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Is Chris Janson Having a Happy Time With His Wife and Children?

Published Sat Apr 28 2018 By Jhr Na
Is Chris Janson Having a Happy Time With His Wife and Children?

Musician, songwriter and singer, Christopher Pierre Janson, known his fans by the name Chris Janson has worked with legends like Tim McGraw and LeeBrice. Furthermore, he has also released two albums Buy Me a Boat and Everybody.


Married to Kelly Lynn, the couples’ story is nothing less than that of a fairytale. Today we are going to open all the books about their ongoing strong marriage and about their children too! 

How Chris Janson met his wife?

Who doesn’t want a story that challenges every Disney movie’s romanticism? Sadly that doesn’t come to life for most of us. But the exception lies with these two stars with magical vocals and extraordinary talent.

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Before Chris Janson rose to fame, he used to do small gigs at bars and thought this is how his life was going to be. But his name traveled walls and soon agents were flocking toward him to be his client. His name gathered up and he was soon writing songs for Guns N’ Roses.

When he was in a bar with Guns N’ Roses bass player, Duff McKagan, Chris’s eyes fell upon a beautiful blonde lady and he immediately said to McKagan “I’m going to marry her’ which was met by a pessimistic remark. And that was all that happened that night Chris didn’t have any information on Kelly and hope seemed to come at its end.

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The story doesn’t end there though while touring, luckily Chris found out that Kelly worked at Nashville records and went to her with a deal for his record.

He invited her to his cabin to discuss the deal and the rest is history. They soon began to date and finally got married in 2010.

Chris and Kelly’s life after marriage

As it is said, behind every successful man, there’s s woman, it is true in case of Chris too. Before meeting his wife he didn’t have any record deal and his financial condition was hard too.

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But due to Kelly’s charm and genius, Chris soon released his hit album Buy Me a Boat. The album went out to a raging success and was in top 5 of the billboards.

Chris and Kelly's children 

The couple has four children, two of them are from Kelly’s first marriage and two are of Chris and Kelly’s. Their youngest son was born in 2014.

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Chris, it turns out is an absolute sweetheart. He even has tattooed the name of his wife on the left side of his chest, near to his heart. And he also likes to surprise Kelly with flowers.

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Their marriage is going very strong and we wish every bit of happiness and joy to the wonderful family.