The relationship between parents and their children shape the family values. The upbringing of the children shapes their personality and attitudes. But, what happens if the parents are divorced? What happens to the relationship between the child and the parents?


Jason Earles and his daughter Noah Earles have also parted their ways after his and Jennifer Earles divorce. What is the current relationship status of the father and the daughter? Are they close?

Or, have they become strangers? Get the real news about the relationship status between the Disney star Jason Earls and his lovely daughter Noah Earles.

Jason and Noah Earles: Father and daughter relationship

After the divorce of Jason and Jennifer, daughter Noah is in custody of her mother. At the beginning of their divorce, the relation between daughter Noah and Jason was good enough. But over time, the distance between them has made their relationship much weaker than it used to be.

[ CAPTION: Jason with his daughter Noah ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

New to the divorce, both father and daughter were still intact with each other. They had a good relationship as they have been sighted together. They used to meet sometimes and post their photos on social media.

[ CAPTION: Jason and Noah ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

However, in the present context, the actor does not seem to be close to her daughter Noah. Because he doesn’t post any picture and status related to her daughter on social media. Even if it is very difficult to find Noah in the Social network.

It shows that nowadays they are not so much closer to each other. Reason for their distant relationship may be because of Jason’s new wife, Katie Drysen but we are still unsure about it. Jason has recently married his long-time girlfriend Katie Drysen in 2017.

Noah Earles’ Mother

Noah, daughter of Jason was born from his first wife Jennifer Earles’. She was known to media only because of her ex-husband, Jason Earles’. After the divorce with Jason, who played the role of Miley Cyrus’s brother in Hanna Montana, Noah is in custody of Jennifer and has taken her responsibility. And it seems that she is very close to her mother.

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[ CAPTION: Jason with his ex-wife and daughter ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

As she is a common people she always used to stay away from the media. And her account on the social networking site is also private. So, we don’t have much more information about her. After the divorce, there is no news about Jennifer as she doesn’t like to come in front of media.

Until now the relationship between Noah and Jason is still unknown to their fans but hope their relationship gets better and better by the day.