An Irish film, television and theater actor, director and voice artist Deirdre Mullins is best known for playing series regular Naomi in Channel 4’s Man Down opposite Greg Davies and Rik Mayall. She won the heart of many people by her work but eager to how is her personal side? Know about her personal life and love life.


Deirdre Mullins Reveals her as a Single? Do you want to know about her boyfriend and her past affairs? So if you keen to know the answer to this keep scrolling down.

Is Deirdre Mullins Dating Someone?

The multi-talented Dierdre is an active working woman and she has always revealed that she always wanted to make it big in the entertainment industry.

Deirdre Mullins

Deirdre Mullins Source: Twitter

And look at where she is right now, she is one of the well-known Irish actors of all time and despite being from Ireland, people in the States consider her as their household idol.

Deirdre Mullins

Deirdre Mullins Source: Headlong Theatre

The actress was always focused on her career due to which she never had time to talk about her dating and relationship. But there were times when her fans directly asked about her connections and bond with someone.

Deirdre Mullins

Deirdre Mullins Source: Sue Terry Voices

Her personal life is always under cover but we can affirm you the actress is not married to anyone. About her relationship status, she is probably single and still doesn’t want to involve herself in a relationship or any other bond.

Deirdre Mullins Rumors, Dating, Affairs, Relationship

We can say Deirdre Mullins is probably single. But the actress is surrounded we the rumors regarding her relationship. She is rumored to be in a romantic relationship with an English Actor Sean Bean after the movie The Frankenstein Chronicles.

Deirdre Mullins

Deirdre Mullins Source: Sue Terry Voices

Deirdre Mullins has been in an on-screen matchup with Sean Bean in The Frankenstein Chronicles (2015). Their on-screen romance was so natural that their fans are still confused that they were likely in a relationship.

Deirdre MullinsDeirdre Mullins Source: LinkedIn

Well, the rumors might be rumors only. Let’s just hope that their on-screen romance was only the play performed by them and hope she will find the soulful mate and dream man of her life in the coming future.

Recent News: Deirdre speaks against gender inequality

Many of you may already be conscious of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. For those of you who don’t have any idea or information, let us tell you something about it.

Deirdre MullinsDeirdre Mullins Source: Twitter

The actress alleges historical sexism in the profession created a culture that allows people like Harvey Weinstein to get away with9 sexual harassment.

Deirdre Mullins

Deirdre Mullins Source: BBC

The actress, who is a committee member for the Equal Representation for Actress campaign (ERA 50-50), believes inequality within the industry is to blame.

Deirdre Mullins

Deirdre Mullins Source: Twitter

She talks about all the problems and protests against the problems. And has given a beautiful speech relating the real fact against harassment.