Nikki Bella Strips Down To Sexy Black Lingerie In IG Photo— Alluring John Cena?

May 27, 2018
First published on:May 27, 2018
by jharna

Whoa, sexy! Nikki Bella shared a gorgeous picture of herself from her bed. She looks hot in black lace lingerie. Is there a certain person she is hoping to see her tempting pose? See the smoldering moments here, now.


Most of you here are hoping Nikki Bella and John Cena to get married soon. Okay, if there is someone who doesn’t care about them. As most of us are waiting for the estranged couples to announce they are on, the reality star shares a photo that will race anybody heart.

In her new Instagram Story, she strips down to a sexy lingerie. She took her IG to share a tempting pose while rocking in lace lingerie which gives perfect sight of her insane cleavage as she shows the magazine with her two figure enjoying her hot coffee.

Though, Cena plead that he want children with Nikki in Today, she decided to take some more time to think about the breakup drama. She is taking time as she doesn’t want to start the relationship in hesitation. After the pair were spotted together walking side-by-side, multiple source confirmed the couple will be back together but the actual date is unclear.

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