Quick Facts Matthew Greenfield

  • NameMatthew Greenfield
  • Birth Name Matthew Jay Greenfield
  • Birth Year1967
  • Birth month4
  • FatherJack Greenfield
  • NationalityAmerican
  • Birth Place Los Angeles, California
  • EthnicityCaucasian
  • Professionfilm producer
  • Working ForMatthew Greenfield has been associated with film production companies such as A24 and through independent projects.
  • MarriedMarried
  • Married toLaurence Dumortier

Early Life and Education

Matthew Greenfield is one of the most influential producers in America, making tectonic footprints in the industry with his vision and commitment. Native and raised in Los Angeles, California, Greenfield developed an early interest in storytelling and cinema.

“Matthew Greenfield nurtured his passion for film from a young age in Los Angeles.”
Source: foxsports.com

His core passion led him to pursue a degree at UCLA in film studies and build a strong foundation in film production by honing his skills.

Career Beginnings

After graduating, Greenfield started working as an assistant producer on a number of independent films. Quite soon, his talent and creative storytelling skills distinguished him. Following on from that came great success with his first big production credit, the critically acclaimed “Starlet” in 2012. It was on this project, really, that he started working with director Sean Baker, the duo that would come to shape his career.

Breakthrough Successes

For years following this period, Greenfield remained on the list with some notable films, hitting both critical and commercial success. In 2015, Greenfield produced “Tangerine,” which was shot on an iPhone—the very first film to be done so—and received wide acclaim from critics for its vision and convincing plot.

“Celebrating success: Matthew Greenfield’s journey from independent films to industry acclaim.”
Source: mubi.com

This film shows more than Greenfield’s attitude toward embracing new technologies; it also brings out diverse and underrepresented voices in cinema.

Major Projects

In 2017, Greenfield also produced “The Florida Project,” his second collaboration with Sean Baker. The film received critical acclaim, with many truly remarkable stories told in the movie and great performances.

It received several awards and a lot of nominations, further cementing the reputation of Greenfield as a leading figure in the production of independent films.

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Adapting to New Media

Moving on to larger projects, in 2021, Greenfield co-produced the film “Zola,” an adaptation of a viral Twitter thread. In the same way, the success of this film placed him as able and willing to adapt to the dynamic, changing world of storytelling and media at large.

Matthew Greenfield photo (Source: flimindependent.org)

Greenfield’s career exhibits a thread of unique creativity, coupled with excellent dedication to authenticity and backing the singular voices of the film industry.

Personal Life

Besides professional success, Greenfield also wants to strike a balance between his personal and professional life. Matthew Greenfield was close with his family and friends, whose support he acknowledged as very important for him.

Lasting Impact

As an avid filmwatcher, Matthew Greenfield has pushed each boundary in breaking modern filmmaking rules, and his immense contribution to cinematic art stands ever so great. His rise from a simple film enthusiast has always depicted excellence, and he has left a lasting mark on the industry.

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