Quick Facts Aphrodite Jones

  • NameAphrodite Jones
  • Birth Year1958
  • Birth month11
  • FatherAshton Blair Jones Jr.
  • NationalityAmerican
  • Birth PlaceChicago, Illinois, the U.S
  • EthnicityWhite
  • ProfessionTelevision producer, Reporter, Author
  • Net Worth$3 million
  • MarriedYes
  • SiblingsJanet
  • MotherMaria Kalloumenous

Aphrodite Alicia Jones, known by her popular name Aphrodite Jones is an American author, television producer, and reporter. Currently, she is an executive producer and host of the television series ‘True Crime with Aphrodite Jones’. Jones has published eight books till date and a movie is also made from her book titled ‘A Perfect Husband’.

Aphrodite Jones is in a marital relationship but she has kept the information regarding her husband a secret. She is very successful in her career and has amassed a huge net worth of $3 million.

Aphrodite Jones Net Worth, Salary, and Income

Aphrodite Jones currently works as an executive producer and host for the popular television series True Crime with Aphrodite Jones. Her show is liked by many people and it also has a good rating. She earns an average salary of $500,000 per annum working on her show. Aphrodite has amassed a total of $3 million net worth till date from her career.

Jones professional career and the circle she socializes in demands her to maintain a certain standard. So, we can understand from her standards that she must have a good house to live in and a good selection of cars. Since Jones keeps her life a low-key, her personal possessions do not make their way into the publicity, we can only make assumptions about her assets.

Aphrodite Jones Personal Life, Married, Children, Husband

Aphrodite is very secretive about her marital life. She has been married since 2010 but yet, no one knows the identity of her husband. Aphrodite never discloses any information about her spouse in the media.

The reason behind keeping the identity of her partner a secret is very unusual. She is a popular media figure but Jones keeping her personal details in low-key raises a lot of questions among her fans. People have started to speculate many odd-gossips about her for keeping the identity of her husband a secret.

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No matter whatever the reason is, we can be sure that Aphrodite is happy with her husband and she has good reasons for not letting the identity of her husband to be known. Maybe in the near future, when Jones thinks that the time is right, she would let her fans know all the information they need to know about him.

Aphrodite has been married for 9 years but we do not know if she has any children or not. Maybe, just like the identity of her husband, Jones is keeping the identity of her children a secret, but these are all mere guesses and it could prove wrong also. Hence, we cannot say anything for sure.

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Aphrodite is active on social media with 30,060 followers on her official Facebook, 12,000 followers on her official Twitter, and 150 followers on the official Instagram profile.

Aphrodite Jones Early Life, Parents, Education

Aphrodite Jones was born on 28th November 1958, in Chicago, Illinois, the U.S. to Ashton Blair Jones Jr., and Maria Kalloumenous. Her father was a navy officer who served during World War II, and also in the Korean War.

Jones is the first child among the two children of her parents. She also has a sister named Janet. But there is not much information revealed about her sister.

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Aphrodite completed her high school and then later joined the college for further studies. But, details regarding her school and high school is missing. She graduated from the University of California in Theatre and Law.

CAPTION: Aphrodite Jones

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Aphrodite started to work as soon as she completed her graduation. In her early days after graduation, she worked as a reporter for United Features Syndicate.

Aphrodite Jones Professional Career

Aphrodite started her career as a reporter which helped her to deal with great difficulties in her early days of struggle. Her academic knowledge about Theatre and Law helped her a lot in her career as a celebrity reporter. It can be said that Aphrodite utilized her talent in the best possible way which became a great experience for her future work.

Aphrodite is also involved in writing and she published her first book in 1992 when she was a teacher at the Cumberland College in Williamsburg, Kentucky. The book was titled The FBI Killer based on a true story about an FBI agent who was convicted of homicide. Later a movie was made from the book titled Betrayed by Love. Patricia Arquette and Steven Weber were cast as the main characters.

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Her second book titled Cruel Sacrifice was a big hit and was further listed on the New York Times Best Seller for three months in 1994. It was also based on a true event. The book presents the story about the murder of a teenage girl Shanda Sharer who was only twelve years old. The shocking fact is that she was murdered by four girls who were of the same age as hers.

Sadly, Aphrodite had to lose her job at the Cumberland College following the publication of her book. The contents and ideas portrayed in the book did not comply with the ideals of Baptist Institution and hence she had to leave her job at the college as a teacher.

Aphrodite published her third book titled All She wanted in 1996 which was also based on a real fact. It is about a girl Brandon Teena who was raped and murdered in 1993. It was adapted by Fox Searchlight Pictures in the movie Boys Don’t Cry starring Hilary Swank, but its originality was lost due to extensive modification in the script.

Another book written by her A Perfect Husband was also made into a movie titled The Staircase Murders in 2007 which starred Treat Williams. Other books written by her are Della’s Web, The Embrace: A True Vampire Story, Red Zone: The Behind-the-Scenes Story of the San Francisco Dog, and Michael Jackson Conspiracy.

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Aphrodite is associated with Investigation Discovery Channel’s documentary television series titled True Crime with Aphrodite Jones since 2010.