Catherine Herridge is well known Journalist and Author. She is widely known for working as a chief intelligence correspondent for Fox News Channel. As an author, Catherine penned a book named “The Next Wave: On the Hunt for al Qaeda’s American Recruits”.

Catherine Herridge Early Life & Education

Catherine Herridge was born on May 18, 1964, in the United Status of America. She comes from to the military family, where her parents were Canadian.

During her childhood, Herridge was interested in journalism. To fulfill her dream, she went to attend Harvard College. After completing her a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard College, she enrolled the Columbia school of Journalism, where she completed her Master’s degree in journalism from there.

Catherine Herridge Career

After her graduation, Catherine Herridge began her journalism career working for London-based ABC News in her vacation. Then, she joined Fox network channel in 1996.

Catherine Herridge on the FOX Studio
Source: Fox Business Video

Herridge was acknowledged with the Chief Intelligence reporter for the Fox News Channel. She is also involved in the Department of Homeland Security and Justice Department. From the broadcasting of the 9/11 terrorist attack, she earned her name and fame.

Being a talented journalist, she reported from different countries such as Iraq, Qatar, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. She is involved in including stories related to ethnic clashes and also the investigation concerning the death of Princess Diana. Catherine got the chance to sit with the same military court with Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his asserted co-backstabbers who are the administrators of 9/11 assault.

Herridge was also a New York Based anchor for the Fox broadcasting network for a magazine “Fox Files.” In the magazine, she manages the examinations related to Medicare misrepresentation. For her grant, to it, she was given the Bronze world medal for recognizing incredibleness in exchange media.

Besides that, she is also an author. She wrote a book named “The Next Wave: On the Hunt for al Qaeda’s American Recruits,” which expresses about terrorism and its future threats in North America and the Middle East. She is also an outspoken support for organ donation.

Catherine Herridge Legal Dispute

Herridge got into a steamy legal debate with Fox News Back in 2007 when she registered a lawsuit for discrimination declaring that the women and the black reporters were routinely assigned less desirable times.

This claim was recorded after Herridge was passed over for a raise for the role of an anchor because of her ‘age’ and ‘sex.’ But the district court revoked and allowed a Motion for Summary Judgement instead. The U.S. District Judge Richard Leon declared this decision after getting records of the reporting involved in ‘puzzling’ negotiations in her contract which adjusted her claims of view.

Catherine Herridge Personal Life

Catherine has a great name and fame in this journalism career. As her professional career, her private life is also successful. She is a happily married woman. Her husband’s name is Jeff Miller, Air Force Lt. Col. The couple has two children named son Jamie, and son, Peter.

Catherine Herridge with her family
Source: Facebook

Her son Peter was diagnosed with a rare chronic liver disease, biliary atresia, a type of cancer when he was born. The story of Catherine and her son was very touching. It was broadcasted live by Greta Van Susteren, Catherine’s colleague, and fellow Fox News anchor.

It was a time of terror and worry for both couples. They remained for few months believing that they would acquire a donor for the transplant but to their shock, it was very hard to accept a donor. So the best advice the doctors gave them was that Catherine could be the excellent match for the transplant. So without second thoughts, Catherine accepted to do the transplant.

Ten years after the transplant, it appears like the choice made by Catherine and her husband JD was best.

Catherine Herridge Net Worth

Catherine Herridge has earned a bronze world media for worth in communication media from New York Festivals.

She had a quite impressive salary of $100000 per year and received to collect net worth around $10 million.Fox News also named it clear that Catherine was the giant paid correspondent in the Washington Bureau at that time and details about her 5-year contract worth $900,000, were also revealed.She is also active on social networking sites like Facebook Twitter and Instagram.