What is American Businessman Martin Shkreli's Net Worth? What About his Career and Awards?

December 28, 2017 by raman

If you are interested in Business then you must be familiar with an American businessman Martin Shkreli. He is one of the renowned names in the world of business and made many fans by his work and they are interested to know about his technique of earning and ideas.

Do you want to know about Martin Shkreli's Net Worth and Salary? How much he earns? And how he started his career? So to know the answer to this keep scrolling down.

Martin Shkreli's Net Worth and Career

Before talking about Martin Shkreli's net worth lets get familiar with Shkreli's career. 

Martin Shkreli's Martin Shkreli Source: The New Yorker

Shkreli is a co-founder of the hedge funds MSMB Healthcare, MSMB Capital Management, and Elea Capital. He also holds the position of the CEO of the start-up software company "Godel Systems" founded back in August 2016.

Martin Shkreli Martin Shkreli  Source: Fortune

And now, Martin Shkreli is one of the youngest and active businessmen in the world. Martin Shkreli's net worth is expected to be around $50 million. But a couple of sources insist that his net worth is over $70 million.

Martin ShkreliMartin Shkreli Source: CNN Money

But he claims that he has no cash left.

Martin ShkreliMartin Shkreli Source: Business Pundit

While investigating the details of Shkreli's earnings, he was able to gain $ 6,359,300 through Rretrohin Pharma in 2012. During 2012, Shkreli's net worth was estimated to be around $57,142,857. In 2013, he got around $7, 843,137 and made his net worth around $80,000,000.

Martin ShkreliMartin Shkreli Source: Wikipedia

In a successive year, Martin Shkreli earned $10,230,179 with Turing Pharma and his net worth increased up to $86,956,522. His net worth in 2015 was $100,000,000 and earned around $11,764,706.

Shkreli's Drug Price Hike Controversy

Well in 2015, he began his journey in Turning Pharmaceuticals where he got FDA permissions and licenses for the major expensive drugs within a couple of months.

Martin ShkreliMartin Shkreli Source: Vanity Fair

There was a tremendous controversy when he hiked the price of HIV drug Daraprim in September 2015. He doubled the price of the HIV drug from $13.50 to $750 per tablet.Martin ShkreliMartin Shkreli Source: Business Insider

When the rate of the HIV drug got extremely high, it causes a lot of problems in the treatment of HIV all over the country. Thousands of HIV patients got affected because of the price of HIV drug and also resulted in an irreparable harm to patients.

Martin Shkreli Source: Los Angeles Times

For the extremely hike of price, Martin Shkreli had to face a huge criticism from the several medical associations and business tie-ups. Later he resigns from Turing and board chairman Ron Tilles replaced him.

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