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Dillon Rupp Biography

Facts of Dillon Rupp Biography

Date of Birth: 1996 January 6
Age: 21 years old
occupation Singer
ethnicity White American
religion Christian
place_of_birth United States


Party Freak: Dillion Rupp

Conceived on March, 26 in Indiana, United States of America, Dillion Rupp (center name: Keene) began developing enthusiasm for music since he was in fifth grade. Since an early age, Dillion, and his homie Taylor Caniff began making music together for the sake of entertainment. 

The duo later adopted the title "2Virgins" and released their first album called Do Nothing via iTunes. They became an instant hit because of their party themed songs. However, Taylor had achieved a celebrity status before the formation of the group as a social networking/vine sensation.

The duo is popular for their hit singles such as Buckwild (the party song enjoyed #1 position on the hip hop Itunes Chart) and Like Whoo. Importantly, Dillion is also known for his solo single Indiana. Furthermore, his important collaborations include House Party (feat. Joker) and Party of the Year (Feat Jack & Jack) and Where Art Thou (feat. Sammy and Skate).

Physique and Relationship Status

The American sensation of white ethnicity enjoys a lucrative height, sharp looks, well-built up the slim body with abs, side-swept undercut hairstyle, and speedy rapping voice.

Interestingly, both Dillion and Taylor were virgins when they collaborated and formed 2Virgins. It is hard to predict whether they are still virgins or not. However, their respective dating adventures have made loads of buzz in tabloids.

Taylor professedly dated social networking sensation Taylor Alesia, whom he met on a tour, for 8 months. As for Dillion, he and his girlfriend Kat have shared their love stories, interesting and intimate moments via Wattpad.

Taking Things Slow, Website, and Halloween

In a recent interview, Dillion revealed that he has grown up from his immature young self. In the past, he has numerous times admitted his addiction to girls, music, partying and drinking. In the interview, he also insisted that his decision to take things slow is triggered by his dream of being famous as an artist, rather than his current "party-boy image'. His fans can connect him on his website http://dj-rupp.myshopify.com/ to get updated on his music, tour, and to buy DJ Rupp's merch.

The American rapper, musician, social media sensation,   and vine/snap chat star is also known for his expressive and unshrinking personality. Case in point, he wore a frog costume to the last year Halloween party because some of his friends bashed him claiming he looks like a frog.

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