Are Emmanuelle Chriqui and Adrian Bellani Already Married to each other or are they Only Dating?

August 30, 2018
First published on:December 17, 2017
by roshan

The actress portraying Sloan McQuewick in HBO’s Entourage, Dalia in You Don’t Mess with the Zohan and Lorelei Martins in The Mentalist. Emmanuelle Chriqui is the girl we are talking about.


She was in a relationship with Adrian Bellani, but what about their marriage? Today, we have chosen Emmanuelle Chriqui’s relationship status with her longtime boyfriend Gerardo Celasco (Adrian Bellani) as the topic.

Let’s talk about what are the couple currently doing, the couple’s marital status and much more.

Emmanuelle Chriqui and Adrian Bellani: Married or Only Dating?

Played as a lesbian for various roles, the rumor of Emmanuelle being a lesbian came into existence and buzzed the internet. But, a picture of her mother together with Adrian Bellani changed it all. The photo? 

[ CAPTION: Emmanuelle Chriqui’s Mother and Adrian Bellani ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The photo was posted on her Instagram account on the valentine’s day of 2017. Before that, the couple has been seen several times in the red carpet and are also seen posting pictures on other social media platforms.

[ CAPTION: Emmanuelle Chriqui and Adrian Bellani ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Recently, the couple was seen in Miami beach as the 2010’s Most Desirable Women wore a string bikini to make the hot air even hotter. A yellow floral bikini showing what is said to be a perfect figure and her boyfriend splashing in the water. If this is not a fun couple’s thing, then what is?

[ CAPTION: Emmanuelle and Adrian in Miami ][ SOURCE: MoeJackson ]

The cute couple has no rumors of breaking up and also come clean in having any extra affairs. It also seems as if the couple has no intention of getting married this quickly. Their relationship rumor had been in the news for some years now. If these several years are not enough for them to get engaged, then nothing will.

Emmanuelle Chriqui’s Past Relationships

According to some tabloid websites, the actress has currently dated a total of 4 guys altogether. J. C. Chasez was her first love. She dated him for just 3 months and broke up with him. After their separation, Jeremy Sisto and Clifton Collins Jr. have made entry to the actresses’ life.

[ CAPTION: 12th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards ][ SOURCE: Zimbio ]

After the break up with her last boyfriend, Clifton Collins Jr. after being together for a year, Emmanuelle found her true love. She found her love with Adrian Bellani. There was once a rumor of Emmanuelle being a lesbian, but she proved it wrong with her current romantic relationship with Gerard Celasco.

Conclusively talking, Emmanuelle Chriqui has been living quite a romance filled life with her current boyfriend Adrian Bellani. With no rumors of separation or their marriage, let just hope that the perfect couple stays the same.

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