University of California, Berkeley


The University of California is a public research university in Berkeley which was established in 1868. It has a wide range of 350 different programs for both graduates and under grads. In 2013/14, it was ranked 8th amongst the top 10 universities all around the world. The Robotics and machinery Lab at this college is dedicated to perfect the movement of its Robots by studying the movement of animals and humans. It also has a Laboratory for Automatic Science department, where they deal with the overall pre and post phrases of a robot engineering. The college has a huge reputation in the field of robotics.

Johns Hopkins University


This university was founded in 1876 and is located at Baltimore, Maryland, USA. This was one of the earliest universities in the western part of America, and is ranked at the top of the National Science Foundation in science, robotics and medical studies. There have been 36 different personnel associated with this college, who have received the Nobel Prize as well. The Laboratory for Computer Sensing and Robots, which a non- profit division of the university had done several ground breaking researches when it comes to making robots. This department is fully responsibly from designing a robot to programming its functionality, physicality and maintenance.




Colorado School Of Mines


Being one of the small research university, Mines has created a major technological impact since it was established in 1859. As this school was initially occupied miners in that region, the first thing that was started here was the engineering and production of mining equipment. Eventually, the machines and the humans to operate those machines were replaced using robots. The school has a different department named Centre for Automation, Robotics and Distributed Intelligence. This department is fully responsible for all the robotics actions going inside the university.





Stanford University

Stanford University

Officially recognized as Leland Stanford Junior University, Stanford is a private university which specializes in research field. It was founded by a former governor Leland Stanford and his wife, in the commemoration of their late son in 1885, but began its services from the October of 1889. The Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence Lab is the main department related to technology, robotics and AI. Since it was established in 1962, it has been looking after all the robotics actions and has also come up with a number of major creations. It is one of the best rated robotics college in the country.




University of Southern California


The University of Southern California was established in 1880 and is a private institution and also a research university. It is located in the city of Los Angeles and is one of the oldest Universities in all of California. It has served as a base ground for many old time scholars and is also committed to establish links between religion and culture throughout Asia. It was nominated for the top 10 Dream Colleges in the USA.  The Robotics Research Lab here, is the major place for all those new ideas that come up to make a robot.  There are teams of professionals here that discuss the making of a robot from its earliest designs to its functionality, nature and time.


Columbia University

Columbia University Columbia University

The Columbia University was established in 1754 in New York City. It is located in Upper Manhattan and serves around 30 thousand students, both undergrads and post grads. The college doesn’t have any kind of program for the graduates. The college has a history of having students who in their life time have done and achieved something big in their respective fields. One of such strong field in this college is the robotics wing. Columbia University’s Robotics Group has been an immense governing body in this sector and has helped and inspired many students to create and implement many devices successfully. One of the impressive creations build here was a 3D simulation tool that teaches the robots to interact with the world they are around.



Washington University in St. Louis

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The Washington University is a private research university which was founded in 1853 in St. Louis, Missouri. Named after George Washington, this university has around 15 thousand students, many foreigners from more than a 150 nations. The university however provides only a limited subjects to the graduate and undergrad students who study here. Often referred to as the “Harvard of the West”, the college is famous for its robotics degree. This program includes providing necessary tools and ideas to students, develop ideas and create new machines on a regular basis. The graduation program includes development of essential components such as sensors and actuators, which make it easier for the robots to behave in the real world.


Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology

Also known as Georgia Tech, this public research university was established in Atlanta, Georgia in 1885. A reputed education institute, it has its associate colleges in France, Savannah, Ireland, China and other places too. Established with the aim of providing a Mechanical engineering degree, its services grew into Civil, Electrical and Chemical engineering. The university is famous for its mechanical engineering and robotics studies. The Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines is a leading department i=of the college or robotic development. Not only creating a robot physically, this department also deals with the AI for the movement and characteristics of the robot.


Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University

This is a private university which was established in 1900 and founded by a Andrew Carnegie, after whom it is named as well. 12 years down the road, it had started to serve its students in various field of medical studies, engineering and robotics, computer science and space technologies etc. In the mid-60s, this university collaborated with Mellon Institute and became Carnegie Mellon University. One of its 7 independent colleges include the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute which is rather small with only around 80 working members at present. There are 132 students involved in the Master’s program and 94 of them are in PH. D level.



Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Also known as MIT, it is one of the major education sectors when it comes to technological stuff.  It is a private research university that was founded in 1861 in Cambridge and offers a wide range of subjects for both the undergrads and graduates as well. It is also famous for its development of sensor chips, which is installed in robots these days. The Computer and Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT has made a number of progress in the development and proper functioning of different types and generations of robots.