In the huge list of successful, handsome and breathe taking actor in the film industry, Aidan Alexander is one of the secure name who has already built and secure future and has been successful in winning the heart of million people with his sensational acting skills. Born in the year 2000, February 17 in Bournemouth, England, he represents himself as British actor by profession. Giving several hits from the very early age, he is best reckon for his highly critically acclaimed role in The Borgias as Gioggre Borgia. Coming to this phase of his life, he has already gained so much respect, name, fame and a huge amount of net worth while his bio can be taken as an inspirational source for many who want to carve their paths in the similar field.


Born and raised in Bournemouth, England, most of his early childhood memories are well hidden. Aidan J. Alexander has simply hidden the things like how he was in his early days and when did he begin to have a deep interest in the field of acting. However, the source states that he was inspired into acting field through the help of his mother. Seeing the beautiful mother performing in a number of musical plays, Aidan simply gives all his success credit to her. Aidan mother has been very supportive towards him and has always played the role of motivating him to do more and better in the field of acting. The handsome Aidan has study classical guitar from Trinity Guildhall.

Starting his career by appearing in a number of movies such as The Time Traveler and The Run at first, he gets his big role in the series The Borgias. He joined the cast of The Borgias in the year 2011 and has successfully portrait the character of the youngest son of Pope Alexander VI as Gioffre Borgia. Since he is young, there are more things to come from his side. He has already started to receive a healthy salary while Aidan Alexander net worth is still missing.

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Mentioning some inside information about him and Aidan Alexander girlfriend news, it's sure facts that he has a good circle of women in his life. The girls are crazy about him and have the record of approaching him a number of time. But the hardworking and dedicated man has been pretty far away from relationship things. Till now, he has not been linked with any girl in his life. The teenage boy might have several one-night stand but these things are best to be private. And it’s another sure fact that he will have a romantic relationship in his later life.

Accounting Aidan Alexander height, age, weight and his utmost characteristics, there is no doubt that he has been building his body very well. The young and handsome Aidan has been hitting the gym regularly and the result is clear in on-screen. Girls are crazy about him while Aidan shirtless pictures can get thousands of likes in his social sites. Besides, he has been followed by huge mass in his social accounts, some of them take him as their style icon while some of them follow him as their work idol. Mentioning his body facts, Aidan Alexander height is 5 feet 9 inch and might 57 kg. Since, he is still growing up, he will certainly gain some height.