The relationship between a player and a model is always an adorable combination, take David Beckham and Victoria Beckham for example but it’s not always rainbows and butterflies some of the relationships start with a quick date and end anyways!


For an instance take an example of American Football Player Aaron Rodgers Maxim’s Hot Women 2013, Olivia Munn’s relationship which recently hit the rock-bottom.

Is the couple still dating each other? Or, have they already broken up? If they have broken up, what is the reason for their breakup? If you want to know about their relationship in detail, then stay tuned and scroll down to know more about them.

Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers Breakup

After being in a relationship for over 3 years, the couple broke up in April 2017. The rumors of their break up came into existence just 2 months after the pair had an engagement rumor. The break up just happened within 2 months of the actress wearing a diamond engagement ring on her ring finger.

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At the beginning of the breaking up the couple didn’t reveal the reason for they broke up. But after the five months of breaking up, Rodger said the reason for their split was just because of the media attention and the manufactured dramas of the Hollywood industry.

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The Quarterback of the Green Bay Packers also told the media that it’s difficult to be an open relationship because different people have a different opinion about their relationship. He also told them that their rumors and love had indirectly affected their work life.

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In the account of Olivia’s break up, an insider stated that the poor relationship between her and Aaron’s parents had nothing to do with their break up. It’s just because of Aron’s personal decision.

Olivia Munn Current-Relation

After break up with the Rodgers, Olivia has not officially announced her relationship with any other guys. However, she has been seen with other guys and has posted on her social media profiles with a couple of guys.

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She has been seen with the same guy on several occasions. However, the actress does not seem to have a love relationship with him. As her Instagram post read, “Asian Broda”, it seems like the “guy” is her brother. Although she has been seen with other guys as well, it is still unsure that the actress cum model is in a relationship or not.

Although Aaron and Olivia were in a good relationship, the couple is no more together. They have already moved ahead in their life. Hope, both of them have rocking life ahead.