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October 13, 2017
First published on:October 13, 2017
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The actor of the reality television show- The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Danielle Staub is a singer, author, adult performer and reality TV personality. She is also the author of an autobiography known as "The naked truth".

Being a singer, author, television personality, what might be her net worth? Any guesses? If you are blank then, here we present you this article related to the topic of Danielle Staub's net worth.  Just be with us.

Danielle Staub Net Worth and Career

Danielle's net worth is somewhere around the $3 million. And as it is believed the person with she is in $1 million debt.

She filed for anywhere between $500,000 and $1 million but anything could be the truth. It's not like Danielle left without anyone noticing at all. The scene from the season 1 finale in which Teresa flips a table on her and is one of the most iconic Real Housewives moments.

Instagram: Danielle Staub

But observing her lifestyle it look as if she's really getting a huge amount of net worth. But it ended just in $ 3 million. Do you wanna know more about her lifestyle? The clothes she wears, her car, her house and much more about her. Then here is it.

The former star of Real Housewives of New Jersey has a brand new Mercedes.

Danielle Stub's car Danielle Stub's car, Source:

Moving towards her house, she reportedly no longer lives in the 6,200 square-foot, 7-bedroom house in Wayne. She owned a New Jersey home after pleading with a federal court judge to allow her to avoid $ 740,000 in lines placed against her new home.

Danielle Staub's Home Danielle Staub's Home, Source: Bravo, Zillow

Danielle earned more than $ 100,000 to the IRS $70,000 to the town she lived in and $16,000 in state and various other creditors. She was accused for transferring money and was forced to disclose all her assets. But later on, the former RHONJ star settled the issue by paying the bankruptcy trustee $35,000.

However, she faced a lots of problem in her past, but at present she really is enjoying her life. Her Instagram post identifies that she really is living a lavish life.

Instagram: Danielle Staub

Danielle Staub's Relationship

Danielle is a married woman. She has been married twice. She first had a marriage relation with Kevin Maher. But the relationship didn't last for long. They were together just for one year (1986 to 1987).

Kavin Maher Kavin Maher, Source: The Irish Times

After the failure of the first marriage, she was in relationship with Thomas Stub in 1993. The couple were blessed with two children- Jillian and Christine but they separated in 2007.

At present, she's engaged to Marty Caffrey. They have been dating since April 2016.

Instagram: Danielle Staub

She celebrated their one-year anniversary and are not shied from sharing their relationship on social media. It seems that the two sweethearts, Danielle and Marty are made for each other.

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