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Ronan Farrow on the #MeToo Movement, Also Know about his Relationship Status, Is He Gay?

Published Wed Apr 25 2018 By Jhr Na
Ronan Farrow on the #MeToo Movement, Also Know about his Relationship Status, Is He Gay?

The American journalist, lawyer, and former government advisor, Ronan Farrow famed as the son of the American Director Woody Allen and wife Mia Farrow, is deeply rooted on the #MeToo movement as he wins the Pulitzer Prize for his reports. With his success in professional life, does he also have the same fate in his personal relationships?


Today, We will talk about the current #MeToo movement that is taking the world by storm these days and Ronan's involvement. Also, we will shine the light on the gay rumors of the journalist. So, keep scrolling as we reveal the truth. 

Ronan Farrow on the #MeToo movement

If you are a constant follower of the Hollywood and their stars then, you should know about the #MeToo Movement. Well, if you then know, then it is a series of hashtags used on the social media to stand against sexual harassment and assault.

Recently, Ronan Farrow has been named as the TIME 100 for 2018 for his work in exposing Harvey Weinstein's harassment cases. 

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[ CAPTION: Ronan Farrow talking about the sex assaults ][ SOURCE: Daily Mail ]

Ronan exposed Harvey with the help of The New Yorker saying that it's a twenty years' old case. The case was investigated for a course of ten months and in those months, Ronan was approached by 13 different women regarding the assault done by Harvey during the 1990s to 2015

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[ CAPTION: Ronan Farrow winning a Pulitzer Prize for his report on ][ SOURCE: Variety ]

The son of Woody Allen revealed that three women were forced to perform oral sex or even vaginal sex and other four women were touched without permission. Similarly, other four women stated that Harvey had exposed himself and masturbated in front of them.

All of the people who spoke of the misdeeds stated that they were afraid of the retaliation and if Harvey discovered their identity, they would be ruined. 

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[ CAPTION: The Alleged Assaulter Harvey Weinstein ][ SOURCE: Variety ]

In a recent interview, Ronan, replying to all the talks about taking out the powerful people, said that this was never about that. "This was about the victims and survivors being heard for the first time." 

For the brevity shown by Emily Nestor for coming forward about the case for the first time, she was Farrow's guest for the Evening. 

Ronan Farrow Relationship Status and Gay Rumors

To change the topic a bit, how many of us know about Ronan Farrow's romantic relationship? Well, Ronan is currently in a relationship. Since he had not been in any kind of relationships in the past, he had been continuously rumored to be a GAY!

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[ CAPTION: Ronan Farrow's Instagram post ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Farrow is a supporter of the LGBT rights. So, he has always talked about their well-being. He, in an interview, stated that the LGBT people were the bravest and most potent change agents and leaders he has ever encountered in his life.

Furthermore, He also added that the strength shown by the LGBT community has become his own source of strength. 

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[ CAPTION: Ronan Farrow as a supporter of LGBT ][ SOURCE: The Advocate ]

With this support and his continuous reporting on the Weinstein case, he was given several threats but, later he published his article anyhow. With that, he also stated that he was in a relationship with  Jon Lovett, a former Obama speechwriter. Currently, they are traveling together around Scandinavia. 

Well, with a romantic relationship with Jon Lovett to talk about and his support for the LGBT community, all of the tittle-tattlers are going after Ronan Farrow for his astounding success for the Harvey Weinstein's case.