Annie Wersching married Stephen Full in 2009 and two years later gave birth to their first son, Freddie. The couple also has another son, Ozzie Wersching.


It’s funny how the number of her on-screen sons match with the number of her real sons. Annie and her husband, Stephen Full are married for eight years now. Let’s know if they are still together or separated?

Annie Wersching and Stephen Full Married or Separated?

Annie Wersching is popularly known for her on-screen character FBI Special Agent Renee Walker and if you are a Vampire Diaries fan, you might know her as Lily Salvatore.

Similarly, she has portrayed popular characters in several shows and films as well, including Officer Julia Brascher in Amazon’s series Bosch.

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So we know Annie has successfully established herself as an actress but how successful is she as a mother and wife?

So here’s the answer, folks. Annie Wersching is a good wife and mom. According to sources, the sexy and beautiful actress is still married to her better half, Stephen Full. Three years after the duo had their first son in 2010, Annie gave birth to another one.

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Stephen is an actor and comedian by profession, best known for his roles as Wilson Billington in the film To Slay a Giant and Ash in the American sitcom I’m in the Band. Stephan is a wonderful actor who got nominated for Outstanding Character Voice-Over Performance.

Years later he also appeared on ABC’s Castle, CSI: NY: Season 3, and Hannah Montana. The couple is also very careful about allocating time for their son. While Annie was busy shooting in Georgia, she used to bring her youngest son on the set. 

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On the other hand, her hubby Full was in charge of their older son, Freddie Wersching. So the couple is devoted towards each other. 

We really don’t want him to have a desire to be an actor.  It was hilarious, one day he was helping me read the Damon lines (on The Vampire Diaries), then he got to go on set and see how it all worked.  It was very funny and surreal, my real son and my fake son.

As for now, Annie and Stephan are happily married. However, several pictures with her on-screen partner on Instagram force one to think if Annie is pretty close to her handsome on-screen husband, Frank in the show. So is she having an affair with him?

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No way. Rumors of her affairs are far away from the rumor treadmill until now. We hope Annie remains devoted as she is. 

At present, Wersching is busy shooting for the Marvel’s TV series, Runaways.