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Gossip Girl released 10 years later, Know 6 surprising facts about show, casts, and crews

Gossip Girl is an American teen drama television series which is based on the book series written by Cecily von Ziegesar. But the series is created by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.

It might be very hard to believe but Gossip Girl turns 10 years old this year. Yes, 10. So, today let’s just know 6 surprising facts about the show, casts, and crews of Gossip Girls. Something even the show’s craziest fans may don’t know. Are you all ready? Yes, then let’s began.

6 Surprising Facts about Gossip Girls

Did you notice one thing! that all of the episode’s titles are based on the name of a novel or film. Just take an example of “The Wild Brunch” which is a western film The Wild Bunch and “Seventeen candles” Sixteen Candles etc.

Here are the 6 surprising facts:

1. Gossip Girl was Inspired After the success of The O.C

The O.C poster

The O.C poster, Source: Collidre

The O.C is also American teen drama television series created by Schwartz and Savage. After the success of the show, they were just thinking of some thing different after the end of that show and they created Gossip Girl.

2. Blake Lively was set for the character of Serena van der Woodsen

Serena van der Woodsen 

Serena van der Woodsen, Source: Pinterest

The creator already had set an idea that Lively was the best girl for the role of Serena. Schwartz said:

“We didn’t see a lot of other girls for Serena. She has to be somebody that you believe would be sitting in the front row at Fashion Week eventually.”

3. Blake Lively wasn’t sure about the drama

Lively wanted to get her degree and wanted to go to college. Then they said:

“OK, you can go to Columbia University one day a week. After the first year of the show, it’ll quiet down. Your life will go back to normal and you can start going to school. We can’t put it in writing, but we promise you can go.”

And after that, she said OK. But she never finished up her college.

4. Ed Westwick style was Inspired by Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore is an American reality television series and this series was the reason that Westwick became more fashionable. Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman said:

“I think because he was a Brit and had a different understanding of clothing and what it means, he was game day one,”

Instagram: Ed Westwick;

Always looking over ya shoulder

A post shared by Ed Westwick (@edwestwick) on

5. On-Screen Couples Dated in Real Life

Blake Lively And Penn Badgley

Blake Lively And Penn Badgley, Source: palemorningdun

How romantic? The on screen couple-Badgley and Lively dated in real life for 3 years. But their love didn’t last for long and in 2010 they were separated. But they didn’t let anyone know about their breakup. Safran said:

“They kept the breakup hidden from the crew, which you could never do now. I don’t even know how they did it. They kept it from everybody which is a testament to how good they are as actors. Because they did not want their personal drama to relate to the show.”

Blake Lively And Penn Badgley( On Screen Couple)

Blake Lively And Penn Badgley( On Screen Couple), Source:

6. The show “Gossip Girl” actually had its own Gossip

You might be thinking that what’s the gossip? Well, the gossip was- Someone was getting into Gossip Girl emails and was stealing scripts. And the hacking was also the main problem.

So these were the surprising facts about “Gossip Girl”. Hope you enjoy reading this.

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Disney Live Action Movies, a complete list of movies

Since childhood, Disney has always been our friend. It’s movies and animations has never disappointed any child.

From few years Disney is busy making live action remakes of the movies. Some of those remakes have made its place in audience’s heart, while few are complete disasters. Successful or disaster, every remake has ruled their first impression due to their hits in animated version.

Today we are going to list few of Disney remake’s blockbusters and flop Disney Live action remake movies. Check out the list below;

Disney’s blockbuster live action remake

Some of the live action remakes of Disney’s movies are super hit among the audience and critics. Check the list of few super hit Live action remake;

Beauty and the Beast 2017

Beautiful and also a scary journey of Belle to break the spell of the beast in the castle was loved by lots of audiences. Featuring Emma Watson, it’s box office collection is $1.262 billion.

Youtube: Beauty and The Beast Trailer;

Alice in Wonderland

Featuring the multiple awards winning actor, Johnny Depp, a live-action remake of Disney’s Alice is the wonderland was a Box Office hit as it was second-highest-grossing 2010 film. The remake made $1.025 billion.

Youtube: Alice in Wonderland, Johnny Depp;

The Jungle Book 2016

Similarly, the movie recreates the story of Mowgli, a man-cub raised by the family of wolves in the jungle. Though the movie did not collect as expected it’s the reviews of the movie was amazing. Its Box Office collection is 966.6 million.

Twitter: The Jungle Book;

Besides all these, there is other super hits remake. They are Maleficent, Cinderella, and much more.

Worst Live-Action Disney movie

Oddly enough, some of the Disney’s live action remake were so ruined that audience were furious even in the hall. Some of the worst Live-actions remakes are listed below;

  1. Flubber
  2. G-Force
  3. The Big Green
  4. Meet The Deedles
  5. A Kid in King Arthur’s Court
  6. That Darn Cat and much more

In addition, Disney’s is now busy preparing for its upcoming Live-action Aladdin along with Mena Massoud, Naomi Scott, and Will Smith. Hope Aladdin will not disappoint the viewers.

Also Read: Disney found its New Aladdin and Jasmine

Basically, we have listed some of the Disney’s best and worst Live-remake. And if you think differently then, please leaves you suggestions below in the comment box.

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Erica Mena Plays Detective When It Comes To Dating

Believe it or not, Love & Hip Hop star  Erica Mena showed up on a spread of XXL when she was only 16. What’s more, she is not likewise a shy being with regards to her dating life. She is truly a straightforward personality who likes to approach the individual whom she likes directly subsequent to noticing the individual.

“it’s not even about the physical.” “I’ll go to the club and watch a guy all night and peep the little things, like the way he goes to the bar, how he mingles with his friends,” she says. “It’s rare, but I’ll step to a dude in a minute. From there, you know I gotta put it on him to let him know where it’s at and then from there you work and see where it goes.”

