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Leah Remini's Married Life with Her Husband; Is She a Mother to Any Child?

Published Tue May 01 2018 By Jhr Na
Leah Remini's Married Life with Her Husband; Is She a Mother to Any Child?

Leah Remini is a woman of many talents, she is an actress and an author. She also was a former member of Scientology cult and now works against them, her documentary Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath is an Emmy winning documentary.


Come to spotlight after her release of her memoir Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, where she released her anger to former husband and her mother, let’s learn more about her personal life in this article.

Leah Remini’s married life

Angelo Pagan successfully wooed Leah on their first date at a Cuban restaurant named Hollywood EL Floridita in 1996. In what appears to be as long and happy long-term committed relationship, Angelo and Leah found their perfect match in each other. The couple tied their knot on 19th July 2003.

The couple has similar ideologies, furthermore, both were a member of the Church of Scientology. All seemed to go well.

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#tbt So proud of @leahremini ! Brave, bold and beautiful. I got your back baby!! #troublemaker

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But as they stepped into 12 years of their marriage, Leah filed for divorce and was successful in securing it. In her memoir Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, Leah described her husband as a serial cheater and called her mother a slut.

Her memoir caused a big controversy that negatively affected her ex-husband’s and her career. Leah, it seems to color other people’s character as black but fails to see her faults, several news media say that Leah has built her career on hate and malarkey.

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Even her exit from the Church of Scientology as embroiled in scandal, dramas, and controversies of epic proportions. What caused the separation of the former couple is still unknown. Leah’s only claim is that her husband cheated on her, but seeing Leah’s character of blame shifting and hate mongering, the full story is still a mystery.

Let’s talk about Leah’s ex-husband reaction after the release of her memoir. While Leah only seems to brew hate and resentment with her former husband, Angelo was full of nothing but praise for the actress.

He tweet surmised his reaction, now whether he was being sarcastic or was genuinely proud of his ex-wife is up to personal speculation.

Leah Remini’s children

Leah Remini is a mother of one, she has a daughter with her former husband. The daughter’s name is Sofi and was born on 16th June 2004. 

[ CAPTION: Leah Remini and her daughter ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

While Leah was married to Angelo, she was step-mother to three more children from Angelo’s first marriage. Leah was also accused by Angelo’s first wife for breaking up her family.

Sofia says that she like sleeping with her parents and her favorite movies are Prince of Persia, Chronicles of Narnia and Karate Kid