Alan Shearer and Lainya Shearer's Married life and their Children

September 26, 2018
First published on:December 10, 2017
by roshan

Alan Shearer and Lainya Shearer’s married life has always been “a thing” of curiosity to the fans of football. And, if you are a Toon Army then, you certainly want to know all about Alan Shearer.


How is their relationship going on? Curiosity is a good thing and getting curious about life, world or even, your favorite stars is just a part of life. It’s probably a good thing to think hard about the married life of Alan and his wife, Lainya Shearer. Lets’ just get into it, shall we?

Alan and Lainya Shearer: Married Life and Children?

Did you know that Alan met his wife, Lainya whilst playing for Southampton? They started seeing each other shortly after they met. And, they lived in the home of Lainya’s parents in the second year of his time at Southampton. The couple got married at St. James Church on 8th June 1991.

[ CAPTION: Alan with his wife at the Testimonial Match at St. Jame ][ SOURCE: Getty Images ]

Alan describes his wife as a quiet and a fully reserved person as she hated all the limelight his husband brought with him. The couple has a total of 3 children in his book ‘Alan Shearer: My Illustrated Career’ describes. In the book, his autobiography, we may say, shows how much love the couple has for each other.

[ CAPTION: Alan Shearer: My Illustrated Career ][ SOURCE: Amazon ]

The couple had a holiday season in 2016 as they were seen on the beaches of Barbados. They spent their holidays with their three children, two daughters, and a son. It seems that the couple is living a fine life with all of the fun and togetherness they can get.

With no rumors of extramarital affairs and divorce, the couple seems inseparable and happy.

[ CAPTION: Alan and family in Barbados  ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

Is this really the world we used to live in?

For a recent comment of Alan on the Manchester United and Arsenal derby, he revealed that the legend got several death threats against his family. For only saying that the Gooners played a poor game against a well-balanced Red Devils, the striker got several threats from the fans. The reply to fans?

[ CAPTION: Alan Shearer and Paul Cowley replying to Arsenal fans ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

In an interview, Alan showed his concern for the world stating that this is not the real world he once lived in. This is just a fake world created by the social media. For just an opinion, the fans took it all wrong and got embarrassed for their club’s defeat.

It is said that a man’s life is fully dependent on his wife as she might bring good luck or bad luck to him. Lainya brought Shearer good luck, one may say. With the entry of Lainya, Alan really got lucky.

With his hard works and determination mixed with his wife’s luck, the player became a legend for Newcastle United. Maybe, it is the reason that they have not broken up. Do you think so too?

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