-Extracted from her bio on

If you may, her past relationship includes Fabolous, DJ Envy, Havoc, Scott Storch (2005-2006), Rich Dollaz (2012-2013), Cyn Santana (2013-2014),  Chinx Drugz (2013-2014) and Shad Moss, a.k.a Bow Wow (2014-2015, no longer engaged).

The most intriguing prospect of the cluster will be her Love and Hip Hop Season 4 co-star and ex-sweetheart Cyn Santana, with whom Erica broke up before saying yes to the big question from Face Off rapper Shad Gregory Moss, a.k.a Bow Wow.

Lamentably, Erica and Bow Wow ended their 2006 started Pisces-Scorpio fairytale love story on a pitiful note in late 2015, constantly bashing one another on a personal level on social networking sites.

Anyway, judging by their respective social networking activities, 2016 seems to be the year Erica and Shade will finally try to ignore one another.

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Most Viewed Television Series in USA

TV can be considered as a friend of people over the world, these days. Instead of outdoor activities most of people enjoy their free time watching TV. TV shows are increasing rapidly as well as the number of viewers.

List of the most viewed TV series in USA:-

  1. Super Bowls: Super Bowls broadcasted through CBS network, is accounted for the most-watched programs in American TV history in terms of total audience.
  • Super Bowl XLVI (Giants-Patriots): Date 2/5/12 & 166.8 million viewers
  • Super Bowl 2013 : Date 2/3/13 & 164.1 million viewers
  • Super Bowl XLV (Packers-Steelers): Date 2/6/11 & 162.9 million viewers
  • Super Bowl XLIV (Colts-Saints): Date 2/7/10 & 153.4 million viewers
  • Super Bowl XLIII (Cardinals-Steelers): Date 2/1/09 & 151.6 million viewers
  • Super Bowl XLII (Giants-Patriots): Date 2/3/08 &  148.3 million viewers
  1. NCIS: Broadcasted by CBS & 22.07 million viewers as per a TV Rating Broadcast for the week.
  2. Big Bang Theory: Broadcasted by CBS & 17.76 million viewers according to TV Rating Broadcast for the week and was also the highest rated scripted program.
  3. American Idol: Broadcasted by FOX & 15.78 million viewers between the ages 18-49 as per TV Rating Broadcast for the week.
  4. Two and a Half Men: Broadcasted by CBS & 13.7 million viewers as per TV Rating Broadcast for the week.
  5. Blue Bloods: Broadcasted by CBS & 11.5 million viewers according to TV Rating Broadcast for the week.



Top 10 Movies Making School in USA

In today’s date, movies making school are one of the centers of attraction among the youngsters. This field has been appeared as a most interested field by the learners. Some of the movies making schools of United States of America are:

  1. New York Film Academy: The New York Film Academy provides the one year programs, Accelerated Three Year Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree programs, Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degrees and two year Associates of Fine Arts (AFA) degrees. These programs are offered in Acting for Film, screenwriting, producing, Filmmaking, Cinematography, Documentary, Game Design, Digital Photography, 3D Animation. This Academy is considered as the best film school in the world. For detail info about New York Film Academy visit 
  2. School of Theater, Television and Film: The major motive of this School of Theater, Television and Film (TTF) is to help students to realize their creative potential artists, scholars, leaders, and global citizens. School of TTF provides high quality education for undergraduate and graduate students that emphasize excellence in the arts and technology. For more details visit 
  3. School of film and Animation: This School of Film and Animation (SOFA) have been preparing producers, directors, writers, network/religion television, non-broadcast industries and independent film. Students of SOFA are buoyant to develop their own personal vision independent work with skills needed to fulfill any creative or technical role. For further details visit
  4. Ohio University Film: Ohio University offers a three-year MFA graduate degree in Film Production and two-year MA graduate degree in Film Studies. Also a BFA degree is offered to extraordinary undergraduate students with the Honors Tutorial College. University offers various programs to students with a unique environment to grow and develop in their field of study. For more info visit to meet the faculty and explore the facilities.
  5. School of Motion Pictures and Television: The School of Motion Pictures and television explore creativity, imagination and independency as an art with an importance on the practical aspects of filmmaking as a business. Film making courses offered by this school include cinematography, directing, producing, editing, screenwriting and many more. You can visit  for further details.
  6. American Film Institute Conservatory: American Film Institute Conservatory with a dedicated group of working professionals from the film and television communities serves as mentors in a practical, production based environment, encouraging the talents of future storytellers. For more info visit
  7. Film and Media Arts Studies: Film and Media Arts Studies, a faculty of American University offers various courses like MFA in Film & Electronic Media, MA in Film & Video, MA in Producing for film & Video, BA in Film & Media Arts, BA in Foreign Language & Communication Media, BA/MA Film & Video and many more. For detail info you can visit
  8. Berkeley Digital Film Institute: The Berkeley Digital Film Institute run various programs to achieve goals for its students to transit them into the “real world” of national and international filmmaking. As this institute is relatively new although the results obtained by the current and former students are truly exceptional. For further details visit
  9. Los Angeles Film School: The Los Angeles Film School features soundstages, media labs, THX-certified Theater, green screen & many more. This film school runs various programs like film, game production, computer animation, film, music production, entertainment business. The curriculums explored by the school are Film Theory, Screen Writing, and Sound in Film, Production Design, Art Direction, and Cinematography Direction. For detail info visit
  10. School of Digital Motion Picture Production: The School of Digital Motion Picture Production at Prince of Prestige offers multiple courses that help the student to learn the filmmaking from home as this is online film school. Interested one can apply anytime by visiting this site

These are few names of the “Movies Making School” of United States of America and considered as the most attractive film schools in U.S.A.