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Does Nicole Curtis with Her Boyfriend become Parents to a Child?

Published Fri Apr 27 2018 By Jhr Na
 Does Nicole Curtis with Her Boyfriend become Parents to a Child?

Redefining the art of home renovations by her show Rehab Addict, Nicole Curtis has gained her popularity through the show. The show is currently running in its eighth season.


Despite her sorted show, where she rebuilds homes to make them look presentable, Curtis’s own life is far from what we can see of her on screen. With failed relationships and custody battle for her son with her former partner, let’s learn more about her tough life.

Nicole Curtis Relationships

In 2009 Curtis broke the news to the media that she was going to separate from her then-husband, Steve Lane. Nicole somehow managed to keep the details about her first marriage under wraps, she hasn’t yet revealed when she began to date her ex-husband or when they got married nor the location where they got married.

[ CAPTION: Nicole and her ex-husband ][ SOURCE: articlebio ]

And to be frank her show was just picking up its pace and her fame hadn’t quite reached the height where the split was so widely covered. However, things were going to take a drastic turn of her Nicole. Why and how? Just keep with us…

After Nicole got separated from her husband, which we suspect was a bad marriage and Nicole and Steve weren’t the perfect match to each other, she began to date Shane Maguire. After the end of her bad marriage, all she wanted to do was find herself the perfect man for her, as she says “I would give anything to have a husband that loved me and supported me, and, you know, took the kids out for pizza while I designed. But I just never had that.” She found Shane and was completely enthralled by him.

[ CAPTION: Nicole and her ex-partner Shane ][ SOURCE: people ]

Despite their apparent age difference, the couple began to date. Everything seemed picturesque from the outside, but what was going on on the inside was a completely different tale. The couple never got married, instead, Nicole got surrounded by custody battles and lawsuits which we are going to reveal all bout down below.

Nicole’s children and custody battles

From her first marriage to Steve Lane, Nicole has a son named Ethan, who is a teenager now.

[ CAPTION: Nicole with her sons ][ SOURCE: ariclebio ]

Nicole’s real trouble started after she got pregnant with her second child when she was 38 years old. When she told her partner Shane, Nicole was expecting tears of joy but instead was awarded a disappointed look.

What transpired in-between is not known but just after 6 months she gave birth to the second son Harper, Shane filed a joint custody case lawsuit.

Now, Shane and Nicole have joint custody of their son. But Nicole is not happy with the court’s decision and wanted to her son by herself.