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As a  truly concerned Celebrity biography, news and entertainment news site, DODOODAD is truly concerned about protecting our user's personal information. We are committed to safeguarding our user's privacy, and we would like to clarify that we are committed the collection, use, limited disclosure (in extream cases) and assure protection of your personal data.

The definitions of different terms inclusive in our privacy policy are defined in subheadings below:

 1.a Personal Information

We collect personal information only if the user wishes to comment on the articles published upon our portals. The comment feature is activated after you submit the usernames of a media account such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Other than that, the authentication via social media also regulated any racially charged comments and other violent activities which we don't promote in any case.

 1.b Use of Personal Information

As mentioned in 1.a, the user information collected here is only used to review your comments and to send you feedback.

Similarly, the data collected as per 1a. for suggestions received from the Contact Us page is also used to improve our website for better user experience or to alter the content if necessary.

Hence, we as an open portion are always ready for user's suggestions, feedback, received via your mail, but unless we find something of utter importance in quick inboxes or comment section, Dodoodad is nowhere answerable to absurdity.

1.C. Information disclosure and protection

We as a common platform for users do not share your limited personal data as mentioned in 1a. to anyone. But, Dodoodad will disclose our user's detail and personal information collected as mentioned in 1a.  to any third party without only after signing a legal consent of disclosure agreement in respect to the current State’s Privacy act as amended in 2018.


2. Security and Storage of Personal Information

We further assure that we at any cost shall protect all your personal information (which will include your email address, account profiles, and your direct messages). Despite using it for better user experience, Dodoodad doesn't intend to use for our own betterment in any case, what so ever.

3. Operational Information

As a common platform and media hub, we extract some Operational information from our users which includes your time of comments or your server's IP address, time zone, location or browser, or the device or operating system you use to visit Dodoodad can or will be shared with a third party. Further, this is only to help our users get a better experience while browsing with us.

4. Aggregate Information

Dodoodad uses aggregate information from all visitors and shares a bundled analysis report with a third party and it doesn't contain any specific personal information but a bundled report.

5. Analytics

Dodoodad uses or will use a web analytics tool, and can use any reliable third-party tool for analyzing tracking service to track clicks, visits or mouse movements.

6. Cookies

We clarify that Dodoodad does not use cookies for the viewers at all, but search engines that you use, may use its own products for the betterment of its client's experience


7. Your Privacy Policy And Amendments

If you have any complaint about violating your privacy rights by disclosing your personal information or wants some proper explanation on above-mentioned privacy policy you can contact us through your Contact Us page and request us for the necessary amendments.