Quick Facts Brian Redban

  • NameBrian Redban
  • Birth Year1974
  • Birth month08
  • Birth PlaceColumbus, Ohio
  • ProfessionAmerican comedian, video editor
  • Net Worth$1.5 million
  • Weight in KG75 kg

Brian Redban, founder of a comedy group called ‘Deathsquad’ is an American comedian and video editor. In addition, he is also the co-host of the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast. Redban was recently nominated in the Shorty Awards’ Best Web Series.

Brian Redban, who taught himself video editing was hired by Rogan to work at a Gateway Computer Store in Ohio. Having in this field since 2009, it is estimated that Brian has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Further, Brian has a girlfriend named Janice, with whom he shares a graceful life.

Brian Redban Net Worth and Salary

Brian Redban is a renown comedian, who self-taught to edit videos and was hired by another famous stand-up comedian Joe Rogan. Redban worked as a co-producer and an editor for ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’, which is the most popular podcasts of the United States.

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Peering into his net worth, it can be assumed that Brian Redban as a comedian has a total assembled net worth of $1.5 million. So far, he has amassed this income from his comedy dramas, acting, gigs, and video editing. According to some financial portals, an average annual salary for a comedian is $35,000. Hence, given his commendable career, Redban earns an annual salary of $45,000.

Brian Redban’s net worth includes a house in Burbank city, Los Angeles. In addition, he owns a Honda Civic, a stunning car whose price is around $25,000, as of 2019.

Besides, he has a deep love for Shoes and Playstations, which matches his childish personality. Redban owns multiple Xbox and classic Nintendo. Additionally, he has a collection of several popular brand shoes including Nike, Adidas, etc among others.

Further, Brian also earns an additional amount of income from his personal website Deathsquad.TV, where a variety of accessories are listed for sale.

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Further, Brian with his girlfriend can be seen vacationing on different exotic places. It seems that the bae-beau duo is enjoying the time of their life.

Brian Redban Personal Life and Girlfriend

Brian Redban so far has gracefully balanced his professional as well as personal life. He started dating a beautiful girl during his early career but kept this relationship a secret for the eye of media.

In 2016, Brian revealed his girlfriend’s name and her pictures on his social media. This made his fans quite happy and speculated when the duo will get married. As of now, Redban is happily enjoying a romantic relationship with Janice, his old-time girlfriend.

CAPTION: Brian Redban posing with his Girlfriend Janice

SOURCE: Twitter/Brian Redban

The couple used to live a low-key life in their early dating years. However, Redban later posted their pictures, which showed how much the pair was in love. Despite such a long affair, Brian still hasn’t revealed any details about his marriage plans with Janice.

As per assumptions, they might get married in the near future. Also, the past affairs of both Brian and Janice are out of the public and media gaze.

CAPTION: Brian Redban, stand-up comedian

SOURCE: Twitter/Brian Redban

Besides being a popular comedian on stage, Redban is quite famous on social media as well. As of now, he has more than 122k followers on Instagram and 203k followers on Twitter, respectively.

Brian Redban Comedy career and Gigs

Before glancing at his career, let’s take a look at one interesting fact. Regardless of the many success of his career, it was found that Brian Redban had no prior knowledge or experience with audio engineering and that he taught himself to operate the mixing board and microphone setups.

Initially, Brian was hired by Joe Rogan to work at Gateway Computer Store in Ohio. Later, he relocated to California and began working as an editor and co-producer of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience‘. Brian worked as a producer on the show for four years.

After a couple of gigs, Rogan suggested Redban hosting a live stream to talk to fans in a chat room using the audio of the video stream as a podcast.

Brian and Rogan recorded the first episode on December 24, 2009, and it initially started as a live weekly broadcast on Ustream. Later, they gradually built and anchored it until it became a popular podcast on iTunes.

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Brian executive-produced the adult-themed live comedy show and podcast series ‘The Naughty Show’ which first aired in 2011. He is also a former producer of shows like ‘The Cultural High’ and ‘Chronic-Son’, which aired in 2014 and 2015, respectively. Additionally, he is the founder of the comic drama group titled ‘Deathsquad’.

Redban was nominated for a Shorty Award for best producer of a web show for his work on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ in 2012.

Brian Redban Early Life and Childhood

Brian Redban was born on August 4, 1974, in Columbus, Ohio. As secretive as he is, Redban has kept his childhood information completely uncovered. Hence, there isn’t any detailed information regarding his family and educational backgrounds.

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It is a known fact that Redban worked in a computer store in Ohio. Later, he moved to California to work as an editor for Rogan.