An American TV personality, Brandi Passante who is best known for her appearance alongside her husband, Jarrod Schulz on the TV show, Brandi & Jarrod: Married to the job and their married life is going strong.

The couple who met each other for the first time in the 90s and developed their relationship gradually has already been running around a decade. The couple is still together and going strong. The couple who shared the children before getting married has a very different and romantic relationship. Get to know everything about their relationship, married life, affair, children in this article.

Brandi Passante Marital Life with Husband Jarrod Schulz

Brandi Passante is married to her long-term boyfriend, Jarrod with whom she met for the first time in the 90s. However, the pair has never officiated about the wedding day and other detailed information regarding their big day. 

[ CAPTION: Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz ][ SOURCE: How Rich ]

The stars host their own show “Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job” and during their show, Jarrod proposed her girlfriend to get married on the first episode of the first season.

YouTube: Jarrod proposing Brandi for getting married;

As per the video, Jarrod uses his dogs and children to forward his message to Brandi for getting married. He has selected the very different and unique way to ask her to marry as he dressed his dog in a tuxedo and proposed her through a tag around his neck to get married. After reading all the tags by Brandi, Jarrod presented the ring in front of her and she said YES. 

In the seventh episode of the first season, the couple went to the shop for their wedding dress. 

YouTube: Brandi’s wedding dress shopping;

By the look of it, we can assume that the couple wedded in a private ceremony. However, they never officiated about it anywhere. So, it’s a bit confusing to all of us till the date but many of the sites have claimed that they have already got married. Let’s not be sure about them but we can do is just wait for them to reveal about their marriage.

Wife Brandi Passante and Husband Jarrod Schulz: Parents of two

Brandi and Jarrod are the parents of two kids. Although we are not sure about their wedding, the couple has already given birth to their child while being in a dating relationship. They are blessed with daughter Payton and a son Cameron.

[ CAPTION: Brandi Passante with husband Jarrod Schulz and children ][ SOURCE: eCelebrityFacts ]

In the above video, we can see their kid’s helping Jarrod to propose Brandi for getting married.

Although the couple has married or not till the date, they have shown all the people that the most important thing in the relationship is love and trust to take a healthy relationship forward. Hope they will officiate the facts of their relationship soon.