Stories of sexual harassment are trending these days as women can openly speak about harassment done to them by socialites. One of such accused personality is the English Business Magnate Richard Branson.


A playback singer, Antonia Jenae who sings alongside Joss Stone accused the British Billionaire of ‘motorboating’ her Cleavage. She reported that the incident happened without any notice and the singer was totally shocked by Branson’s inappropriate activities.

The singer says she is still filled with disgraced with the media personalities such behavior. The media group ‘Virgin group’ founder is not new to such accusations. Previously, he was accused of harassing a woman at public relations department at Virgin group.

The alleged inappropriate Behavior of the business tycoon

Antonia Jenae claimed that Branson put his face in her cleavage and motorboated in a disgusting manner. Members of the band and family were present at Necker Island where the Jenae said the harassment happened.

Necker Island is Branson’s private property where the 67-year-old was holding a party at that time.

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Even though Jenae claims of such unpleasant events, Richard’s agent said that Richard does not remember doing anything wrong. Some sources say, Richard does deny that he harassed the 44-year-old singer. Although Richard is denying his accusations, Jenae added that back in 2010, the Virgin Boss pleaded with her to go Topless.

According to Jenae, this incident also happened at a party at Necker Island where she and Stone played a gig. Precisely, rumors are that Richard planted his face in her breasts, shook it and blew to simulate a boat engine noise.

Richard’s denial and previous allegations

Although the singer Joss did not speak openly about the event as a witness, sources claim that the singer saw a physical encounter between them. Rumors say that she clearly didn’t mention the incident.

Antonia talks about her accusations on Instagram:


Some may know, some may not, but because of a #metoo I made about Richard Branson, I was contacted by a UK media outlet for my story. Since that story came out, I have been accused of being a liar, a gold digger, a lying gold digger and said to use trying to use this to “get famous” or save my failing music #/singing career. Why the ______ would anyone want to be famous for having an old man put his face in your breasts without your permission? How is that going to make me successful? I mean, I knew all of this was coming. I expected it. I am a strong person, so that won’t ever break me. What I found MOST interesting was that most of the Trolls were women. So needless to say other than posting about #ShesGottaHaveIt and selling Moringa products, I hadn’t been online. I decide to watch a movie with my hubby and then I wanted to watch the docu on #Whitney and about 20 minutes or so into the movie, this happens to Whitney. Now, the look she has on her face IS EXACTLY how I felt when Branson did what he did. Exactly. I said to my husband, THIS is what woman have to deal with on a DAILY basis. In the workplace. Just walking down the street. Going to the grocery store. Taking a run down the block. It’s amazing that this situation happened to Whitney Houston on television. This was beyond the scope of what is appropriate behavior. Would you say this is sexual harassment? I want to discuss the storyline of She’s Gotta Have It, but I know everyone hasn’t seen it yet. But much of that story line, spoke to my heart and my life. @officialspikelee and @tonyalewislee have brought to light something that is so current and this was shot last year ( I think or much earlier this year). I am strong, I can deal with a lot because I have had to deal with a lot. I just hope my situation can make it better for a person not as strong. I spoke up on my page when it happened and mentioned it several times since then. The media is just now paying attention because of the revelation climate we are in. There is safety in numbers. That’s why so many woman are speaking up now. Instead of asking me why didn’t I say anything before now, what SHOULD be asked is Why did he think that was Okay?

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Antonia said she was not sure whom to talk about such kinds of stuff previously. But now as women are speaking against harassment all over the world, she could finally raise her voice.

Although the old tycoon refused to remember any such accused unpleasant behavior, he asked for forgiveness if anyone had a problem during the party.

This is not the first time Richard was accused of something like this. Reports are, that back in time the Virgin boss was accused to knowingly touching the breasts of a worker at Virgin. In spite of such accuses the tycoon is refusing to admit any such allegation whereas Jenae says she cannot forget such an unacceptable behavior.