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Candy Crowley Biography

Facts of Candy Crowley Biography

Date of Birth: 1948 December 26
Age: 68 years old
occupation Anchor , Journalist
ethnicity White
religion Christian
place_of_birth United States

Out of the famous names in the news broadcasting business, Candy Alt Crowley has her name written in a golden letter. Having in the business for several decades, she has not only done several marvelous job but she has also set the name and fame which many newcomers want to achieve it. Born in the year 1948, December 26 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, America, she has the zodiac sign of Sagittarius while she belongs to American Nationality followed by White Ethnicity. Being one of the specialized correspondent and chief political correspondent, she has covered sensational election news during her time.


Coming to her early childhood history, Candy Crowley was born and raised in Michigan until their family decided to move to St. Louis Missouri. During her time in Missouri, she attended Kindergarten School at The Principia School and graduated in the year 1966. She later went to Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, Lynchburg, Virginia and graduated in Bachelor of Arts taking a major subject as English. Right after the graduation, she started her career as an assistant newsroom with Washington, D.C. based WASH-FM station.


After having certain experiencing in anchoring and news reading at Mutual Broadcasting in White House Correspondent for Associated Press she moved to NBC and then to CNN in the year 1987. In the following year, she handled Inside Politics replacing Judy Woodruff. During her furious times in news career, she was regarded and remarked as the Straight Shooter as her question and arguing element was sharp and was quite harmful to her opposite persona. Second Presidential Election Debate, US attack and Diplomatic mission in Benghazi etc are some of her influential news career during her time in CNN.

In the year 2010, Candy Crowley replace John King for the Sunday morning talk show State of the Union, which can be taken as one of the successful endeavors of her life in CNN. She has won several awards and has been honors many time for her hard work and dedication towards the network and news business. She was awarded with Broadcaster’s Award, Dirksen Awards, Joan Shorenstein Barone, Emmy Awards, Gracie Allen Award, Cine Award, and Edward R. Murrow Award.



Moving towards her private life, Candy Crowley has always been a fine women. Candy beauties has always been appreciated by their fellow followers. Even at the late 60’s she has got the charm to take away young man’s heart. Regardless her beauties, her personal life is kind of messy however she has always been proud of herself. There was a time in her life, when she was happily married women with her husband but the stories with lots of complication and compromise sadly ended. After the couple settlement with divorce, she never tried to indulge in another relationship. Though there were several men trying to make her theirs but she remain choosy. She is happy with her single life, as she has her children which she loves the most and she is quite proud to be single mother.

As of 2016, Candy Crowley has  a net worth of $3 million dollars.

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