Quick facts about Christopher Boykin
Date of birth :1972, January 13
Birth Country:Raleigh, North Carolina
Net worth:$2 million
Body measurement:n/a

Christopher Boykin who is best called with the name Big Black, Wiggi, Black Lavendar is one of the famous entertainment of the America. Born in the year 1972, January 13 in Raleigh, North Carolina, he is best reckon for his role and appearances in Rob & Big, The DC Video: Deluxe Edition DVD and many more. Besides, explicit entertainment career, he is also known for setting Guinness world record for eating most bananas and peeling within one minute followed by eating powdered donuts within 3 minutes. Besides, entertainment career, he is an actor, writer, TV personality, musician, world recorder and professional bodyguard by his profession.

Born and raised in North Carolina, he started his career by serving in United States Navy. During the time in Navy he was head of the chef and used to cook for the all the members in the Navy. After releasing from the service, he met Rob Dyrdek who later appointed him as the bodyguard. Being one of the humble man, he and Rob became close friends which later get him opportunity to involve in The DC Video: Deluxe Edition in the year 2004.

Having impressive career, he was always interested in music field and used to spend hours and hours listening music. Being passionate about music, he later formed the music band or hip-hop group with other members Bam Bam, Steve OG and Zeus. Besides music he is fond of breaking the records, along with several records, he has led his hands in skateboarding video game called Skate 1 and Skate 2 followed by other games Nathan’s Hotdog Eating competition. Along with Rod he got associated in number of programmes and project including Rob Dyrdek’s how Ridiculousness. Coming to this far, he has made remarkable progress in his life followed by huge amount of salary and $2 million net worth.

Mentioning his personality and body heights, he is one enormous giant with the height of 6 feet 6 inches. Being black, he has black eyes and bald in head. Having dangerous looks, he has one of kind personality. Despites of being huge and marvelous, he possess the sweet and innocent character. Believing in hard work and dedication, he has proved himself worthy of everything.

Covering his relationship status and dating history, there’s no doubt this talented and entertaining man might have several relationship in the past. However, his dating history is quite a secret. The source states that he was madly love and relationship with her girlfriend Felipa Perestrello Moniz which later ended with marriage. But the saddest part, his wife passed away, it was a great loss and he was kind of devastated with this shock however he managed to recover after meeting Dona Beatriz Enriquez De Arana. The couple first got engaged and later got married and the beautiful coupled share one angelic daughter with each other named Isis Rea Boykin. With all these years of marriage, the couple has managed to live peacefully while there’s no events and rumors which can lead the couple into divorce phase.