There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. Don’t you think so? Well, the statement may depend on your situation of love life, but today we’ve got a couple, who has achieved that happiness of their life. The couple’s love life has become one of the most talked love stories on the internet.


Well, the couple is none other than, LaMelo Ball and Ashley Alvano. Yes, they are one of the most talked couples in the world of internet. We all know who LaMelo Ball is but who is Ashley Alvano? Is she only famous for being the girlfriend of LaMelo Ball?

If you have all those questions in your mind, then you don’t need to worry. Here’s detail information about LaMelo Ball’s girlfriend Ashley Alvano. Just stick with us.

Five Facts You Need To Know About LaMelo Ball’s girlfriend Ashley Alvano

Ashley Alvano was born on 21st December 2000. Although there’s no more information on where she was born and brought up. It looks as if LaMelo girlfriend Ashley keeps a very low profile life.

Ashley Alvano- Fitness Freak

While scouring Ashley’s Instagram and her social sites, it looks as if the girlfriend of the professional basketball player, LaMelo seems to be pretty interested in maintaining her body. She works out a lot to look as fit as she does.

CAPTION: Ashley Alvano
SOURCE: Pinterest

Ashley Alvano- Toned Body

It looks as if the star of basketball has fallen over the toned body of Ashley. Don’t you think so? The way Ashley has maintained her body has made everyone to fall for her. And this time LaMelo has fallen over her toned body and of course the way she loves him.

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Ashley Alvano- Close to LeMelo Family

It’s true that Ashley is quite close to LaMelo family. She is a friend of LaMelo brother’s girlfriend, Isabella Morris and Denise Gracia.

CAPTION: Ashley Alvano with Isabella Morris and Denise Garcia
SOURCE: Pinterest

She is the close friend of LaMelo brother’s girlfriend, they hang out with each other most of the time, and they seem to be getting more closer day by day.

Ashley Alvano- Wanna have Fun

After the dating news was officially announced, Ashley received a lot of love from her fans. The numbers of followers on her Instagram account is increasing day by day. She currently has over 82.3k followers on Instagram, and it’s clear that the number is going to increase.

Ashley Alvano- Gained a Lot of attention

After the relationship news was made public on LaMelo’s 16th birthday in 2017, his girlfriend has been gaining a lot of attention. LaMelo is a few months younger than his girlfriend. We hope that the couple’s love will remain the same until the end of their life.