Wherever you are and whatever you do, bodybuilding is what all men dream about. And, if you are already a bodybuilder, what’s better than getting someone who you can work out together with? As such, 3 times Mr. Olympia, Frank Zane got his partner Christine Zane.


Frank Zane and Christine Zane are living together for more than 4 decades together. Today, you are going to find out how the love life of Frank and Christine is going. Don’t go anywhere until we reveal all about their romantic life.

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Frank Zane and Christine Zane: Love Life and Children

What more would you want than getting a partner at the gym to workout together? It will be like finding a lake in the desert. Likewise, Frank Zane also found her love for Christine Zane and made her his partner for his lifetime.

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With their marriage in 1967, the couple has been living together up until now with no extramarital affairs or any other kind of rumors. Since their marriage, the couple is living together. Even after all these years, Frank and Christine are living a happily married life.

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Together the couple has published a book called The Zane Way to a Beautiful Body which is currently selling in the Amazon market at $3.99. They have also published another book called Super Bodies in 12 weeks and has a price of $4.37. The couple also has a website that trains and gets you in the best shape you will ever have.

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Together, the personal life of the bodybuilding stars is kept secret and the accounts do not have anything related. So, it is really difficult to assume the number of children they have.

It has been a really long period, so it is safe to say that the couple has 2 or more children and it might also be that the bodybuilders have seen their grandchildren.

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A little to know about Frank Zane and Christin Zane

Frank Zane: Mini-Bio

With more than 3 Mr. Olympia titles, Frank Zane was born on 28th June 1942, in Pennsylvania. The bodybuilder has Bachelor degrees in Science and Psychology. The bodybuilder also has a Masters’ degree in Experimental Psychology.

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Christine Zane: Mini-Bio

An author by profession and a fitness enthusiast by hobby, Christine Zane is the lovely wife of Frank Zane. More than a wife, she was Frank Zane’s muse. Whatever Frank achieved was all because of the hard work they put together as a team. Christine has a total of 2 books with various editions.

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All in all, the bodybuilder has been living a great married life with his wife of more than 4 decades. With that much love and support of each other, both Frank and Zane are in a story of their lifetime. What do you think of the aged couple that has been together for almost half a century now?