David Harbour is one of the sensational actor and personal of the Hollywood industry. Born on April 10, 1975, in New York, United States, he represents himself as the enthusiastic actor of film, television and the great theater. Spending almost two decades in the industry, he reckons for his sensational performances in a number of movies. David is best famous as Randall Malone in Brokeback Mountain, Shep Campbell of Revolutionary Road, Gregg Beam of Quantum of Solace, Jay Price of Snitch, Ray of A Walk Among the Tombstones and much more. Coming so far, he has established himself as one of the remarkable film personas along with huge name, fame and cool net worth.


Maintaining very high secrecy about his early life, he was born and raised in New York. Being keen and fascinated about the film industry, he attended Byram Hills High School with his classmates and actors, Sean Maher and Eyal Podell. Harbour graduated from Dartmouth College in the year 1997.

David Harbour falls in the struggling actor who get huge success in the end as he has several records of performing on the Broadway as it is one of the medium for the Hollywood industry. During the year 1999, he has seen in Broadway theater performing several plays including The Rainmaker. After his great success in the theater, he was selected for the famous show and made his on-screen debut from Law & Order. After his entry in the series in the year 1999, he keeps on coming back while he made his first film debut in Kinsey as Robert Kinsey in the year 2004. He has appeared in a number of movies, including Law & Order, Hack, The Book of Daniel, Pan Am, The Newsroom, Rake, State of Affairs, Banshee, Stranger Things are some of his TV shows credits. Making the long journey he has been successful receiving a huge amount of salary which has help to boost his net worth in extreme level and in million dollars.



When it comes to his private life section, he has been successful in keeping most of the things pretty private. Though by looking his appearances and stylish looks, the source states that David Harbour height stands as 6 feet 2 inches while he has the weight of 77kg. Following the latest trend and fashion, many people take him as their style icon while some have the dream to be like him. You can find his extracted bio in several sites such as wiki, IMDB and much more. Besides, you can follow him other social platforms in order to have the latest news about him.

Concerning his relationship status, there’s no doubt that he has been linked with a number of actresses and model in the past. In the current time, the rumors state that he is in dating relationship with Julia Stiles. Since both are quite silent about it, it’s pretty hard to state the actual fact and truth about their relationship status. Since he is still dating, it is confirmed that he is not a married man and has not been divorced phase. Similarly, he doesn’t have any children so far.