Quick facts about Aaron Boulding
Date of birth :December 30, 1972
Birth Country:United States
Net worth:N/A
Body measurement:N/A

When it comes to video game journalist, Aaron Boulding is a name that comes at the very beginning. Having depth knowledge of gaming industry, Boulding has been covering various aspect of gaming world since 1998 and has worked in online, print and TV outlets. Currently Boulding works for Blizzard Entertainment as the managing editor.

Born on December 30, 1972 in Queens, New York, he spent his childhood in Maryland, Michigan and moved to California with his family when he was six. He was grown up in Los Angeles, Oakland and Santa Cruz. He completed his undergraduate education from University of California, Berkeley and he moved forward to continue his education. He earned master’s degree in journalism from the University of Califronia, Berkley. Having degree in Journalism and keen interest on gaming, Boulding pursue his career as a game journalist.

Boulding has experience of working as a Video Game analyst on ESPN for many years. During his tenure in ESPN, he gained more depth knowledge of Video Game which helped him to move forward as a Video Game journalist. He appeared on the ESPNNEWS Hot List and ESPN2’s First Take. He also served ESPN.com as The Easy Points blog writer. Boulding has also worked as a freelance journalist and has covered various Video Game events for MTV2, Electric Playground and The Best Damn Sports Show Period. Similarly, he held responsibilities as a sideline reporter in the Championship Gaming Individual and worked as a reporter for the pilot episode of the Championship Gaming Series competition, filmed in San Francisco and broadcast on DirecTV. He has also made numerous appearances as an industry expert on television show and live events. He held position of panel expert in session named “Loudness & Dynamic Range: From Theory to Reality” at the 2006 Game Developers Conference.

Boulding is considered as the one of the experienced journalist in analyzing various aspect of Video Game. He has been contributing to Video Game World for several years and held position of judge in various Video Game Awards. In November 2007, he made his appearance on “Game Head”, Spike TV’s gaming show, to discuss the Video Game Awards nominees. He has also commented on various Video Games pointing out their various aspects. He appeared as a commentator on the Halo 3 Major League Gaming Pro Circuit. He also has served as a senior editor for a popular videogame information site IGN.com and other various gaming site. He has been associated with various media such as Fox Interactive media, where he worked as a director of Programming, IGN Entertainment and with one of the famous name in Video Game Word, Electronic Arts (EA).

Boulding has also experience of working has a sports journalist. He worked for CNN from 1997 to 1998 and was trained for CNN headline sports. Boulding remained silent about his personal life. He has remained silent about his marital status, relationship and past affairs. He is active in twitter only and his update about professional work can be found in his professional profile in LinkedIn.