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Erica Mena Plays Detective When It Comes To Dating

Believe it or not, Love & Hip Hop star  Erica Mena showed up on a spread of XXL when she was only 16. What’s more, she is not likewise a shy being with regards to her dating life. She is truly a straightforward personality who likes to approach the individual whom she likes directly subsequent to noticing the individual.

“it’s not even about the physical.” “I’ll go to the club and watch a guy all night and peep the little things, like the way he goes to the bar, how he mingles with his friends,” she says. “It’s rare, but I’ll step to a dude in a minute. From there, you know I gotta put it on him to let him know where it’s at and then from there you work and see where it goes.”

-Extracted from her bio on

If you may, her past relationship includes Fabolous, DJ Envy, Havoc, Scott Storch (2005-2006), Rich Dollaz (2012-2013), Cyn Santana (2013-2014),  Chinx Drugz (2013-2014) and Shad Moss, a.k.a Bow Wow (2014-2015, no longer engaged).

The most intriguing prospect of the cluster will be her Love and Hip Hop Season 4 co-star and ex-sweetheart Cyn Santana, with whom Erica broke up before saying yes to the big question from Face Off rapper Shad Gregory Moss, a.k.a Bow Wow.

Lamentably, Erica and Bow Wow ended their 2006 started Pisces-Scorpio fairytale love story on a pitiful note in late 2015, constantly bashing one another on a personal level on social networking sites.

Anyway, judging by their respective social networking activities, 2016 seems to be the year Erica and Shade will finally try to ignore one another.

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Things You Must Know About American Idol finale second-runner-up Dalton Rapattoni

Sunnyvale, Texas rocker and vocal coach Dalton Rapattoni survived until he was finally voted off against vocal powerhouses Trent Herman and La’Porsha. He may not have conquered the show, but he surely captured millions with his theatrics and radical way of singing. According to the Judge Harry Connick Jr., Dalton has got a unique ability of “Daltonizing” songs.

Here are some trivia, some tiny-winy goodies you may not know about him.

He excelled creativity on his American Idol finale audition 

No one had expected that someone will perform theatre legend Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “Phantom of the Opera” on the American Idol audition. He amazingly Daltonized the song, making it sound like an awesome combo of rock and musical. Keith Urban later commented, “You are an artistic contribution.”

He was pursuing music professionally before American Idol.

Dalton started jamming guitar at the age of 11. One year later, he joined the school of Rock in Dallas ultimately forming local band Fly Away Hero with his friends. He was 15 when he joined the Los Angeles-based boy band IM5, which was founded by American Idol creator Simon Fuller, Madonna’s creative director Jamie King, and gossip media mogul Perez Hilton. Dalton said bye-bye to IM5’s mediocre success in 2014 and revived “Fly Away Hero” with his friends.

He had the better chance of winning the show more than anybody.

Everybody knows WGWG’s have better chance of winning the title more than anyone else. This season, Dalton was the perfect package WGWG (white guy with a guitar). As he enjoyed looks of a rocker and voice of an angel, everybody expected him to do well in the completion. And his beautiful blue eyes and spiky blonde hair combo were the icings on the cake.

He teaches music and vocal lessons to kids.

He teaches instruments and vocal lessons to the children pursuing music in Dallas located School of Rock. What a way to give back to the place where you learned music.

He is a prince charming.

In addition to his sharp looks and magnetic voice, he is known for his Rad and fresh personality, which makes him a charmer at heart.

He is a disciplined young man

The 20-year-old Dallas native lives life in a planned way. Just, he finishes his targets on time and make plans to set his goals.

He is known for his distinct looks of a rocker

He decorates his eyes with guyliner and mostly wears jeans, t-shirts, and suitable inner.

He adores feminine side of his personality

He performed on his audition day wearing his ducks that had purple flowers imprinted on it. He sang The Phantom Of Opera quite differently than the original theatre version. Later, Jennifer Lopez commented, “You have his like really mix of like soft and hard like masculine but like feminine with the makeup and flowers and your shoes and this, it’s like the rock with the musical…it’s Like you are turning everything and mixing it together and making something unique, beautiful and special. I like it and like your voice.”

He said he would be pursuing alternative music post-Idol

In a post-Idol interview, he has stated that he is more interested in alternative music, like ” 1975,”  than playing rock. In the interview, he also revealed that he is negotiating with 19 records for a deal to happen and if that doesn’t happen, he will be making music independently with his

  • He has the most social networking followings among this season Idol Contestants. He also enjoys urban dictionary profile, loads of fan pages and a fanfic novella with thousand of reads.
  • His American Idol’s Billboard and iTunes hit upbeat single “Strike A Match”, which is written by Nathan Barlowe and Chris Braide.
  • His most notable performance on American Idol was Billy Idol’s Rebel Yell. He totally Daltonized the song.
  • Rapattoni said he and mentored Sia shared a common bond: both are bipolar
  • His mom got immersed in emerging punk scene back in the 80’s.
  • He was homeschooled.
  • He suffered from bipolar disorder in his childhood
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Most Viewed Television Series in USA

TV can be considered as a friend of people over the world, these days. Instead of outdoor activities most of people enjoy their free time watching TV. TV shows are increasing rapidly as well as the number of viewers.

List of the most viewed TV series in USA:-

  1. Super Bowls: Super Bowls broadcasted through CBS network, is accounted for the most-watched programs in American TV history in terms of total audience.
  • Super Bowl XLVI (Giants-Patriots): Date 2/5/12 & 166.8 million viewers
  • Super Bowl 2013 : Date 2/3/13 & 164.1 million viewers
  • Super Bowl XLV (Packers-Steelers): Date 2/6/11 & 162.9 million viewers
  • Super Bowl XLIV (Colts-Saints): Date 2/7/10 & 153.4 million viewers
  • Super Bowl XLIII (Cardinals-Steelers): Date 2/1/09 & 151.6 million viewers
  • Super Bowl XLII (Giants-Patriots): Date 2/3/08 &  148.3 million viewers
  1. NCIS: Broadcasted by CBS & 22.07 million viewers as per a TV Rating Broadcast for the week.
  2. Big Bang Theory: Broadcasted by CBS & 17.76 million viewers according to TV Rating Broadcast for the week and was also the highest rated scripted program.
  3. American Idol: Broadcasted by FOX & 15.78 million viewers between the ages 18-49 as per TV Rating Broadcast for the week.
  4. Two and a Half Men: Broadcasted by CBS & 13.7 million viewers as per TV Rating Broadcast for the week.
  5. Blue Bloods: Broadcasted by CBS & 11.5 million viewers according to TV Rating Broadcast for the week.