Louis C.K once said,” Here’s how my brain works: its stupidity followed by self-hatred and then further analysis.” Here the outrageous comedian rated his words comparing his life and his relationships.

The 51-year-old Louis C.K is a comedian and a former star of the TV show solely named as “Louie“. Overall, C.K is an actor, director, producer and more than this, he is an enthusiastic stand-up comedian. His estimated net worth is $35 million. The comedian was married to Alix Bailey, who was a actress and an artist. To fathom more about their divorce keep reading.

Louis C.K. Was Once Married to Alix Bailey. Know in details.

The very known actor, writer, and producer Louis C.K tied the knot to an actress, Alix Bailey in the year 1995. The couple was married for 12 years and divorced in 2008. No one would be able to know the ins and outs of this mismanaged relationship but, if his interviews are much to go by then it stated that he couldn’t take the thrust of parenthood and the absenteeism of sex.

CAPTION: Louis C.K with his ex-wife Alix Bailey

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Therefore, the major problem among these in their relationship was the matter of time when they simply grew apart from one another. The sources also mentioned that Louis had bits of clips from his life in his stand-up comedy where he regularly talks about sleeping in the guest room for years.

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According to an interview on Opie & Anthony he talked about the time when he realized that his marriage was over. As the divorce was concerned, Bailey who is far less public about her personal life interviewed with GQ in 2011 initiating to adjust her materials.

Consequently, the couple was blessed with two daughters. They share the custody of their daughters, Kitty Szekely, and Mary Loise Szekely

Is Louis C.K Dating Anyone?

After permitting the sexual dereliction allegations in 2017, the comedian Louis C.K made a surprise appearance in the Comedy Cellar which is one of the New York’s most popular venues for the stand-up comedy in August 2018. The sources believed that it took almost nine months to face the audience all again. Some of his fans cheered him up whereas some showed disgust towards him.

CAPTION: Louis C.K performing with his regular comedic episodes

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Moreover, articulating about his current relationship, it seems quite absurd to see C.K dating a woman. The person who was lately fenced by sexual allegations by a number of women keeping his profession in a critical situation would definitely look forward to gain love and support from the audience rather than dating a woman. Hence, CK is most probably single at the moment.

CAPTION: C.K starting off with a new chapter in life after nine months

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Talking about C.K’s social accounts, he doesn’t seem to be so active as his Instagram account has pictures only related to the stage performances. Whereas, noting towards his twitter account, he has a total of 218K fans waiting to support him whenever any challenges hit him up. Growing through all the hardships, we must say that Louis C.K has marked his feet to the ground of the ample Hollywood industries.