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home Gossip Is Ashley Burgos a Mother to Any Child: Who is She Dating or Married?

Is Ashley Burgos a Mother to Any Child: Who is She Dating or Married?

Published Mon May 07 2018 By Jhr Na
Is Ashley Burgos a Mother to Any Child: Who is She Dating or Married?

Ashley Burgos is an American model and entrepreneur. She is the eldest daughter of Instagram sensation, Bernice Burgos. Her full name is Ashley Marie Burgos and she is also famous on Instagram. The 21-year-old model recently gave birth to her first child.


Well, Bernice Burgos herself gave birth to Ashley when she was 15 years old. She is quite supportive of her daughter's decision to raise a child so young. Well, Ashley is not yet married. So, who is the baby daddy and is she dating anyone? To know all the details keep scrolling.

Ashley Burgos Gives Birth to Baby

Burgos announced her pregnancy last year. It seems like she wanted to keep the news of her pregnancy private. However, rumors of her pregnancy began circulating and her mother finally addressed the situation.

Bernice Burgos supported her daughter at that time. She slammed the haters and respected her daughter's decision to give birth at a young age. Now, Bernice is a young grandmother.

[ CAPTION: Ashley Burgos baby bump ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Ashley gave birth to her baby on 17th April 2018. She has named her daughter, India. She first posted a picture of her baby on 15th March 2018. Since then, Ashely has shared many photos of her daughter citing her happiness. Well, it comes as no surprise since India is adorable. It seems the model is enjoying motherhood.

Instagram: Ashley posting her baby girl's picture


Mommy's Girl ❤️

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Ashley is already back and hard at work She shared her post-birth journey on her Instagram. Ashley is a good mother and takes care of her daughter.

Ashley Burgos Dating and Father of the Baby

Ashley is not a married woman. However, she was dating a businessman named Bubba. Bubba is the co-founder of the music label HBTL. Their relationship sparked some controversy as Bubba had been separated but not officially divorced from his previous wife at the time. The two then broke up as it was revealed that Bubba cheated on Ashley.

[ CAPTION: Ashley Burgos with her boyfriend ][ SOURCE: Superhub ]

Ashley then deleted all of their pictures together on Instagram. Since she had Bubba's Instagram password, the model deleted all his pictures and changed the name of his Instagram handle. She wrote a message in his bio stating that he cheated on her. The move definitely had people talking.

However, it seems the model has gotten back together with Bubba. She revealed him as the father in her Alladin themed baby shower where the two seemed pretty close. Bubba recently posted a picture of him with his daughter on Instagram. It looks like they have decided to raise India together.

[ CAPTION: Ashley Burgos with boyfriend Bubba at baby shower ][ SOURCE: Celebrity Insider ]
[ CAPTION: Bubba and his daughter ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

At the moment, Ashley is busy with her career and baby. To know more details about Burgos life keep checking