When it comes to the British news industry, there are very few people who have been successful enough to come in limelight and has literally shaken the world with powerful contribution and presentation. Anna Jones is one of such names, whose contribution towards various network is simply worth remembering. Born in the year 1963, January 27 in England, she represents herself as Journalist, newsreader, TV host and media personality by her profession. Being British by nationality, she is best to reckon for her marvelous service in BBC News Channel and Sky News. Coming to this far, Anna Jones bio can be taken as a suitable example for those who has a deep interest in journalism and wanted to carve their path in the similar field.


Born and raised in England, she must have gained all her educational degree from her home country. Keeping most of her information well hidden, she came into existence into the world of news industry after her successful four years of endeavors as the editor in china Economic Reviews. She gained huge popularity in the year 1992 when she decides to join the BBC network.

During her time on the BBC network, she has successfully handled the role of senior production in BBC’s business department and was actively involved in Business Breakfast program air on 6 to 7 am. Later she moved to BBC world as an anchor and by the time of 1997, she has already transferred herself into BBC News 24 as a business presenter. After covering many sensational and breaking news such as Bombing of Afghanistan, death of Queen Motherland, the death of Prince Margaret, 2004 Tsunami etc, she moved to Sky News in the year 2005. She has spent her crucial 12 years in BBC and currently she is very loyal to Sky News. She is one of the prestigious member of the Sky News and the source believed that she is receiving a huge amount of salary in the network while there is no proper record of Anna Jones net worth.

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Highlighting and describing Anna Jones height, weight, and some body facts, there is no doubt that Anna has been blessed with flawless body structure. Being one of the style icons of the industry, many people admire her beauty along with her sexy hot legs and feet. Looking best in short clothes, Anna Jones bikini pictures always went viral upon releasing. Following Anna in her social accounts by a huge number of fans, many people try to copy her utmost character and joyful nature. Accounting Anna Jones height, she might stand around 5 feet 9 inch and might have the weight of around 65 kg. However, these things have been well hidden from her bio. Coming towards her age, she is currently running on her mid-fifties, however, due to her healthy exercise doing habits, she is still very far away from aging and possess the same charm.

Covering Anna Jones husband, marital relationship, and dating history, she has kept this section very private and reserved. Though the elegant beauty might have been with several men in the past. However, she has successfully hidden most of her information. Looking at her age, she must have been married and has been settled down with children and nice loving husband on the side. However, we can’t say anything as she has never talked about her personal relationship with the media. Likewise, there is no news about her children as well.