As a famous person with name, fame, and money, Rosanna Pansino has lots of fan following who really are curious to know about her personal life. Everyone wants to know the private life of YouTuber Rosanna Pansino.


Is she still dating Mike Lamond? Or, has she already broken up with him? If she is still with Mike, then are they planning to get married? What about her past relationships? Stay tuned to know if American actress Rosanna Pansino is dating Mike Lamond.

Rosanna Pansino and Mike Lamond relationship

As Rosanna Pansino prefers to keep her personal life secret to the world but on 13th September 2016, she revealed she had a boyfriend. The actress tweeted about it on her Twitter page but she didn’t reveal the name and any other information about her boyfriend.

[ CAPTION: Twitter post by Rosanna Pansino ][ SOURCE: Twitter ]

According to some tabloid sources, it is found that she is dating commentator Mike Lamond. He is also known as a famous YouTuber. As he produces his channel, he also helps to produce Rosanna’s channel.

The couple has millions of views on their YouTube channel. The exact time of their love relationship is still unknown but according to a Twitter post, they may have been together for more than a year. They don’t post much about their private life.

[ CAPTION: Mike in Rosanna’s channel ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Till the date, there is no any rumor of separation. So viewers can expect that couple will stay in the romantic relationship for a long long time. Let’s just hope that they get engaged in the near future. What about Rosanna’s past affairs then?

Rosanna Pansino past affair

Besides Mike, there was also a rumor that Rosanna had dated actor Josh Sussman in the past, her co-star from the super hit TV sitcom, Glee. But both of them have never talked about their relationship.

They have visited several red carpet and movie premiers together. Although they were seen together in many places, they didn’t speak much about their relationship with media and social sites.

[ CAPTION: Rosanna with her ex-boyfriend Josh ][ SOURCE: ]

The couple seems to like each other a lot as they were seen together most of the times. In each and every occasion, Rosanna and Josh partnered. However, after such a lovely relationship, the couple broke up. The reason for their breaking up is still undisclosed and their fans are still wondering why.

[ CAPTION: Rosanna with her ex-boyfriend Josh ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Although the couple has been rumored to have been together, their fans really want them to be together. What do you think about the American actress Rosanna Pansino’s dating life with Mike Lamond?