Diana Lasso moved on after her dramatic divorce with Former husband Wayne Brady, Know in detail

July 31, 2018
First published on:December 14, 2017
by roshan

It is such a difficult thing to move on after getting divorced with the love of your life. Diana Lasso had the same faith. She had to move on after her tragic divorce with former husband Wayne Brady.


Such a barbaric thing to get far from the one you love. Today, we are going to discuss the Colombian singer, Diana Lasso and his ex-husband Wayne Brady, professionally as an actor and a comedian. Without further delay, let’s talk about the hardships encountered by Diana Lasso and her story of getting above her divorce.

Diana moved on!!!

Diana Lasso was once happily married to his former husband, Wayne Brady. But, things did not work out pretty well for him. A saddening and heartbreaking news; the news of the divorce had really teared up Diana. 21st September 1995 became the black day for Diana.

[ CAPTION: Diana Lasso ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

Getting a divorce and moving on quickly is just for those not in love. But, Diana was in love with Wayne Brady. It was such a gruesome thing for both of the couple. 2 years and it was done; 2 years and love had already gone.

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Left helpless with her divorce, Diana had been a singer from before. But, did not continue her career after coming to the US of A with Wayne. After her divorce, she returned to her home country, Colombia and got up even stronger than before and became a well-known singer there.

She did not only stay as a hurt girl but, stood up to do something incredible. After her separation, the singer recovered and made all of it worth it. The singer has come up with her divorce and now living a life with no worries.

Diana Lasso and Wayne Brady; Marriage and Divorce

With marriage in the year 1st December 1993, Diana was the happiest woman on the whole planet. Getting married to her boyfriend was what she thought and she got it in her life. He was not only her lover; he was her best friend too. A happy life? 

[ CAPTION: Diana Lasso with ex-husband Wayne Brady ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Well, the married life of Wayne and Diana was going with the flow but, Wayne’s love got depleted with time. With uncertainties and less love, the couple had to get a divorce on Thursday, 21st September 1995.

Just a two-year relation ended their love story. The reason for their divorce is also rumored to be because of the clinical depression Wayne had.

All in all, Diana Lasso had moved on from his divorce pretty well and is now living as a singing sensation in Colombia. Diana can be termed as one of the persons making the women empowerment speech true. Good job, Diana! 

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