.

Sidney Crosby and Kathryn Lautner

Sidney Crosby and Kathryn Lautner, Source:

Their long relationship proof that they truly are the loving couple and without any doubt, we can say that their love will remain until the end of their life, our best wishes are always with them.

Sidney Crosby and Kathryn Lautner

Sidney Crosby and Kathryn Lautner, SOurce:

There is no any past love relationship history in the life Sidney and Kathryn is the first girl to get an entry in the heart of Sidney. And Kathryn was also not involved in any relationship before this. With an understanding, trust and love their relationship is growing stronger.

Sidney and Kathryn Marriage

An icy handsome hunk and a sizzling hot lady, both look as if they are made for each other. However, the couple is together for 9 years and their fans are waiting for their relationship to the next level.

Sidney Crosby Kathy Leutner

Sidney Crosby Kathy Leutner, Source:

But it seems that they are now focusing on their career right now. We hope that they will soon inform their fans about their wedding plans.

Who is Kathryn Lautner?

Kathryn Lautner was born and brought up in Virgina on December 13, 1987, started her career as a model at the age of 18. It is believed that she was discovered from somewhere near to her hometown. She was also in the season 1 of Swimsuit 2011 model search but it was a bad time for her, she loses the competition.

Kathryn Lautner

Kathryn Lautner, Source:

She has been on the cover of Fitness magazine many times. She also worked with Abercrombie and Fitch. She admitted that she is the die hard fan of Eagle’s club of Philadelphia. However, she is famous as a model but she is more famous for being the girlfriend of Sidney Crosby.

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Jason Momoa Biography

Popular actor, model, writer, director, and producer who is mainly known by the name of Khal Drogo in the HBO fantasy television series, Game of Thrones is none other than, Jason Momoa. Likewise, he is renown for his role of Declan Harp in 2016 television series named Frontier.

Jason Early Life and Education

Born as Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa and recognized by the name of Jason Momoa was born on August 1, 1979, in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is a son of photographer mother, Coni Momoa, and a painter father, Joseph Momoa. Regarding his nationality, Jason is American and he belongs mixed ethnicity.

Game of Thrones actor, Jason Momoa a.k.a Khal Drogo, husband of Daenerys Targaryen, childhood photos

Game of Thrones actor, Jason Momoa a.k.a Khal Drogo, husband of Daenerys Targaryen, childhood photos.

Jason Momoa graduated from the Lowa University as a marine biology major. After that, he joined the Colorado State University and completed his education in wildlife biology. Likewise, he learned a crayon painting in Paris and studied Buddhist teachings in Tibet.

Jason Career

Multi-talented Jason began his professional career as a model after he linked up with the international designer Takeo Kobayashi. At that time, he won Hawaii’s Model of the year which helped him to come to the spotlight.

As of 19, Jason became a famous and with his hard working and incredible talents, he got an offer to play in the action drama series, Baywatch Hawaii. There, he portrayed a role of Jason Loane.

Youtube: Handsome actor, Jason Momoa in the action drama series, Baywatch Hawaii.

Some of his renowned series and movie are listed below.

Television Series

  • Tempted- 2003
  • North Shore- 2004
  • The Game- 2009
  • The Red Road- 2014
  • Drunk History- 2014


  • Johnson Family Vacation- 2004
  • Conan the Barbarian- 2011
  • Road to Paloma- 2014
  • Wolves- 2014
  • Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice- 2016 etc.

Besides his acting career, Jason is also good mixed martial artist. He learned a martial art for his role as Conan in the movie Conan the Barbarian. Currently, the handsome actor has appeared in the Television series, Justice League, Braven and the Bad Batch and is still working for his upcoming series, Aquaman.

Jason Personal Life

Aged 38, Jason is a married man. He got married to his gorgeous girlfriend, Lisa Bonet on November 15, 2007. The husband and wife are blessed with a daughter named, Lola Lolani Momoa and a son, Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa.

Instagram: Jason Momoa and his wife, Lisa with their son and daughter, during his 38 birthday.

Before Lisa, Jason was in the relationship with an American actress, Simmone Jade Mackinnon. However, the couple remained in a relationship for 7 years and split.

At present, Jason and his wife are living a happy life together as they’re often seen at various places hanging out.  As of now, the couple has not bruited to extra love affairs. Hence, they give equal time to their career as well as to their family.

Jason Momoa Net Worth

The talented and handsome Game of Thrones actor, Jason Momoa makes a good amount of money from his multi-professions. He mostly earns a huge money from his acting career. As of 2017, his net worth is estimated at around $8 million.

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Youtube Personality Lisa Koshy, Five Facts You need to know.

We know that we never get bored with You Tube and the YouTubers are sometimes called youtube personality or celebrities. Relating to the topic of You Tube today we have a Youtube personality, Lisa Koshy.

Lisa is best known for her online character as Lizza and a former Vine star. She is more famous in the social media who has the fastest-developing Youtube subscriber in the year 2016. So today we’ll present you the 5  facts that you all should know about Lisa Koshy.

Top 5 facts about the Youtube Personality Lisa Koshy

Check out the five amazing and unknown facts of Lisa Koshy;

1. Host of ‘TRL'(Total Request Live)

Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy, Source:

We came to know that Lisa Koshy will soon host ‘TRL’ with few other. TRL is a television series on MTV that featured popular music videos.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that Lisa has already signed the contract with TRL with a belief that she will develop the new project for the cable. The site reported on Wednesday that:

“The Viacom-owned cable network has enlisted social media star Liza Koshy to provide on-air hosting duties to its forthcoming TLR revival set to launch in October. The gig is part of a larger first-look overall deal with Koshy, who also will develop new projects for the cable network. The pact will see Koshy appear periodically on MTV throughout the year,”

Let’s watch this video.


2. Koshy has Over 13 million followers on Instagram

Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy, Source:

Before we go into the topic let us inform you that she gained six million subscribers last year.

Being a social media star she has more than 1 million followers on all the social media sites like on Facebook 2.2 million, Twitter 2.2 million, 10 million subscribers on the Youtube channel and more than 13 million followers on Instagram.

laughing at all the half naked girls at coachella.. this skirt kept me so warm

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As per her IMDb biography, she has received YouTube’s Silver and Gold play button and soon she is likely to receive The Diamond play button.

It seems that she will soon compete for the another YouTube star PewDiePie and will be awarded a Ruby Play Button if she will hit 50,00,000 subscriber.

3. Liza also has gained the name as actor in movies

Liza in the movie Boo! A Madea Halloween

Liza in the Boo! A Madea Halloween, Source: Youtube

Liza has not only made her career as a Youtube star she has also been in two movies: Boo! A Madea Halloween and FML, if you remember, both the movies were released last year.

Currently, she is in the You Tube Red Orignal series, Escape The Night, which is a surreality competition series. Let’s watch the trailer.

4. Liza is in a relationship with David Dobrik

Liza with David

Liza with David, Source: Pinterest

And the best part in the life of Liza is her romantic relationship with David Dobrik who is also a social media star. He has his own Youtube channels Davis Dobrik and David Dorbik Too. They were dating each other since 2015 and do you know that their relationship has been documented on social media.

We hope that they would be the loving couples until the end of their life.

5. Liza is an Indian and Caucasian

Liza in an Indian wear

Liza in an Indian wear, Source: Pinterest

Do you that she is an Indian and Caucasian. She also refers herself as “milk chocolate”.

Liza Koshy parents

Liza Koshy parents, Source: twitter

She is born to an American mother and Indian father. Liza has brother Olivia and sister Rahel.

There is no any doubt that her subscribers will increase in the upcoming days. We wish all the very best for her future.