Kim Kardashian Princess Jasmine Transformation In Kandee New Tutorial And Daughter North Isn't Buying It!

May 30, 2018
First published on:May 30, 2018
by biplov

Kandee Johnson Turned Kim Kardashian into Aladdin’s Princess Jasmine for her new makeup tutorial – and 4-year-old daughter North West isn’t fooled.


Kim Kardashian and Disney’s Princess Jasmin have few similarities- both can afford a pet tiger, they both spend most of their time in their castle (Agrabah or Calabasas) and both are dedicated to their Prince.

The reality star, 37, even used the cartoon princess as inspo for a Halloween costume last year. And thanks to kandee Johnson who turned Genie for Kardashian in the real world to turn her into one of her beloved cartoon characters.  

Though this year alone Kardashian dressed up as many female character including Cher, Madonna as well as Selena but this was the most surprising change we have ever noticed.

Youtube makeup guru Johnson, in her latest edition transformation video, morphs Kardashian into Jasmine –complete with huge wig, upward-turning eyebrows, and her signature tiara.  

Johnson first perfect Kim skin with a single layer of foundation before applying gray eyeshadow. Then she camouflages her eyebrows and contours her nose to resemble the princess. Next, she uses Benefit Holla Matte Bronzer, NARS concealer and other products to recreate the animated look followed by a cat eye and of course, the long black wig.

Kardashian West was so excited to try her new look and fool her daughter North West, 4, via FaceTime but she didn’t actually buy it. North responded “You’re really Kim,” adding, “You don’t look like Jasmine!

After, the reality star keeps on trying to convince that she was the real Disney character and she has her mummy phone and she called to tell the little girl that her mother Kim was with her on the magic.

Johnson tried her best but she can’t do anything to hide the Kardashian signature voice. Next time Kim better try different voice to fool her baby girl.

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