New Couple Alert, New Couple Alert!!! Actor, Chris Pine, and Actress Annabelle Wallis were reportedly trying to keep relationship low key. Chris Martin‘s ex, Annabelle was spotted with Chris at the airport in London. Failed to keep this low as they were spotted by paparazzi.


Chris, 37, and Annabella, 33, were photographed together at London’s Heathrow Airport on 29 March, although they were careful not to show any public displays of affection and closer, with Chris walking a few steps ahead after landing at the terminal.

[ CAPTION: Chris walking a few steps ahead after landing at the terminal][ SOURCE: usmagazine ]

Although it’s not known where the new couple came from, they had recently enjoyed a vacation in Hawaii.

[ CAPTION: Chris Pine tries to ignore Annabelle ][ SOURCE: Gossip ]

As per different Gossip Mongers,

Chris and Annabelle are dating! She was seeing someone else when they met. They kept it casual for the beginning. Chris was very attentive and wooed her to get her attention away from the other guy.

Chris has always tried to keep his personal life very secret but he missed out this time. Paparazzi have their eyes everywhere.

Be careful next time!!!!!!