Bruce Greenwood is one of the sensational and thoughtful actor of the Canadian movie industry. Born in the year 1956, August 12 in Rouyn, Noranda, Quebec, Canada, he represents himself as the actor and producer by his profession. Making his presence in the industry from the very early age, he has given a number of hit plays in his life. He is best known for his roles as U.S. president in Thirteen Days and National Treasure: Book of Secrets. Likewise, his role as Ben Stevenson in Mao’s Last Dancer is highly critically acclaimed. Similarly, he is also best to reckon for his role as Christopher Pike in Star Trek franchise, Gil Garcetti in American Crime Story and much more.


Born and raised in Canada, Bruce Greenwood represents himself as the son of Mary Sylvia and Hugh John Greenwood. His mother is a nurse while his father is a professor Princeton University and geophysicist by profession. Coming from the normal family, he has to go for a lot of struggle for his life to reach this utmost success. Having a deep interest in the film industry, he now represent himself as successful actor and producer. Starting his career from the early days, he is best known in America for his roles in Star Trek, I, Robot, Double Jeopardy, The Core, Thirteen Days, Eight Below, Firehouse Dog and much more. Likewise, he is also known for his video game role in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 as the voice of Overlord.

Coming to this far, Bruce Greenwood has gained huge popularity in both acting and producing field. Bruce success can be determined with the help of his financial figures however these things has not been mentioned anywhere in his bio. Though it’s not clear however we can simply assume that his net worth is in several million dollars. You can join him on different social networking sites, while you can find his extracted bio in Bruce Greenwood wiki.

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Coming to Bruce Greenwood marriage, children and divorce news, there is no doubt that Bruce has been successful in winning the heart of a number of women in the past. The handsome man with good sense of humor might have dated several women in the past. However, these information has been well kept aside from his bio. Moving towards his relationship, the source states that he was in long term relationship with his wife, Susan Devlin. The couple shares their wedding knot long time ago, however, there is no news about children. With such strong bonding between the couple, it is pretty hard for them to go for any kind of separation or divorce phase.

Highlighting Bruce Greenwood height, age, weight and his body facts, there is no doubt that he serve himself as one of the handsome men in the industry. Representing himself as one kind of style icon, many of his followers do wonder about his shirtless pose. Bruce Greenwood height might stand the height of around 6 feet 1 inch and might have the weight of around 75kg. However, due to his shy kind of nature, he has not revealed anything about his body facts. Despite his body measurement, people recall him for his charming behavior, pleasant personality and utmost character.