There are number of linux based os but only few are there to for the beginners which is UI friendly, easily install, and online support. Here are some linux OS which has been loved by the users most this years.

1. Ubuntu


Ubuntu is one of the most popular OS for the beginners beacuse its easy to install and it is similar to that of windows users. In each release there is improvement to its feature and Ubuntu generally doesn’t came with  pre load software so user  may found diffecult to it but its excelent online  community helps to solve problems easily. It can also be install inside windows OS so that the beginner user for the linux can use it for those who are using the windows os. Ubuntu comes with its own user interface called ‘unity’. And its is desktop interface has its own unique features that cannot be found on other desktops. Ubuntu 12.10 is more user frendly than other version.



2. Linux Mint 14

Linux Mint is is popular because of its user frendlyness and it cmes with more pre install software and media codecs and drivers.  Mint comes in two editions, the Cinnamon edition and the MATE edition. MATE is currently more stable, based on GNOME 2, but Cinnamon, which is based on Gnome 3.  6535565_f1024  

3. Pinguy OS

6798309_f520 Pinguy OS is Ubuntu based  but packed with a shed-load of software pre-installed.  It is similar to Mac OS X and it is liked by Mac users because Pinguy OS is fairly smooth due to the latter’s dock which obviously lends from OS X’s dock functionality.