Quick Facts Asha Rangappa

Renuka Asha Rangappa, popularly known as Asha Rangappa is an American lawyer who currently works as a Director of Admission at Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. at Yale University’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. She is a former FBI agent and a former Associate Dean at Yale Law School.

Asha Rangappa was married and later divorced. Asha met her husband during the training at the Quantico Academy. Her salary is estimated to be $255,956 per annum. During her long career in different fields, she must have amassed a huge net worth.

Asha Rangappa Net Worth, Salary

Asha Rangappa is currently working as a lecturer at Yale University’s Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. Information about her exact salary has not been documented in any media. Since a lecturer at Yale University earns an average salary of $255,956 per annum, we can estimate her salary to be near to the average salary figure.

Asha earns an average salary of $255,956 per annum. But on the basis of her annual salary, it is difficult to guess her net worth. It would have been easier to calculate her net worth if we had the details of her spending pattern and savings. Since we do not have any information regarding her spending pattern and savings, we can only speculate about her net worth which could be in millions.

Also, the same can be said about her possessions and assets because she keeps a low-profile regarding her possessions like house, car, jewelry and other properties. Looking at the society she belongs to, the profession she follows and also to the annual income she makes, one can come to the conclusion that she must have a decent house, good car, and jewelry that suits her the best.

Asha Rangappa Personal Life

Asha Rangappa was into the marital relationship from which she had two children a boy and a girl. She was married to Special Agent, Andrew whom she met while she was taking training to become an FBI agent. It is said that during the training, in course of time, the duo fell in love with each other and they decided to get married.

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The reason behind their troublesome relationship and the cause that led to end the relationship in a divorce is still unknown. People do not apply for divorce for minor reasons and they try their best to keep their relationship intact in every possible way. But these couples divorced so the reason behind it must be complicated.

After the divorce Asha do not have any committed relationship. There is no news about her affair with anyone and also about her getting married to someone. Maybe, her past experience related to marriage forbids her to get into a new relationship. Also, the reason could be that she wants to take time and find a most compatible partner for herself with whom everything would be right again.

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It is difficult to raise children without the presence of their father. But Asha is single parenting her children in the best possible way. She takes every care to make sure that the children are growing up in an environment which is psychologically and physically appropriate for their healthy growth.

Asha’s fans can follow her on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to know more about her. She is also very active in social media with 275,000 followers on her official Twitter, and 712 followers on her official Instagram profile.

Asha Rangappa Early Life

Asha Rangappa was born on November 15, 1974, in Hampton, Virginia, the United States to Jai and Vinaya. She has an older sister name Menaca. Asha was born and raised in America but her parents are originally from Karnataka, India. They moved to the States in 1965. She belongs to South Asian Ethnicity.

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Asha completed her high school from Kecoughtan High School. She was a very bright student. After graduating from high school, Asha, for further studies attended Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. She graduated her bachelors with distinction and was awarded a Fulbright scholarship. Asha completed her law degree in 2000 from Yale Law School.

Asha Rangappa Career

Asha Rangappa started her early career as a law clerk to the Honorable Juan R. Torruella after getting her law degree. Her interest in legal service made her try her luck in the FBI to become an FBI agent. She got an opportunity and she began her training to become an FBI agent in Quantico, Academy.

But as if God was taking her test and was asking her to prove her diligence, she got into a car accident and she suffered contusions of the ribs. Following the circumstances, she could have left the training and get back to her law career. But her bold determination enabled her to get back into the training within a month after the accident.

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Asha reported back to Quantico Academy for training within less than a month after the accident. She performed well in the training and soon was graduated. She moved back to New York City and took her job as an FBI special agent, specializing in counterintelligence investigations. She became the first Indian Americans to hold the position.

Asha left her service at FBI and became an Associate Dean at Yale Law School. She is the current Director of admissions at Jackson Institute for Global Affairs. Asha lectured for a brief period of time at Yale University. Asha also works at CNN as a national security analyst.