Blake Shelton's ex-wife Kaynette Williams: Detail about her Relationship and Children

November 30, 2017 by roshan

There are two types of ways to get super famous. The first being hard work and the latter being related to someone who’s already famous. Kaynette Williams is the latter one. Being attached to Blake, she became a daily trail of some paparazzi.


After her divorce from Blake, what is she doing? Who is Kaynette Williams currently dating? Does she have children? Join us and we will open up her stats for you. 

Kaynette’s Williams Relationship

Kanyette Gern is currently living in Great Bend, Kansas and is working at an elementary school as a math teacher. It is found by the Country Fancast that the former wife of Blake Shelton is currently dating the world record holder for steer roping, Cody Joe Scheck.

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However, a deep inspection of Kaynette’s social media profiles has it that the former wife of Blake is married to Cody Scheck as she has her Facebook profile named as ‘Kaynette Scheck’. There is no any info about her children but she seems happy at Kiowa, Kansas.

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Kaynette is only connected to the internet via her Facebook profile. Through her profile, it can be made clear that the lonely woman now, feels safe and sound with her special one. A happy life in the end for the then, wife of Blake Shelton.

Blake Shelton and Kaynette Williams

Shelton and Williams were high school sweethearts as reported by the Ibtimes. They were together as a couple until 2003. On 17th November 2003, the couple got married to each other. Shelton was also the musician’s manager when he started his career back in 2001.

The wedding took place in Gatlinburg with Williams wearing a wedding gown and Shelton wearing a Cowboy costume.

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The couple was happy in their married life for just 3 years after which they broke up in 2006. Before their marriage, they were really happy, but after marriage, they could not stay together for more than 3 years.

The reason for their divorce is still unknown but, it was suggested by the tabloids that the marriage broke up after Williams found out about her husband’s affair. Williams claimed that the singer was guilty of inappropriate marital conduct.

After the divorce with Williams, Blake started dating Miranda Lambert. They married each other in 2011 but, their relation also fell apart as they got divorced in 2015. Currently, the singer is dating Gwen Renee Stefani, an American singer, songwriter, actress and fashion designer. A tabloid source said that the couple is still committed and are happy with each other.

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All in all, the life of ex-wife of Blake Shelton is still a mystery as she is living far from all the hassles of the reel life. Hence, all we can do is wish for the good to happen to her.

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