American comedian Jimmy Fallon Happily Living With Wife Nancy Juvonen and Have Shared Children!

January 2, 2018 by anju

Jimmy Fallon is a former cast member on Saturday Night Live and a proud host of NBC's late-night talk show, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 


So is our favorite host and comedian, Jimmy, living happily with his wife and children in real life too? Stay with us to know more about him.       

Jimmy Fallon Recently Celebrated 10 Years of His Married Life With His Wife

Recently Jimmy shared a picture on Twitter of his marriage dedicated to his wife, Nancy Juvonen on the occasion of their 10th wedding anniversary, with a sweet romantic caption.

Honey, remember when the wedding photographer made us pose for a romantic sunset kiss? That was 10 years ago! Happy Anniversary!


Wow, 10 years together. This is something we do not get chance to hear every day!!! At times when celebrities take no time to break up and hook up again, we congratulate Jimmy and his wife, Nancy, for spending ten years together as husband and wife.

They should be like everybody's relationship goals.

So we can guess Jimmy is a happily married man and loves his family. He together with his lovely wife welcomed two adorable daughters, Winnie Rose, 4, and Frances Cole, 2.

[ CAPTION: Jimmy Fallon Happily Living With Wife Nancy Juvonen ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

For your information, Juvonen is a producer with her own company, Flower Films partnered with actress Drew Barrymore. In fact, While producing the movie in 2005Fever Pitch, she had met Jimmy.  

One thing led to another and the couple got engaged few months after they started dating in August 2007. Three months later in December 2007, Jimmy and Juvonen exchanged their vows on Necker Island in the Caribbean.

[ CAPTION: Jimmy Fallon Happily Living With Wife Nancy Juvonen ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

The couple had been so sure of their marriage then and were apparently right in choosing their partner. Else they would not have survived these long years.

Moreover, they have two beautiful children to prove how strong their bond is. Relating to his children, Jimmy has written a second book, Everything Is Mama

Before this, he wrote his first book, Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada. Fallon and his 50-year old wife are model parents too. They can be seen spending a lot of time together along with their daughters.   

They also appeared together for their older daughter's school run in New York, just like a happy family. Jimmy says the most important thing to him is, his family.

Every single day you realize there’s a new cute thing they’re doing or saying. No other stranger cares that your kid ate an artichoke, but you think it’s the best story ever. … You become the guy you said you wouldn’t become — ‘I’m not going to be that guy that tells stories about their kids,’ but I am now.

He adds,

My wife and I will sit down and we’ll watch them sing a song or tell a story — little family talent show. We’re going to be the next Osmond.

But every day is not sunshine. Jimmy and Juvonen also experienced rocky patches over the years of their marriage but, which marriage does not have trouble. Like they say, what does not kill you makes you stronger. 

[ CAPTION: Jimmy Fallon Happily Living With Wife Nancy Juvonen ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Likewise, the affair, divorce-rumors, bad events, and accidents have instead built their bond stronger.

We hope Jimmy and Juvonen will genuinely keep loving each other, and may God grace their family with happiness. 

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